☆ The Unidentified Redhead É Download by È Alice Clayton This book was cheesy but oh so hilarious If you are serious and can t take some lighthearted banter than stay away I m telling you I spent most of the book Grace Sheridan is a 33 year old aspiring singer actress who currently lives with her best friend Holly She meets up and coming heartthrob, Jack Hamilton and is smitten over the English actor Only problem is he is only 24 and a hot commodity.
Jack is so sweet, hot and funny They go ahead and get together and the rest is just hi jinx They are hilarious together And LOTS of sexxy times.
They even managed to make some of those encounters hilarious I absolutely loved the relationship between Holly and Grace You know its a great friendship when you call her an asshead HAHA Nick and Grace s friendship was hilarious too.
Everyone loves the gay BFF Best advice I can give you regarding this book.
Why does this book have high ratings So annoyed GrrrThis was one stupid, draggy, obnoxious, idiotic, atrocious, boring, unbelievably irritating read for me I hate this book Downright hate it I don t think I have ever hated a book but I hate this with so much passion From the beginning to the very end, I hated it.
Grace Sheridan is a fool That s what she is She is thirty fucking three years old and behaves a lot immature than my eight year old cousin I don t know if there exists any thirty three year old like Grace but I honestly have never met someone that old and yet so childish She is aspiring to be an actress, has no job, lives with her best friend, somehow magically has enough money to have bought a property in L.
, no mention of what she did before she moved back to L.
, and she s hot No guy can turn her down, she s that flaming hot, Okay She s hot and if you say otherwise, your argument is invalid She meets Jack, the new British it boy of Hollywood at a party that her best friend hosts Her best friend represents Jack Hamilton and it s all lust at first sight Okay, not really lust, even worse, it was love at first sight There is a difference between seeing someone for the first time, maybe even developing an instant attraction towards them, and immediately falling in love with them Somehow, that s how it is for Jack He starts chatting her up the very moment he sees her There is nothing wrong with that Everyone flirts, right But talking about a girl s boobies the first time you converse with her That s just creepy I don t care how hot you are but if you mention my boobs in the first conversation we are having, get the fuck off Seriously, go away Yes, yes, I guess I am looking at your boobies They re quite nice boobies, he managed to choke out between laughs How is this guy in anyway Charming No, please do tell me Looks like I m missing the point here And little miss stupid Grace flirts right back This is her brilliant response They are quite nice, that s true And all mine You probably don t get to touch a lot of real bona fide natural boobies here in L.
, but there s still a few of us rocking the real stuff GraceThis book is entirely bland through out There is absolutely no character growth or plot development From the first line to the last line, has remained to be the same impassive story It s a plain, boring romance novel about a man and woman falling in love, in Hollywood But every love story has a bit of a problem right And the problem here There is a nine years gap between them And guess who is older Grace That s right, Jack is twenty four while Grace is Thirty Three I wouldn t have had a problem with that, I m pretty open minded about all this Age is just a number, after all But Grace and Jack are worse than two teenagers in love.
They have absolutely no level of maturity Both of them are fucking crazy Grace is Jack s crazy nut girl and Jack is Grace s sweet nuts.
UmWhat I think even I can come up with better terms of endearment than that Also there was this whole problem with them being together, doing everything together all second base, third base, sleeping and showering together but somehow they didn t want to have sex till the very end of the novel like till about 87% of the book Why Is something wrong Oh no, nothing s wrong They re just fucking stupid Jack and Grace are two adults here And adults, as far as I know, have sex with someone they want to bone without making it a big deal or fussing over it But not Jack and Grace They want to have sex with each other, they even tease each other about it but never fucking doing it And finally when they talk about having sex and decide to finally do it, they still carry on to make it a big deal When I woke up, it was like Christmas morning And by that, I mean I was so excited to drive to Santa Barbara and have the hotel sex that I began jumping on the bed, singing a happy tune Jack was, of course, still sound asleep, and he groaned from his place beneath the covers I continued to jump, and sang, in a tune that sounded oddly like A Tisket A Tasket A shagging, a shagging, I m going to get a shagging Hey, get up Get up I thought you said the shagging would begin today, I teased, taking my toe and pulling the covers down slowly.
Uh oh And I m warning you, man You said you d shag me today, I repeated, now bouncing harder than ever The bed was squeaking, inappropriately I m gonna spank you today if you keep that up, he intoned.
