[N.M. Silber] Ù Legally Wed (Lawyers in Love, #3.5) [funny PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ö Five Stars plus Adam and Lily from Legal Briefs prepare for their wedding Lily wants to do things her own way but her mother and mother in law keep getting involved She gets stressed but Adam helps her work it off There are so many funny scenes in this book My family gave me weird looks than once The scenes with Adam s nephew were my favorites If you re looking for something light but sexy, pick this one up You should read Legal Briefs first though.
ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review WARNING You must read Legal Briefs before reading Legally Wed This review may contain mild spoilers for Legal Briefs, but it is spoiler free for Legally Wed I don t think I ll ever get tired of reading N.
M Silber s books Even if it s just a little novella She s done it again Legally Wed is the perfect mix of sexy, sweet, and funny that only N.
M Silber can pull off This novella is an extension of Legal Briefs as we follow Adam and Lily from their engagement to their wedding I didn t realize how much I missed this raunchy couple until I got to dive back into their world with Legally Wed It s hard to write reviews for novellas because usually there s not a lot going on plot wise But, this gem was so much fun to read There s lotssss of sex The book literally starts off with a bang And what a bang it was snickers N.
M Silber s writing never ceases to amaze me It s simple yet packs a hell of a punch whether it be to make me swoon, aww, or laugh It doesn t matter any Now, we re getting married and we are going to spend the rest of our lives together, blissfully bickering, bantering and banging Nice alliteration but we have to survive the wedding first.
I think we see a lot relationship growth between Adam and Lily here Not only are they dating now, but they re engaged They still have many things to learn about one another despite knowing each other since childhood They have overcome all the craziness that was Legal Briefs, however they still have a little ways to go I enjoyed seeing how despite all the anxiety that comes with a wedding, Adam and Lily never waver Instead they find a healthy way to relieve stress cough cough It was hilarious and sexy the entire book Moments like this, I could hardly believe he was mine The guy everyone had always wanted, that every girl had fantasized about Now he was a man, a man sexy enough to have any woman he wanted, and he wanted me I missed Adam s dirty mouth and teenage like stamina We get to see plenty of both in this wonderful novella I also love his sweet side that comes out whenever he and Lily have particularly quiet moments We see a vulnerable side to him for a few moments in this book Never fear, there is plenty of Adam lines that caused me to roll all over the floor dying of laughter I still adore Lily I think it s great how she and Adam are so much open with their feelings now There s no denial of attraction Instead we have lots and lots of sexy scenes that made me fan myself Lily is still spunky even when we get to see her vulnerable side too Fuck me I cried out urgently Please Adam I need you to fuck me Everywhere I want you to show me I m completely yours I felt him pause as what I was saying sunk in He looked up at me questioningly My mouth I panted My pussy I paused Everywhere I loved reuniting with the whole gang Gab, Braden, Jess, Cam, Mark, and Beth all have plenty of appearances We get to see Gab and Braden the first couple we fell in love with continue to have their happily ever after And we get to see Mark and Beth s story start The sexual tension between them could start a fire All in all, there s plenty of conflict, comedy, and definitely enough to sex to captivate you for an hour or so to devour this novella I can t wait for from this world You drive me so crazy, in so many ways That just means you won t get bored Bored With you Never I haven t been bored once in twenty three years.
Adam and Lily get married I have read this series since the first book and I ll never get tired of it This novella picks up where Legal Briefs left off and Adam and Lily prepare for the wedding Lily is all stressed out but she figures out a way to calm down that makes Adam tired but also makes him really happy Even though it starts out like erotica, there s so much here, humor, romance, and even a couple of really emotional moments that will make your gut clench Another five star read from NM Silber.
Absolutely loved this So glad I got to read about Adam and Lily s wedding This novella was sweet, sexy, funny, and naughty Glad I got my Lawyers in Love series fix before the next book comes out I love the relationship that Adam and Lily have with each other They love each other so much that they can have little small arguments and get over it right away That sounds like true love to me With Adam and Lily I think they can solve any argument with make up sex Haha N.
M Silber wrote another great book I will definitely be recommending this book to my friends and fellow book lovers.
Legally Wed by N.
M Silber is a novella that continues the story of Adam and Lily from Legal Briefs And what a continuation it was I remember my five star review of Legal Briefs saying that one negative that I could find was the lack of an epilogue So, if you thought like me and wondered, well, this novella is your answer I love an author who listen to her readers And why not We love your book We clamor for And boy Did Ms Silber give us so much than an epilogue The hilarious and antagonistic banter of Adam and Lily is still evident, and their affection for each other as well You can just tell that they adore each other I love how Adam takes care of Lily, which shows that underneath the cocky exterior is truly a man who loves so sweetly I love the little nuances of their relationship that is shown in this novella I love that everyone in the group made an appearance If you haven t read Law of Attraction and The Home Court Advantage, read it NOW One thing to love the little hints of to come Mark and Beth And it goes on Wow, I am so looking forward to of Adam and Lily I can barely contain my excitement for the upcoming books in this series Five stars for Legally Wed, a novella from N.
M Silber A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for this honest review.

