è Read Ý Heart-Shaped Hack by Tracey Garvis Graves ¾ Lucky he checked her back doorThis is the sort of story where you start thinking worse case scenariosfor yourself OMG What would people see in my Google history Here I was worried about my hubby seeing all the hot guys David Gandy I study perv on for casting book heroes when pimply boys with greasy hair should be my biggest concern It does make you wonder how they pick their targets Maybe they re on Pinterestand they like my pinspin my pinsI could be sharing pins with a hacker I really enjoyed this story Kate is a sweetheart who just wants to help people Leaving a high pressure job and a ho hum relationship, she opens a not for profit food pantry Donations are always hard to come by and when an anonymous donation comes in than once, Kate is determined to thank and acknowledge the giver Kate s stoked to find out that her mystery man is also HOT.
IanI loved him His determination to win Katie over and his tactics to get her attention were arrogant but also funny He is far from perfect, but his imperfections make him endearing Tall, good looking, smart, cheeky and he wears glasses when his eyes are tired Perfect I did some research to find my perfect Ian and found quite a few, but maybe just a bit research is needed Back to the grindstone tomorrow I found the storyline interesting, the characters lovable, intimate scenes were smoking hot and some of Ian s hacking had me cracking up laughing I did drop a star because there was one section that dragged a little I knew that something dodgy was going to happen, but felt like it was drawn out too long.
I finished with a big smile on my face and content with the way things ended There is another story with these characters coming out, but Heart Shaped Hack doesn t end with anything left hanging No cliffhangermy kindle survivedI m happy.
I fell in love with him so hard, and never saw it comingThis story DOESN T end with a cliffhanger and could totally be read as a standalone The marking as book one in a series means that the next book will be the further adventures of one or both characters That being said, the author delivered an enjoyable read that is loaded with fun, flirty, witty banter Kate has left the legal field and runs her own not for profit organization They are in desperate need of funding as the winter months are approaching Kate does a piece for donations on the local news channel and soon a mysterious benefactor starts dropping off large donations of cash Kate is so excited to meet this person and is not only attracted to him but equally put off by the manner in which he obtains his money Ian is a hacker He s a modern day Robin Hood and is pretty mysterious and witty as hell He s totally taken with Kate and works in getting a date with her and going through her personal information through out cyberspaceI m willing to move past the fact that you hacked me, but it ends now No backdoor No backdoor Ever Never Not even on my birthday or like a special occasion Are we still talking about my computer You probably are.
The progression of Ian and Kate s relationship was well done but the author throws in drama later in the story, which honestly I didn t love Still, I m left happy with how things worked out This is a very enjoyable read with many giggly moments When Kate Watts Abandoned Her Law Career To Open A Food Pantry In Northeast Minneapolis, She Never Dreamed It Would Be This Difficult Facing The Heartbreaking Prospect Of Turning Hungry People Away, She Is Grateful For The Anonymous Donations That Begin Appearing At The End Of Each Month Determined To Identify And Thank Her Secret Benefactor, She Launches A Plan And Catches Ian A Charismatic Hacker With A Robin Hood Complex In The ActIan Intrigues Kate In A Way No Man Ever Has But After Learning He S Snooped Around On Her Personal Computer, She Demands Retribution Impressed With Her Tolerance And Captivated By Her Spirit, He Complies And Begins To Slowly Charm His Way Past Her Defenses Time Spent With Ian Is Never Boring, And Kate Soon Finds Herself Falling For The Mysterious HackerBut Ian Has Enemies And They Re Growing Restless In The Hacking World, Exploiting A Target S Weakness Is Paramount, And No Price Is Too High To Stop An Attack And When Kate Learns Exactly How Much Ian Has Paid, She Ll Discover Just How Strong Her Love Is For The Man Who Has Hacked His Way Into Her Heart Update Feb 24th Added some warnings for my friends who prefer when hero has no past at the end of my review.
Drew Van Acker as Ian Update Feb 22nd4 safe no cheating, no OW drama stars I found a new book boyfriend Ian Merrick Smith is amazing He s not a manwhore, he s not abusive he doesn t have another woman in his past that will come to haunt me in this book, at least ,he s a hot nerd and he only has eyes for Kate Thank you Gio for recommending this book to me Note for safety gang when Gio recommends something you read it, okay She s the recommendations boss This book is solid evidence that authors don t need to retort to slut shaming and OW drama to creat a compelling, sexy read.
