[ Pdf Just the Sexiest Man Alive â sociology PDF ] by Julie James Å A 4 star rating is always a positive thing, especially with me because I have a tendency to be annoyingly picky over little things in books but I still think this is my least favourite Julie James novel so far For me, it just didn t have what Practice Makes Perfect and Something About You had Of course, there was plenty of the author s trademark witty banter and the inevitable love hate relationship that I ve come to expect but Jason Andrews never really impressed me.
The story is about a Chicago lawyer, Taylor Donovan, who is sent to work with a Law firm in Los Angeles and then ends up getting roped into working with Hollywood s hottest actor Jason Andrews Jason is working on a part for his latest film where he will starring as a lawyer and wants Taylor s help in order to perfect the role He cannot believe it when Taylor seems immune to his good looks and charm, when every other woman in the world wants than anything else to sleep with him His reputation in the press shows he s only too happy to oblige.
Okay, so this means the guy s really arrogant, conceited, pigheaded and often just plain annoying There are plenty of stories where it all comes out that the tabloids got it all wrong and that the actor is actually a kind, caring individual with to him than the large amount of notches on his bed post I never really got that with Jason The redemption of him just didn t seem to work and if I was in Taylor s position and knew what she knew about him at the end, I would never have ignored my previous concerns in favour of trusting him.
The novel would have been better if we d been led to fall in love with Jason s personality, this seemed like an area that was never tapped into and I finished reading wondering if he actually had one I also couldn t help but dislike the fact that Taylor gave up her partnership opportunities as a lawyer to be with an arrogant, oversexed actor She seemed to all of sudden change from Ms strong and independent into Ms screw my career if I can t be with him and it wasn t a particularly smooth transition.
I enjoyed the novel and I really love Julie James writing style of sarcastic humour and quickfire bantering But I wanted from this book and I feel unsatisfied by the conclusion I want a male character I can like as much as the female lead does, I want character development that makes sense and I want sex Yes, that s another thing I like smut with my romance, I m not going to lie to you This book had exactly 1 sex scene and it went something like And then Taylor reached for his belt buckle fade to black I ve said in other reviews that I don t care if it s not overly descriptive, but come on, at least give a little detail Dreamfever isn t descriptive like, say, a Lora Leigh novel, but it is damn hot 4 Stubborn Stars Taylor is a lawyer Jason is a famous actor and he just was elected the Sexiest Man Alive Now that he is preparing for a role when he ll be playing an attorney, he seeks a lawyer firm to help him and Taylor is the lucky chosen one He immediately wants her She wants nothing to do with him believing he s too much trouble, too much famous and with a too sordid past He s decided to have her anyway, so how does the sexiest man alive gets the only girl in the world who wants nothing from him This was a funny and sweet romance and very nice to read I didn t gave it five starts, first because this was one of those books where it needed one or another steamy moment It had none And also, the heroes took too much time to get together, which not only was frustrating, as he made me loose some interest in the middle of it However, for some reason, Julie James books are always a safe choice for me She is an amazing romance author with a remarkable writing style, and I know that I will always like a romance story written by her Rating 4 Stars Characters Development Jason was sweet and sexy, and although some may say he was to full of himself, it s true, but he did that in such a funny way that was impossible not to like him Taylor was a strong heroine but her stubbornness made me hard for me to like her If it wasn t for her, half of the frustration in this book didn t even exist Steam Meh Sensible Subjects view spoiler No hide spoiler No Woman Could Resist Him Except The One He Wanted MostCool, Calm, CollectedNothing Fazes Taylor Donovan In The Courtroom She Never Lets The Opposition See Her Sweat In Her Personal Life, She Never Lets Any Man Rattle Her Not Even Her Cheating Ex Fianc So When She S Assigned To Coach People S Sexiest Man Alive For His Role In His Next Big Legal Thriller, She Refuses To Fall For The Hollywood Heartthrob S Charms Even If He Is The Jason AndrewsConfident, Famous, IrresistibleJason Andrews Is Used To Having Women Fall At His Feet When Taylor Donovan Gives Him The Cold Shoulder, He S Thrown For A Loop She S Unlike Any Other Woman He S Ever Met Uninterested In The Limelight, Seemingly Immune To His Advances, And Shockingly Capable Of Saying No To Him She S The Perfect Challenge And The She Rejects Him, The He Begins To Realize She May Just Be His Perfect Match You had me at Shit HappensWhat a lovely read Oh my God, this book knocked my socks off I didn t think it would be this good If I had known, I would have read it sooner It was such a fun read that I couldn t help but turn the pages non stop I can t believe I finished it in one night Yes, you read that right one night And I think that says a lot about how much I enjoyed this one.
This is a story of a larger than life Hollywood actor, Jason Andrews, and a sexual harassment attorney, Taylor Donovan.
Taylor was on loan from Chicago for the big harassment case in Los Angeles While she was in the middle of preparing for a trial, she was asked to coach the biggest star in Hollywood, Jason Andrews, in his new role as a lawyer in the upcoming film She wasn t happy that she had to take some time off work to babysit this spoiled movie star, but however, she had no choice but to accept to work with him Instead of showing up at the meeting as scheduled, he went to Las Vegas with his friend He didn t just blow off their meeting once, but twice And at this point, she was beyond angry with him.