But he never does spank her Like I said, this book is draaaaaaagy It s dragged so much for no reason And I don t know what s the problem with Jack He is probably the only twenty four year old man who has so much control that he can go on without having sex with a girl he loves for almost an eternity Hats off for his control Not.
Finally when Grace is desperate for a shagging he reasons out with her First of all, because you have not packed, he began I plan on being naked most of the time, I answered quickly Secondly, the hotel won t even check us in until noon We can do it in the car, I quipped, trying to get my hands free so I could grab onto him I was persuasive when I could touch him He knew this, and so he kept both of my hands high above my head, pinned to the bed Thirdly, has it escaped your attention that it isn t even 6 00 a.
m I stopped cold I looked at the window and noticed the sun had barely risen The freaking birds weren t even chirping And I was bouncing on the bed like a mad woman singing about an upcoming shag I looked from the window back to his face, now fully awake and glaring down at me, but not without a hint of humor.
Grace is hot but she is a girl after all She needs to feel insecure, doesn t she So she asks Jack indirectly if he would ever sleep with anyone else while she goes away to New York for the television show that she got the role for And Mr Sexy Jack says Grace, I think I can honestly say, with no second thoughts, that there isn t another pair of boobies on the planet that I d rather have in my hands than yours Sleeping or otherwise, he stated, with a glance at my chest.
I got it gag Seriously, enough with the boobies already It s finally time for them to have sex And it s still such a big deal to Grace She acts like a Virgin.
I felt nervous as we approached the cottage, would we have the sex now Don t you want to have the sex Yes, yes of course But would I have time to change into my sweetly slutty new lingerieThey finally do it Fuck, Grace, you feel amazing Christ Grace, I love watching you ride me God, your tits are brilliant Jack is so good at dirty sex talk eye roll So yeah, they have sex, they confess their love for each other, have sex again, again And again and that s it The End.
Quirky, sexy, fun with lots of heart I loved it 4.
5 starsGrace Sheridan has always had stars in her eyes and wanted to befamous, famous, god damned famousAfter a failed attempt straight out of college, she is now 33 years old and has moved back to LAI became one of those sad sacks I only lasted in Los Angeles for eighteen months I limped away, feeling like a failure for the first time in my life I let the city and the industry beat me But now I was back It took me ten years to make it back and this time I wasn t going anywhere She moves in with her best friend, Holly who stayed in LA all those years ago and is now running her own talent management agency The book starts out at Holly s home, it s the launch party for her new business While at the party, Grace meets Jack Hamiltion, a 24 year old actor who Holly represents He just got cast as the lead role for a highly anticipated movie based on a series of erotic romance short stories Woman are going NUTS for these books and this new movie so Jack is just about to be launched into super stardom Grace has never heard of these books, the movie, or of Jack But Holly makes quick work pimping them outJesus, fine Calm down, I said Did you just squeal Yes, I will freaking read them,LOL Sound like anyone you know When Grace first meets Jack she s of course attracted to him, but knows he s younger than her and doesn t think too much of it Toward the end of the evening they have a couple brief encounters and their banter is some of the best I ve read There is no denying they have some sort of chemistry and they can go back and forth for days Jack, being the down to earth guy that he is finds Grace s humor, wit, and quirky charm appealing and he makes quick work pursuing her and finding little ways to see herOK, you caught me I wanted to see you Is that so terrible I m bored, and you re fascinating There are texts, phone calls, and little outings full of funny incidents Nothing goes quite right for Grace, but Jack is right there through it all laughing and teasing, making it all better and adding to the fun They are just so good together, they get each other, make each other laugh and their sexual chemistry is off the charts there is LOTS and LOTS of sexy time for these twoYou will be the death of me, Sheridan I can already tell He sighed, unfolding his long legs to get out of the car Yes, but it will be a good death I ll be gentle You won t even know I m coming He turned back and grinned That s what she said Perfection Oh, and Grace he continued, walking toward his car He stopped when he reached it and leaned back against the door I will definitely know when you re coming And so will you, he said, biting down on that lower lip Fucking Perfection Grace is a little immature for her age, she s got baggage and minor confidence issues, but I loved her She had the funniest internal dialogue Jack seems mature for his age, he s smart, funny, silly, but can bring the sexy BIG time I absolutely LOVED him And did I mention, he s a Brit Oh yeah The age difference really was a non issue in my eyes They both look young, they re hot, they like each other, and it s good He is the reason to her neurotic ways and they have such a great balance I love that this book is pretty low angst There really is no drama for the sake of drama, no stupid, no lies It s all very straight forward and functional as they navigate their new situation and challenges that arise mostly brought on by their careersI love that you ve become so important to me, he added, gazing at me from under heavily lidded eyes I love that you are so totally wrapped up in my life now, I answered, my heart thumping wildly what were we sayingThe dialogue, banter, and jokes in this were hilarious It got a wide range of reactions out of me from just a smile, a little laugh, maybe a snort here, a belly laugh there It was hysterical With comedy, there really is that balance of what is overkill There were times that things were a bit much, nicknames were overused, crazy exaggerations will power of champions, anyone view spoiler Who can go weeks giving receiving oral sex for hours on end DAILY and not have actual sex I just don t get it I mean, it ended up being sweet cute that they waited, but come on hide spoiler DNF 60%I picked this up wanting to read something light and funny.