Legally Wed is the latest edition to the Lawyers In Love series by NM Silber It s essentially Lily s account of the events leading up to her and Adam s wedding, and although it s a novella a mere 107 or so pages it has the same wonderful blend of sweet and sassy, sexy and serious, that I ve come to love and expect from all of NM Silber s books.
Adam and Lily were childhood sweethearts no, wait that s not right Let me start again.
Adam and Lily were childhood enemies That s better You know the type the boy dips the girl s pigtails in ink and punches her in the arm as a show of affection THAT kind of enemy Except Lily is, and always was Adam s equal Our history together wasn t exactly filled with lollipops and rainbows He wrote in my name on our class election ballot as Queen of the Harpies How do you know that was me Who else would have done that Well, you sent forged documents to nurse s office claiming I needed to give a stool sample You have no proof We have met Adam and Lily in previous books from the Lawyers In Love series, and Volume 3, Legal Briefs, was the full length novel that brought us their story It accounts the evolution from childhood animosity a euphemism for attraction to adult adoration, not to mention all the outrageous antics and amusing repartee that NM Silber does so well.
Wedding planning can be stressful under the best of circumstances Factor in Lily s insecurities, the pressures from Adam s stereotypical Jewish mother and sisters he s the only son , and Lily s Ice Queen mother, and the tension may be almost unbearable Fortunately, Lily has discovered a very effective method for relieving tension it may kill Adam in the process, but he ll definitely die a happy man Legally Wed is so much than the sexual escapades of Adam and Lily however, there s definitely no shortage of that It s also infused with humorous banter, some serious adult conversations and even a little drama , and some absolutely touching and tender moments between the characters Admittedly, I m an emotional reader, but than once I felt my eyes sting and well up You know, when we graduated from high school and you went to BU and I went to Tufts, there would be times when I would be in Boston and I would think I saw you and my pulse would shoot up and I would feel excited It was never you, though Stupid, huh It was a small thing that I had confessed, nothing like telling him I had been fantasizing about him the first time I came, but somehow it was even harder to tell him Sexual attraction was one thing, but admitting that, even then, I had deeper feelings for him made me feel vulnerable I kept staring at my fingers, twisting on my lap, wondering if he was imagining me as a pathetic schoolgirl I used to look forward to going to synagogue when I was home on break because I was hoping to see you there One week, I went twice My sisters started calling me rabbi I looked up at him and my chest felt tight Why didn t we just It doesn t matter any Now, we re getting married and we are going to spend the rest of our lives together, blissfully bickering, bantering and banging Although Legally Wed is short, it s the perfect conclusion to Adam and Lily s love story However, I have it on good authority that we can look forward to from this couple in the future In the meantime, however, Legally Wed left a smile both on my face and in my heart.
Five sexy but ultimately tender stars.
Fans of Alice Clayton and Emma Chase would like this author too I ve read all her books and they just keep getting better I literally laughed out loud a couple of times reading this the scene where Bruno finds a toy was one of the funniest I have ever read and OMG was this book hot Talk about erotic sex scenes It was also romantic though and I love how the couples in this series don t break up even when they fight It feels realistic and not like a bunch of made up angst If you like funny and sexy books you need to check out this author.
I received a beta copy from Nadine and I can say I absolutely LOVED IT It had the right amounts of sweet and spicy The novella definitely lived up the name and was a accurate representation of Adam and Lily in this novella you see the characters grow and hash things out like normal couples I wish I could say and I will on the 24th DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS BOOK The humor lived up to its reputation, as I had several laughing fits, causing my friends to question my sanity BELIEVE me this is a story you don t want to miss out 4 Lovely Stars Opening an N.
M Silber book means you will for sure have a good time, it s guaranteed I ve been a huge fan of this series since it came out This amazing characters had become part of my reading routine which is why I highly recommend this books to everybody, they never failIn the last book , childhood frenemies Adam Roth and Lily Adler finally get together and are now engaged to be married Sounds fairly normal, right But when it evolves this gang of crazy lawyers, two very strong Jewish mothers and a very gay and fabulous wedding planner, things can get a little crazy Lily is getting nervous by everything revolving around this wedding and her way of releasing the stress is by having lots and lots of sexy time, but hottie Adam is only happy to obliged And who can forget Bruno the chihuahua This romantic comedy has a little bit of everything, but the pace of the book had me a little distracted The flow of the story was very inconsistent and for some reason it took me almost a week to finish this book I was never really hooked to the story and wish there had been a little conflict, everything seemed so unrealistically perfect Even though this one has been my least favorite of the series, I will continue to read N.
M Silber s work because her books are just so much fun Once Upon A Time Childhood Enemies Grew Up And Fell In Love And Got Engaged Uh Oh, This Should Be Interesting Adam Roth And Lily Adler Have Survived Nutty Neighbors, Cow Pajamas, Mobsters And The Diaper Incident They Have Learned To Live, Love, And Work Together In Harmony Most Of The Time Now With The Promise Of Marital Bliss On The Horizon, They Will Need To Tackle Even Bigger Challenges, Like Lily S Anxiety Fueled Libido, Adam S Increasing Exhaustion, Two Jewish Mothers And An Eccentric Wedding Planner Named Mr Jonathan Will Everyone Make It To The Wedding Alive Find Out In Legally Wed