[ Read Online The Home Court Advantage ☆ burundi PDF ] by N.M. Silber ☆ 3.
5 Please Don t Hate Me Stars But this one fell a little flat for me I m afaid it suffered from the dreaded sopho slump I was so excited for this book and Gabi, Braden, Bruno and the gang IDK but this one just wasn t as funny, wasn t as HOT and wasn t as entertaining for me I felt like I was being told what was happening and not experiencing and feeling it I don t remember that being the case in The Law of Attraction Home Court Advantage picks up where Law of Attraction left off Gabi has been receiving anonymous threatening notes She and Braden are engaged Honestly there just was not a lot happened in this book And I found myself drifting and distracted I might have even skimmed parts of it.
I know, I know shame on me I just personally don t think this needed to be a two book storyjust make the first book a little bit longer Both books in the series are only around 200 pages The concept was great I loved the adventures in Law of Attraction Yes, the mystery letter writer debacle is solved in this book but that s really about it There were definitely a few LOL moments but it almost felt forced in this book I would have loved dialogue amongst the characters, dirty talk from Braden.
IDK just I m still a fan of N.
M Silber and will definitely read other future books I do believe this completes the Lawyers in Love series though other characters may get their own books.
which I have been told WILL BE standalones I definitely recommend this series if you re looking for something quick and fun and sexy.
5 Bruno The Great Chihuahua Stars I finished this book yesterday and I m still laughing between Gabrielle crazy antics, Bruno s cuteness but larger than life personality and all those ridiculously funny court cases, I just can t help but chuckle every time I remember a scene of this awesome story The Home Court Advantage picks up right were the first book ends The Law Of Attraction Braden asked Gabrielle to marry him, and they are still trying to figure out who is sending the threatening notes and following her The court cases get wackier and the sexy times are off the charts with these two We also meet a new character, another friend of Gabrielle from college who works at The Court s library her name is Lily and she is a lawyer by day and a romance writer by night, her and Braden s friend Adam know each other since childhood and are always bickering about something So this crazy gang will get into lots of trouble and in the end love and friendship will make their struggles seem like nothing but a wild ride.
If you are looking for a sexy and funny read this are the books for you, the writing is amazing and smart and not fluffy in any way Get into the right side of the law with this crazy counselors and be ready for a good time PS I loved Bruno the Chihuahua so much that I m thinking about getting one or maybe becoming president of the fan club for this super cute pet and I m even having t shirts done that say Tiny but Powerful Bruno on the front and I love Chihuahuas on the back wink

4 Sweet and Nutty Stars In this second book, we have Braden and Gabrielle engaged and trying to start a new life together But the unresolved mystery from the first book can t seem to leave them alone Finding each other in the middle of a stalker that won t leave them alone and in the middle of a conspiracy that are trying their best to keep them apart.
So, how can they move ahead where there are people so driven in stepping them back First, let me tell you a thing everyone and everything in this book is completely nuts Beginning with their jobs and cases in courts, passing through their relationships and ending in themselves, everything is bat s crazy in this book But is the kind of crazy that just sweeps you in and you can t help but laugh and want to belong to their world, even for just a few hours So, basically, if you re in need of a few laughs, you can t miss this Rating 4 Stars Storyline Funny story with several unexpected twists A very enjoyable reading Writing Style First person, female POV Completely addictive Character Development Apart from the craziness of every one of them, you will love them all It s impossible not to Steam Hot HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler 5 Laugh My Ass Off StarsI have no idea how it happened but I ended up liking this one even better than the first one This book is funny as hell and I loved reading an entertaining story about a couple that managed to be angst free I love me some well written drama but once in awhile it s refreshing to read a book that s free of unnecessary misunderstandings For enjoyment reasons alone I m giving this one 5 stars Now onto Lily and Adam s story And this is your close friend, Drew Derek asked looking at Mark Good buddy Just hanging out here Doing guy stuff Talking about women And sports And beer And uh Mark added Condoms, Drew added and I rolled my eyes Brilliant Reading by the BookARC ReviewOKAY, now that I have calmed down from being aroused and laughing until tears ran down my face and my bladder almost leaking, I can leave my review.
If you haven t read book 1 well you sure as hell will not understand this one so go one click NOW Gabrielle and Braden added to their HOT tension and courtroom banter to the point of OMG, they did not do that there To add in the fun and excitement they played a board game with friends that will have you gasping for breath N.
M Silber surpassed what I expected from book 1 in who was trying to keep them apart and I would have never thought that I would say thank you for my HEA and runaway bride though That and purse toting Bubbe came second to Lily and Adam answers to the clues This is a MUST read, I would say muthaf since it s Adam favorite.
Conclusion from bk 1 Loved it, loved it Mystery solved, lots of laughs I think even than in bk 1 , a lot of hot sex and good times And awww what a happy ending for Gabrielle Braden made me have a few goose bumps G B will go down as one of my favorite couples read this year Loved these 2 bks and am p.
o d I have to wait around for the next bk because I WANT IT NOW Yep, time spent with this sexy, fun group of characters has left me impatient for what s next But I know this won t be the last I hear from my favorite duo since their friends will be featured in future bks Can t wait to start on bk 3 due out in 2014 Adam, Assistant DA and Lily, research law librarian by day and writer of erotic and mystery novels by night have grown up together since pre school and are mortal enemies Enemies or not they sure were giving off some goofy vibes after the crazy casts field trip into the woods here in bk 2 You know how that love hate thing can explode in to some HOT love Woo hoo can t wait Not as good as the first book but it ended with a bang so I m not complaining.
Librarian S Note This Is An Alternate Cover Edition ISBN Once Upon A Time, Two Lawyers Fell In Love Gabrielle And Braden Have Fallen In Love And Face A Bright Future Together If They Can Just Survive All Of The Crazy People They Encounter, Like Anonymous Napkin Droppers, UFO Enthusiasts, Crooked Businessmen, Nude Drunk Drivers, And A Woman Who Tries To Break Into Jail When The Gavel Falls Will The Verdict Be Happily Ever After Come Join The Fun As The Sexiest Couple In The Philadelphia Criminal Court System Shares Witty Banter And Red Hot Lovin With A Dash Of Mystery Thrown In The Story That Began With The Law Of Attraction Concludes With Lots Of Love And Laughter In The Home Court Advantage OMG, this was so funny I loved Braden, Mark, Adam, Cam, Jess and Gabrielle from the first book and they didn t disappoint with this one In fact they introduced a few characters, Lily and really looking forward to reading about her and Adam in the next book.
The dishes scene where Braden got Gabrielle all hot and bothered was amazing, right then the fire alarm was pulled I was wondering if that ever happened to June Cleaver ha ha The stalking was interesting, the scene at the bar with cousin Derek, a slippery floor and Gabrielle s lack of balance was too funny makes you second guess yourself about not wearing underwear under a short dress The scene where Gab got her blouse wet, and the window with the executives, then Cam walking in the door, and then the rest of the group walking in had me in tears can totally see that happening The best part though was in the hotel when they found the stalker, and the girls chased him, then the guys got on in on it, the stalker ran into Rachel s room then into Bubbe s room OMG I was laughing so hard I almost fell off my chair ha ha that was the best ever The only thing I was a little disappointed with was that the courtroom cases weren t near as funny as the first book, but overall excellent Look forward to the next one.