Later, Jason tried to reschedule the meeting but Taylor turned him down flat He had never met anyone who gave him the cold shoulder and then walked out on him like she did to him before, so he saw her refusal as a challenge And what she didn t know about him was that he was a man who didn t take no for an answer As they got to know each other better, it stuck out a mile that their feelings ran deep on both sides But with Jason s playboy reputation, so how can Taylor know if she can trust him not to break her heart Oh yes, I adored this couple Taylor is strong, sassy, clever, sarcastic, and never afraid to call Jason on his shit And Jason, ooh Jason He is such a darling though he can be a real pain in the ass at times His dazzling personality and sense of humor had me swooning big time Needless to say, these two were a perfect match By the way, I really enjoyed reading this book every page of it Just the Sexiest Man Alive is, hands down, one of my favorite novels by this author Need I say I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a delightful and ebullient contemporary romance storyIf you keep doing that, you ll be turning in another wrecked PT Cruiser You said you wanted to drive, Taylor whispered teasingly as she nibbled at his neck Because I m the man Fine I ll stop then, if that s really what you want The car careened wildly as it took the next corner Fuck it, Jason groaned I ll buy you a new car Another my fave from Julie James with 4.
8 stars.
Love, love, love the characters They re made up the whole book for me, Taylor Donovan and Jason Andrews drools It just come to my right mood of wanting to read some dreamy romance A Normal Girl and a Super hot handsome sexy richy whatever guy.
clich plot, I know lol An Associate and a Hollywood Superstar Jason is going to play the lawyer role in his legal thriller flim Thus, Taylor is chosen from her Firm to babysit this Hollywood Superstar, teach him how to act as a lawyer But alas this unavoidable job turns out to be a Nightmare for her This Jason Andrew is just oh ho SO arrogant, self centered, and self important.
Though he is Just the Sexiest Man Alive.
The Guy many Women sigh for She is NOT one of them.
The book might be clich , man but I can t help to really enjoy it I love Taylor, she is such a smart, sassy, feity girl The way she cope with Jason is great Anyway, the man might be rude ass hole with no good manner or anything I describe ealier Don t u dare think I hate him cux it s opposite I LOVE HIM I love his sarcastic sense of humor Love the way he infuriate Taylor and vice versa, it made me lol a lot Sarcasm is everwhereand I found myself giggle with Jason and Taylor throughout the book Their game Their banter Their drama Their sarcasm.
They are very fun to read Woow such a great read for me D This was an amazing read I just can t believe how good it was I started it and couldn t stop, I was so obsessed I finished it the very same night I started with it, I just kept reading till 5 am I seriously recommend this to you all, it s just impossible not to love it.
This is a story about one of the best lawyers out there who has just found her fianc e banging his young secretary on working time Well she got over that asshole and got to work with not only the most rich, famous and handsome actor of the moment, but also the third time named sexiest man of the year While this sounds like a total chick flick, it really isn t I had a great time reading it and this author is quickly becoming a fav There are some amazing turns every now and then on her books that make you unable to stop reading She has an amazing writing style and that sense of humor we all love, very dark and sarcastic but in a good way.
What I loved the most about this 2 main characters was that from the beginning you could see they were perfect for each other, they may have been so not what others would look for in a couple but they were just what the other needed I was sighing no stop while reading, and I had to stop sometimes because I was feeling just too much I blame the freaking amazing chemistry the characters had, I just adored them More than anything this was a very funny read and made me feel great in a time I needed a break because I had been working too much, so I must thank this amazing author for this book and recommend it I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.
This is how I would order Julie James books right now 1 Just the Sexiest Man Alive2 Practice Makes Perfect3 Something About You I still have to read A Lot Like Love This was a re read I m sorry, I have to drop some stars I must have read this a couple of years back when all I was reading was straight romance, chick lit even My reading tastes have changed and progressed over the years and, while I enjoyed the story, there is no way it is a five star read I think that is what I gave it back in the day.
This author is still and auto buy for me I preferred her FBI series At least there is bit of mystery and suspense in them Ah, well Never mind.
Thought Jason was a bit shallow and his come to Jesus moment a bit implausible I will still download her new book when it releases.

Now this book was certainly NOT what anyone would call perfect.
In fact it was as perfect as Pearl Harbour was watchable No disrespect meant for the fans if there were any.
The main characters too ,of course, had a TON of flaws.
Jason the sexiest man alive the hottest movie star had an ego exceeding the size of Texas.
He simply could not picture that any ordinary mortal would not fall to his feet and start worshipping him.
Cocky,too full of himself,arrogant,rude you would want to throw something at him,including yourself well that part is exclusively for those who belong to the feminine gender.
Taylor the never loses a single case attorney successful,smart,stunning,strong was a little bit too self assured,serious and certainly thought a lot.
She had her fair share of ego and acted a bit too immature at certain points.
The story was quite shallow at many parts with no real depth to it.
Few stupid parts dragged on and a few good parts ended in a blur before it could be savoured.