I recommend this books to the safety gang if you re searching for a low angst, insta love read and you have a great ability to suspend disbelief It would have been better if it had been 1st person narrative and the twist made me cry, but other than that great book WARNINGS and a few spoilersSome of my friends hate not only cheating but also any kind of OW activity after meeting Although there s nothing of the sort, just some spoilers that might upset a few of my friends view spoiler the first time that H and h make love he mentions that he always sleeps better with beautiful women by his side Not the best moment to mention OW IMHO but it didn t upset me, because for once we have a non cheating no manwhore hero Also this is for my friends who don t like when there s a mistmatch of past sexual experiences, h isn t a virgin, but she has been ONLY with one guy before Hero Yes, JUST ONLY 1 very serious relationship while he has invited other women to move around with him, implying that he considered at least a couple of times to share his life with OW that weren t the heroine I don t know whether you d consider this unequal past experiences It didn t bother me hide spoiler I m the author of this full length adult contemporary romance novel read the first 5 chapters Come over to the dark side, Katie I ll save you a seat next to meHeart Shaped Hack was a fun, sexy and unique read full of hilarious banter This feel good romance had me constantly smiling Ian and Kate were adorable together, so many of their interactions were perfection Kate is running a food shelter, with winter around the corner, she is desperate for some donations, so she reaches out to the local news station She is overjoyed when an anonymous benefactor begins dropping off large bags of money Kate anxious to thank this good samaritan, but Ian isn t what she expected He is in his early thirties, attractive, and a hacker It s the hacker part she gets hung up on, and she isn t thrilled when he reveals where the money he has been donating came from But, Ian is interested in Kate, and determined to get her to go out on a date with him, using whatever means necessary I loved the way their relationship develops, and again, the banter between these two was perfectYou ve obviously hacked into my computer How did you do it I came in your backdoor I m certain you did not I assure you that I did Without even discussing it with me first No preparation No warning Don t you think that s incredibly bad form Ian grinned Are we still talking about your computer Because I find you utterly delightful right now Ian had charm in spades, yes he has some boundary issues, but he won me over completely It s not all light hearted though, there is a bit of emotional turmoil and drama While this story started really strong for me, somewhere around the middle, I found myself a tad bored my interest tapered a little, but I still really enjoyed this one Cliffhanger view spoiler Nope hide spoiler Robin Hood complex A modern day Robin Hood story with all the goodies the original didn t have sex and fast cars Ian is a computer hacker who takes an interest in Kate s public plea to help her organization feed the poor and homeless Bows and arrows The original Robin Hood fought the bad guys with bows and arrows and in this modern day fairy tale version Ian uses his hacking skills to rob from the rich to give to the poor And when it comes to Ian fighting other guys for the woman he loves it s not done with a bow arrow but instead it s done through hacking He hacks her online dating account and a JUMBO TRON to name a couple things I have to admit that was pretty cute and had me laughing Overall this is a fun, light read that has you rooting for Ian to win Kate over with his charm and charisma SERIES White Hot HackNo cliffhanger A satisfying ending with to their story to come in the next book.

4 Stars This was my first read by this author and certainly won t be my last I really enjoyed this entertaining story and I loved the fantastic writing styleHeart Shaped Hackis the first book in the series, but since it doesn t end with a cliffhanger, it can be read as a standalone Kate Watts gave up her law career sixteen months ago to open a food pantry While she loves her job and helping people, she never thought her new job will be so difficult She s struggling not to turn hungry people away, so she is than grateful when she starts to get anonymous donations She wants to find out who the hero is to tank him personally Eventually she meets the anonymous donor The donor s name is Ian and he has an unusual job he s a hackerWhen you said you steal from the rich to give to the poor, I thought you were kidding Is that how you get the money I don t steal it I appropriate it from people who shouldn t have it in the first place Then I give it to those who are deservingYou see Ian is a modern day Robin Hood Ian finds out about Kate snooping around on her personal computer, but when it comes to share some information about him and his life, he s very mysterious As mysterious as he is, he s very charming and soon Kate finds herself very intrigued and attracted by himYou think I m one of the bad guys, Katie, but you and I are alike than you realizeIn really liked Kate and Ian individually and also as a couple Their relationship progressed in a very natural way and I loved seeing them getting to know each other and eventually falling in love with each other I liked Kate a lot She s kind hearted, she loves to help people and she loves adventure Ian was an endearing character from the beginning He s fun, adventurous, intelligent, attentive, charming and has a big heart I loved his personality and the way he was with Kate He was such a great hero to read about An aspect of the story that I really enjoyed was the fantastic banter between these two They were fun together, they were sweet and they were perfect for each other The dialogue between these two was fantastically done and made me smile, grin and laugh many times.
Personally I would have preferred suspense and drama, but overall was an enjoyable funny, romantic read and I m looking forward to read the next book in the series.