For some reason, I had an impression that this book is a good chick lit and will make me laugh out loud but I was sorely disappointed.
I found the main protagonist Grace really really irritating She was 30 but acted like a teenager She is attracted to Jack who is younger to her and they enter into a relation This is fine but she keeps on thinking about her previous sexual encounters before she met Jack which made me feel Icky.
There is no humor and I did not like the writing I felt the story wasn t just going anywhere I had to force my self to reach where I did, just to know if something happens before I gave up.
All in all, this book is definitely not for me and I will not be reading this series further.
Two words FREAKING HILARIOUS What a great book I literally laughed my way through the whole thing The banter is absolute perfection So first we have Grace who is a crazy, feisty, witty, 33 year old And then there is 24 year old Super Sexy Jack Hamilton celebrity, gorgeous, funny, sensational name, and he s British with a hot accent Score I love these characters, I wish they were real Hell, I wish I was Grace and could have my very own Jack They are both foul mouthed, smutty and sarcastic, with absolutely no shame They have a love of all things 80s repeated references to the Coreys and NKOTB and they both have the sense of humour of 13 year old boysheh heh, you said nutsI think I laughed at that as much as they did Brilliant And of course there s the sizzling chemistry and wicked banterHe pushed me back up against the door, slamming me against the doorbell I heard it ring out Coming I heard Holly say as she clicked across the floor to the front door Not quite, but she s close He chuckled, removing his hand and leaving me breathless and rosy cheekedI had been told that this was the dirty version of Love Unscripted, so I knew it was going to be smutty I didn t quite realise HOW smutty it was going to be There was A LOT of sex in this book, and a lot of not sex In fact I can t quite believe how much not sex there was, and how descriptive it was And then when there actually was sex Wow So yeah, if that s not your thing, probably best to avoid this book But there s no bad guy, no crazy ass psycho exes and no conflict, just the fun of watching this couple get together and fall in love And best of all there were no games They were both honest about what they wanted and how they felt There was one moment where Grace got a bit stupid and insecure, but Jack was right there with her and wasted no time setting her straight I loved that It s very refreshing after reading a long stream of books with the heroine never feeling worthy of her man The ending is a bit teary not in a bad way , and I can t wait to see what the sequel has in store these two

Actual Rating 2.
5 StarsThe Unidentified Redhead is definitely an entertaining book It is light, cute, humorous and energetic I liked Grace s personality, she had built herself up and as a result she was a very positive and spirited woman Really, she was like a kid with candies half the time Jack, well, what s not to like, he is the complete package But was it me, or Jack was way too perfect, charming an easygoing Kind of simple really in his perfection, lacking He needs spark and development I don t see the 9 years of age difference between the characters as such a big deal as it seems to be in the book I understand that Grace can be insecure about it, is completely comprehensible that women can have insecurities being 33 and dating a hot and famous 24 year old but I don t get the outside shock about it, it said in the book that she appears younger than 30 and then she is called a cougar and not even seen as a possible love interest for Jack I don t get it, why It is not that big of a gap Maybe I am facing some cultural differences here with the USA and that s what s troubling me I really enjoyed the sex scenes, and I don t mean it in a hot way really, I mean it in a fun way They have tons and tons of sex and the way it is told is spirit lifting, sweet and funny Oooh the beginning of love Sigh My big problem with the book is that I felt cheated at the end I know The Unidentified Redhead is the first installment on a series of three books, but this particular book has no resolution It has no end of conflict, of plot or of anything, hell it doesn t even have a cliffhanger I have read many series and even though you always have installments and story to be told, there is always a felling of completion, you KNOW you have finished a book In this case I don t know that, I mean I do know it as in my mind does, but not my feelings, my feelings are convinced that the last part of the book ran away and went missing but end it didn t I want to finish the series but I don t know when I ll get to it Everything was just too light, trivial and uncomplicated, there were no conflicts or tense moments, things just flow nice and easy I liked her bookWallbanger , it made me feel , it had some angst in there which I prefer any day to an effortless read.
