[ Pdf Lion of Babylon (Marc Royce #1) Ù christian-romance-historical PDF ] by Davis Bunn Ø by Andrea Renee CoxLion of Babylon had been in my to be read pile for a couple of years, and a book bingo challenge finally got me to read it I was hopeful that it would be filled with action, but I was disappointed Sure, there were scenes of action and tension and juicy stuff like that But there was heavy emphasis on Iraqi religions, which I wasn t expecting nor wanting in a Christian fiction book, and the lead character explained the same thing to each new player that joined his team I m all for everyone knowing what the plan is, but I m not certain it s necessary to show every explanation, especially when nothing new is learned through the plethora of deliveries.
Normally, I cannot abide a novel with such strong religious overtones, but Davis Bunn has written a thriller with a message of hope for the world Marc Royce, a former covert agent, has retired from the job and life over the death of his wife due to a stroke When his best friend Alex Baird is kidnapped in Iraq, he is reawakened He befriends a local attorney fixer and an entire country, by helping rescue a kidnapped child among many others with former Iraqi police demoted to prison guards Certain elements in the Iran, Iraqi and U.
S governments separately conspire to undermine the new Alliance government in Iraq, including kidnapping supporter s family members Marc and his new friends mount a daring rescue mission into Iran.

Lion of Babylon, by Davis Bunn, Bethany House, 2011, 378 Pages, ISBN 10 0764209051, 14.
99 Alex Baird has gone missing, Ambassador Walton told Marc from the back seat of the idling town car.
Instead of getting out, Marc s hand dropped from the door handle and he said, When did Alex go off the grid seventy hours to be exact Three days missing in Baghdad meant one of two things to Marc His close friend was either kidnapped or buried in a dusty grave Within hours Marc would be wheels up Full Review Thriller is a great handle for this novel by Bunn The action is non stop from first page to last As a Christian author Bunn ranks among the best Well worth reading.
For me, this book went beyond a good story it actually broadened my world a bit When a CIA operative suddenly goes missing in Bagdad, the US State Department pulls their former employee, Marc Royce back into service to find his missing friend Marc faces danger and opposition from not only the Iraqi and Iranian conservatives, but also from inside the US Embassy and military organization in Iraq Although its hard to tell friend from foe, Marc s honesty, humility, and desire for justice even in a country not his own help him build an effective team that spans differences in background and religion As I read this book I was not only caught up in the adventure and the intrigue, I began to see the Iraqi people in a whole new light Their loyalty, desire to repay debts, respect for authority, and link to their past were highlighted in this edge of your chair adventure There were a few elements of the plot that pushed the edge of believability, but all in all, I thought this was a really appealing, eye opening story And, the main character was amazing He really did become the lion of Babylon Good read Lion of Babylon tells the story of Marc Royce, a former US intelligence operative who is called back into service to rescue a close friend who has been kidnapped in Iraq In order to save his friend, Marc must make allies in Iraq while protecting himself from those within the US and Iraqi governments who aim to see him fail In the process he well, I m not going to tell you what he does you re going to have to read it yourself to find out.
This fast paced thriller kept me hooked from beginning to end I became immersed in the story and looked for excuses to continue listening The characters are well developed and the narration exceptional In addition to the thrilling action and mystery, the story also includes many touching elements, from sacrificial love to powerful people humbling themselves to families being restored and the faith of a child Author Davis Bunn is careful to give God all the glory for the amazing things that happen in this story and we see characters who are transformed by the power of the Almighty.
If you re looking for a positive story about the Middle East with a whole lot of excitement, then this is the book for you.
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Marc Royce is asked to look for his friend, Alex Baird, who disappeared with two American missionary women and a wealthy Iraqi young man When he arrives in Iraq he soon learns that there have been many children kidnapped as well It is suspected that the incidents are connected but both the American and Iraqi governments want nothing to do with them Marc is determined to find his friend and rescue the children no matter what it takes.
Spies, military men, foreign intrigue with Christian base Well narrated and highly recommended Marc Royce Works For The State Department On Special Assignments, Most Of Them Rather Routine, Until Two CIA Operatives Go Missing In Iraq Kidnapped By Taliban Forces Bent On Generating Chaos In The Region Two Others Also Drop Out Of Sight A High Placed Iraqi Civilian And An American Woman Providing Humanitarian Aid Are The Disappearances Linked Rumors Circulate In A Whirl Of MisinformationMarc Must Unravel The Truth In A Covert Operation Requiring Utmost Secrecy From Both The Americans And The Insurgents But Even Secret Than The Undercover Operation Is The Underground Dialogue Taking Place Between Sworn Enemies Will The Ultimate Reconciler Between Ancient Enemies, Current Foes, And Fanatical Religious Factions Be Heard When I closed the last page of the book, I think I actually tasted the desert sand of Iraq and felt the searing heat of the sun In Lion of Babylon, Davis Bunn takes the readers on an action packed adventure to the middle east Marc Royce is on special assignment to find several missing Americans in Iraq, and he s driven by his personal connection to one of them The story is full of twists and turns, leaving the reader wondering right up to the end if certain events are related to one another.
The story had just the right balance of faith content blended with mystery and history Readers will gain a better understanding of Christians in the Middle East, and increase their awareness about the different religious and political parties in Iraq I enjoyed Davis Bunn s writing style, and he does a good job of blending description, narrative, and dialogue His writing isn t preachy even though he clearly demonstrates the life changing affects of biblical faith.
At first, I had some difficulty following the story until the paths of the two characters at the beginning of the book finally crossed paths Then it made sense I think some readers might have a little problem with how perfect the character Marc Royce comes across It s as though he s incapable of failure and he possesses a magnetic likability that is almost supernatural Despite this, I still enjoyed the story line very much However, I would be curious to find out how people connected with the Middle East would feel about Royce, an American, being the hero and savior so many Iraqis It s obvious that Davis Bunn has researched this book well and I could totally see this made into a movie It s a very timely subject and culturally relevant in light of current world events I received a copy of this book from the author s publicist for review purposes My reviews are honest and objective.