Now ,well, my greatest surprise even after all these IMPERFECTIONS,I actually liked this book.
This book because of its imperfections,was by no means beautiful, but it is soooo ADORABLE and CUTE.
The characters ,especially Jason, at certain parts surprised me with his sweetness and capacity to love.
And to be very fair the ending stole my heart away and so I was thinking that maybe I should start my own law firm With this having been declared, they both fell silent After a long moment, Jason spoke first I think that s a great idea Taylor jumped off the couch excitedly I know I can see it now Taylor Donovan and Associates.
That has a nice ring to it, don t you think Jason gave her the strangest look Don t you mean TaylorAndrews and Associates Taylor laughed as if this was the most ridiculous thing she d ever heard.
She stopped abruptly when she saw Jason s serious expression Ohh I see our first fight as amarried couple is going to be a big one Jason got up off the couch and walked over He gave her an affectionate kiss I ll start preparing now after a paragraph or two THE ENDING LINES FINALLY, LATE THAT night as they lay in bed, Taylor rested her head on Jason s shoulder, lookingup at him I love you, she said softly.
Jason s arms tightened around her He grinned sleepily I know Taylor drifted off contentedly Until, through the darkness, she heard a low, sneaky whisper Mrs Taylor Andrews She didn t bother to open her eyes Still not gonna happen But then she lay there, awake She opened her eyes and, for a long time that night, watched Jason as heslept peacefully by her side.
Only because she wanted to be sure she had gotten in the last word.
Of course.
Reviewed for queuemyreview.
com book release October 2008Okay, time for some True Confessions Is there any woman alive who hasn t dreamed of landing the absolute sexiest Hollywood star Fess up We ve all dreamed it It may have been when we were younger, but we ve still all dreamed of Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Robert Redford, etc But really, could we make it past their egos Their unreal lives The paparazzi In Just the Sexiest Man Alive , Julie James spins a tale of that dream come true He s smoking hot, he s been voted the sexiest man alive THREE times running, and he seriously needs an attitude adjustment.
Taylor is our heroine She s the star up and coming lawyer at a big Chicago firm who has been brought out to Los Angeles to try a 30 million lawsuit She was than happy to get out of Chicago and get away from her lying scumbag of an ex fianc who she caught in flagrante delicto on their dining room table To cope, she s thrown herself into work and now she has this chance to shine Until the LA office gives her a small side job, they assign her to work with megastar Jason, whose next film stars him as a lawyer He just needs some tips on legal issues and characterization Shouldn t take much time right.
Jason is the sexiest man alive Just ask him He ll quote you statistics about how many times the average woman watches his movies He can, and has repeatedly, had any woman he wants until Taylor Of course, it doesn t help that he blows off his first two appointments with her after she s cleared her very busy schedule Doesn t she know who he is Any woman should be THRILLED to drop everything to spend time with him uh huh As you can imagine, Jason is so very easy to despise His character hits every bad ego inflated Hollywood stereotype But the beauty of this story is that we get to see him slowly come back to the real world He s mightily attracted to Taylor lucky, lucky girl and he makes his share plus of mistakes But gradually, he becomes human enough to feel guilt, regret, remorse, and love The bad boy reformed and don t we all love that This is author Julie James first novel I must say I was very impressed with the way the author brings the whole Hollywood game playing scene to life The supporting cast in the story is excellent We meet publicity hungry stringers, agents, and wanna be big names, looking out for themselves and shamelessly arrogant Then there s the paparazzi who ll do anything for that one money maker shot So much fun to hate em all And a no nonsense lawyer with shark like instincts in the courtroom, but down to earth once outside I liked Taylor Heck, I wanna BE Taylor in my next life because I think I ve missed my chance in this one Just the Sexiest Man Alive is a true romance A larger than life hero and an unlikely heroine whose lives would normally never intersect, and yet they turn out to be perfect for each other All together now AWWWW If you re looking for a feel good romance, you can t go wrong with this story Julie James next novel, Practice Makes Perfect is due out in March of 2009 I ll be looking to pick up that one too 1.
99 on today You can thank Jeff Trish for my overabundance of Chris Hemsworth gifsReview 2014So I finally bought this, because my library didn t have it in digital format Boo And if you know me, then you also know that this is a very Big Deal For two important reasons 1 I m cheap2 See aboveAlso, I rarely re read books, because I simply have too many new books coming at me But every once in a while, I like to clear my palate and read something that I know I m going to enjoy.
Which brings us to this little gem.
Taylor and Jason sighIt shouldn t work for me Nothing about this story should work for me.
I don t like stories about actors Or lawyers.
I m not even really a HUGE fan of chick lit And I sure as hell don t like to read romance novels that don t have any sex scenes in them And yetSomehow this story makes me smile Reallyreally smile It s funny, it s sweet, and I love both of the main characters.
So, I bought it And read itagain.
Review for 2012Ok, so I just re read this It is still unbelievably cute the second time around Highly Recommended for fans of the light and fluffy stuff original review 2011This was a little slice of Chick Lit heaven Soooo good Now, don t let the title fool you, there are no sex scenes in the book However, I m willing to overlook this fatal flaw, because the story is just so darn good.