I can say two things about Alice Clayton now that I have read two of her books she knows how to make you laugh and view spoiler she has a thing about delaying intercourse hide spoiler 4,5 Crazy Stars So, Grace, aspiring actress, moves to LA with Holly, her best friend and a talent manager One night she meets Jack, that had just being chosen for the role of main actor in the movie adaptation of short erotic stories that are making the women crazy Is just me or this is basically the 50 Shades of Grey Effect in fiction , so he s basically in the rise to stardom She is a few years older than him, nine to be exactly and things start pretty lightly and in a friends base between them But eventually things change and well, you see where I am going But Hollywood life isn t easy, and they will have to figure out how to keep something when the whole world believes that has the right to an opinion about it.
I haven t laughed so much with a book in a while Basically, this as me through the whole book Unfortunately, Christmas is too far away I already knew Alice Clayton from Wallbanger , and one thing is for sure If you are ever in need of a book low on angst, with pretty good steam, sweet romance and a lot of laughs, Clayton is definitely your woman Rating 4,5 Stars Storyline original and with some twists you will not expect Sweet and fun Writing Style Addictive and easy to connect with First person, female POV.
Character Development Grace is a little immature and Jack is probably a little too mature for both of their ages, so the age difference isn t noticeable at all Both of them were pretty funny and sweet and I loved them both Jacks has something quite sexy about him and definitely made the top of my favorite British book characters Steam Some hot moments HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler I m going to do another one of my reviews in reverse, where I get the small gripes out of the way before stating why the book was worth my time.
My review pendulum is going crazy over this book I know my thoughts are sitting at around a 3.
5 star rating but I don t know whether to round up or down Unidentified Redhead was a fun and sexy read In fact, it was repeatedly fun and sexy So what s the problem you ask Well let me go right ahead and answer that for you I m going to ask you to imagine this picture your most hyper friend with her arms raised and running around like a chicken with her head cut off screaming, WAHHHHHHAGGGGHHHHH Then you ll understand Grace She s absolutely a riot, but she s also definitely amped up to the extreme Because of this and the few things I ll mention below, I reserve the right to drop my rating to a 3 at a later date But for now, I ll stick with the fun factor and go up to a 4.
This book was funny There were several giggle worthy moments However, there was no real break in between one liners and silly scenarios The first couple of times it happened during sexy time, I found it endearing Then I started to want them to get down to just being sexy At some point, funny starts to become a gimmick Scaling the humor back a bit would have made the book s best one liners and banter stand out that much.
As well, I found myself grow weary at the nicknames a plenty A cute little personalized nickname can be adorable but Jack and Grace had several for each other Not only did they nickname each other, but they nicknamed body parts oonie and had cutesy little phrases like holy chex mix Again, if this had been reigned in just a touch, it would have made the fun nicknames stand out as even endearing.
Butat least they avoided the use of baby Score a point for thisBlech, don t call me baby, you have enough nicknames for me already Oh, suck it, Sweet Nuts, I taunted.
Hyper reactions and ridiculous nicknames aside, I had a blast while reading this book Smutty time was satisfying and I found the characters to be people I d want to know Not only was the banter completely amusing between Jack and Grace, but it was also quite refreshing between Grace and her best friend We ve probably all had one of those friends who likes to mess with us and not let us off the hook for things Here s some of Holly s quirky personalityOh, would you shut up about your historical nonfiction, Holly interrupted Honestly, it s like you re sprinting towards the retirement home Get on the stick woman Literally Get On That StickJack was yummy with a capital Y First off, he s British Described as just over 6 ft with waves of golden and caramel hair, green eyes, build noted as slim yet firm, and rocking what I assumed to be a killer grin, I was liking this one We all need a break from the typical massive, dark, and brooding alphas every so often even if those guys are yummy too I especially loved that he wore clothes that fit his body without being too baby gap tight I m thinking California casual without a hint of meathead in sight Yes, please.