5 STARSHe pulled her close and held her tight I love you I will never stop loving youI LOVED THIS BOOK It kept me laughing, smiling, and swooning from start to finish Between the hilarious and witty banter, the sweet and sexy romance, the totally mysterious twist, and that delightfully heart warming feeling you were left with, this really was the perfect feel good romance One of this author s other books On The Island is literally one of my favorite books ever so as soon as I heard that she d written another romance, I absolutely couldn t wait to read it And can I just say how much I appreciated that there was literally no stupid drama at all in the whole book It was just this really gorgeous romance about two people who fell madly in love and did everything they could to stay together There were certainly still some heart stopping moments omg that thing at 70% but it was done in a way that just kept me cheering them on and loving every moment of the ride So what s it about Well, this story has a cool twist to it because the hero had this whole secret identity that the heroine actually didn t really know much about for quite a while Desperate to keep her food pantry afloat, Kate went on TV making an appeal for donations to help in the coming winter months The people who received food from her establishment depended on it to make ends meet and with it being so new, she was struggling What she didn t expect though was a gorgeous and mysterious man who began to drop off large donations each month When she finally caught him in the act, he claimed to be a Robin Hood of sort a hacker who stole from the rich to give to the poor and while she wasn t sure she was fully ok with what was doing, his charming nature soon won her overTrust me, she whispered You are THE man A six foot four inch, gorgeous, strapping man with muscles everywhere and a big you know whatThis book was all kinds of fun And Ian was so mysterious This witty, charming, hilarious guy who took care of her when she had a fever, had zero shame, and than a few boundary issues, wooed Kate like a pro and yet kept his last name, phone number, and address all secret So who was he You ll have to read to find out but I ll just say that I LOVED their story If you re a fan of banter, you re gonna love this book I have pages and pages and pages of it highlighted Here s just a tiny tasteShe was horrified How do you know my bra size I scrolled through your order history at Victoria s Secret Well, that s not at all creepy, she deadpanned Did you know there are items in your shopping cart Sweaters Lots of thick, long, skin covering sweaters Frankly, it confused me Maybe I already own plenty of lingerie Considering I walk to work, sweaters are practical Plus, they re awfully cute I added a few things to your cart and checked out for you I paid for it with my credit card Expedited the shipping too You ADDED a few thing One hint not sweaters How wildly inappropriate Kid in a candy store Couldn t help myself How Excuse me You obviously hacked into my computer How did you do it I came in your backdoor I m certain you did not I assure you that I did Without even discussing it with me first No preparation No warning Don t you think that s incredibly bad form He grinned Are we still talking about your computer Get out of my computer immediately, I m willing to move past the fact that you hacked me, but it ends now No backdoor No backdoor He appeared crestfallen Ever Never, she said firmly Not even on my birthday or like a special occasion Are we still talking about my computer she asked You probably areTeeheeeeee One of the best things about this book is the fact that the entire thing kept me glued to the page and totally wrapped up in the story but both Ian and Kate were strong, smart people with good hearts and rational minds and never once was the story driven forward by miscommunication The author never went there and I was so grateful It was a total breath of fresh air All the drama was generated from things external to the relationship which is my favorite thing to read so really this book was just exactly what I wanted This was the perfect fun, flirty, sexy, feel good romance with just enough of an edge to keep your heart racing The writing was fantastic, the story was original, and I loved everything about it It s definitely a new top favorite and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a gorgeous new book to fall in love with Oh, and Ian calls Kate sweetness.
Be still my heart swoons Rating 4.
5 stars Contemporary Adult romance.
Can be read as a standalone has an epilogue For of my reviews, book news and updates Main blog Aestas Book Blog Facebook Blog Page Twitter Subscribe by email 5 stars It has been a while since I ve read a book thats kept a constant smile on my face Heart Shaped Hack was just the book I needed It was so different than the other Tracey Garvis Graves book I read, but just as good Maybe even better It had romance, comedy, and even some suspense The writing was fantastic and it was all around a wonderful 5 star read for me Kate gave up her law career to run a non profit food bank She wanted to make a difference in the world and this is where she feels like she really can The thing is, the food bank is struggling Then she gets this anonymous donation twice in a row that turns things around for them She finally catches the donor His name is Ian and he s a hacker The way he obtained the donation wasn t quite legal, and Kate knows this is not good, but there is just something about Ian she can t help but be drawn toWhat are you saying That you re a thief who steals from other thieves He wrinkled his nose and it was adorable Stop Thief It sounds so distasteful when you say it like that I prefer master appropriator of ill gotten funds You can call me master for short Ian eventually wears her down after spending some time around her and gets her to agree to date him I loved Ian and Kate s relationship They were the most fun couple Their back and forth banter made the book for me Ian is just the type of guy Kate has been looking for Kate is a heroine I respected I loved that she followed her dream of doing what she wanted to help the greater good and didn t just stay at a job for the money She also didn t settle for a relationship with someone before Ian because it was easy or convenient Those are some amazing qualities for a woman to have With Ian s job, it s very rare that he settles down in any particular place This makes dating relationships difficult He only gets serious with a woman when he really feels it And he feels it with Kate Their love is a beautiful adventureHow can it be this good every single time Maybe it s us Maybe it isAs fresh and fun as this story was, there is a moment towards the end that completely stopped my heart I was in a state of shock for a few minutes, but thankfully things cleared up pretty fast Heart Shaped Hack is listed as book 1 but there is absolutely no cliffhanger This could most definitely be read as a stand alone, but I wouldn t count on it I mean, who isn t going to want MORE Ian and Kate after reading this Any book that can make me smile and laugh so much deserves 5 stars, especially when the story is strong and the writing is great If your looking for a feel good, fun read that will keep a smile on your face, this is one I highly recommend