ò Read µ Niels Bohr: The Man, His Science, and the World They Changed by Ruth Moore ✓ What a fantastic book Ruth Moore really has a talent for catching the mood This book wonderfully explores the life of Niels Bohr from a perspective that makes you feel like you knew him, or at least it makes you feel like she knew him Niels Bohr was an amazing man He was the only person that beat Einstein in a game of thinking, and was the man that unlocked the power of the atom Whereas the characters that furnish this tail all crave the power of the bomb, Bohr seemed to be the only person not blinded by its power I couldn t help thinking about Lord of the rings as I read this books like this always show how much of a life it is possible to lead and show how a person in power can strive to use his power to benefit humankind Probably the best book I ve read this year.
This New Paperback Edition Celebrates The Centennial Of The Birth Of One Of The Major Theoretical Physicists Of Our Time It Is An Engrossing Account Of An Exciting Period In History And Science As Well As A Good Introduction To Nuclear Physics For The NonscientistMoving From Bohr S First Great Contribution A Description Of What Is Essentially The Modern Picture Of The Atom, In , For Which He Won The Nobel Prize In The Book Covers His Creation Of One Of The Most Productive Research Institutes Of The Modern Period It Also Describes His Less Well Known Political Work Before And During World War II, When Bohr First Helped Colleagues Escape From Italy And Germany, And Then Returned To Denmark To Participate In The Anti Nazi Movement And At War S End, When He Worked Toward A Vision Of A World Free From The Dangers Of Nuclear WarRuth Moore Is A Science Feature Writer For The Chicago Sunday Times She Is The Author Of Several Popular Science books, Including Man, Time, And Fossils The Story Of Evolution And Charles Darwin A Great Life In Brief