Final thought If you need a fun book to shake yourself out of a rut and won t mind a couple of hyper personalities and humor at every turn even when you re not necessarily wanting it, I d say that Unidentified Redhead would probably be a great fit Plus, there s lots of sexy, sexy moments.
I leave you with this random fun nonsense Of course a seagull shit on my head.
What a fun book The perfect blend of funny hilarious actually , sassy, sexy, goofy and swoony Definitely the a great lighthearted read for after a very emotional book The book had me laughing out loud times than I could count Its a fun, romantic story about Grace Sheridan, a 33 year old actress giving Hollywood a second shot, and Jack Hamilton, the 24 year old next hotshot bigtime Hollywood star actor They meet by chance at a party and have this really flirty, fun connection She s never even heard of his big movie and to him, seems like the most real girl he s met in a long time And after a few weeks of brilliant and hilarious banter, its clear they are both very into each other and want to explore things further Banter turns to serious flirting, which turns to romantic beach strolls, which turns an adorable relationship.
I really loved that the relationship really built itself It didn t just poof happen The progression was realistic and so much fun to readHe pushed me back up against the door, slamming me against the doorbell I heard it ring out Coming I heard Holly say as she clicked across the floor to the front door Not quite, but she s close He chuckled, removing his hand and leaving me breathless and rosy cheeked Jack is totally swoony he s smart, funny, charming, totally into her, down to earth all round awesome guyHe had known exactly what I needed and when I needed it It was as if he was put on this earth for the sole purpose of giving me pleasure Who am I to argue with intelligent design Grace was a totally non annoying heroine very tongue and cheek, very real, with a wonderful POVThe guy looks young enough to be your kid, Grace Yes, but only if I d really slutted it up in junior high I loved how committed they were to each other especially once they started getting serious and admitting their commitments It was so refreshing having a story that didn t create drama from jealous ex s, stupidity on the part of the characters, etc I mean, sure there s a bit of worry he IS an uber famous hot guy who every female on the planet is lusting after so that s bound to create some insecurities, also there s media scrutiny, their age difference, etc but he s so quick to reassure her and never does anything to make her feel or think that he s anything other than committed to her Its very sweet and at the same time, utterly hilarious Seriously at times, it was like they were young teens teasing each other over the silliest things that literally made my cheeks hurt from laughing.
And there was SO much sex not too much, but enough that it was a pretty hot read Car sex Wall sex Bed sex Closet sex yes, closet sex Shower sex Bathtub sex Hotel sex I m sure I m missing some here, but you get the picture lolThat night went down pun intended and acknowledged in history, forever known as, Hamilton 5 Sheridan Lost Track After 17 It was probably the best night I ever spent in a bed with a man.
And on the floor with a man.
And up against the door with a man.
And, God, watch over and protect us, on the floor of the closet with a manThe book ended on a bit of a cliffhanger she got a big job in NYC and leaves at the end of the book while he stays in LA but I ve been assured that the ending of book 2 is a HEA so I m looking forward to starting it tomorrow and seeing Grace and Jack handle their long distance relationship I predict oodles of phone sex PI wavered back and forth a bit on the rating at first I wasn t sure if I should give 5 stars to a book that didn t make me clutch at my heart or make me cry super emotional tears, but then I realized that was totally unfair Why should only the emotional books be given 5 stars To me, this was a perfect 5 star FUN read How I see Jack and Grace The First In USA TODAY Bestselling Author Alice Clayton S Redhead Series Is A Playful And Erotic Romance Between An Aspiring Actress And Hollywood S Hottest New Leading ManWhen Grace Sheridan Returns To Los Angeles To Become A Working Actress, It S A Second Shot At A Life Long Dream With Some Help From Her Best Friend Agent, Will That Dream Become A Reality Or At Thirty Three, Has Grace Missed Her Chance At The Big Time And When An Unexpected Sizzling Romance With Jack Hamilton, The Entertainment Industry S Newest It Boy, Threatens To Shine An Uncomfortable Spotlight On Her Life, How Will That Affect Her Career And His Funny, Borderline Neurotic Grace Is Perfect In Her Imperfections, And The Sexual Chemistry Between Her And Charming Yet Blissfully Unaware Jack Is Off The Charts With Laugh Out Loud Dialogue And A Super Steamy Romance That Will Get Your Heart Racing, Sneaking Around In LA And Dodging The Paparazzi Has Never Been So Fun