[ Pdf Last Wolf Standing (Bloodrunners #1) ☆ coin-collecting PDF ] by Rhyannon Byrd á Reviewed at Haunted bookshelfI ve wanted to read the Bloodrunners series for some time now I actually do take my own suggestion of starting an established series from the very beginning simply because it makes the most sense Yet I know it s rather daunting both time wise and financially to go back to the start of a series Finally I stopped hesitating and bought the first trilogy bundle, and will probably do the same for the next three stories that come after these This series began in 2008 and at this writing has eight titles that s a commitment for a person who has a lot of promised reviews on my schedule But since I ve been looking at Bloodrunners for actually years now it s time to simply dive in and make the time.
At the beginning of any series or trilogy I expect there to be some world building It was rather easy to fall into this world since the world building was gradual and flowed with the development of the story There was no great information dump, which I greatly appreciate Bloodrunners are actually a, let s call it a career choice for those wolves who are half human Somewhat outcast by the official pack, these wolves police the full werewolves who have gone rogue and are now hunting humans as their choice of prey There is only one solution for a rogue death.
Mason is oh, let s just say it, he s sex on a stick Handsome, hot and somewhat arrogant He s the longest active Bloodrunner at this time, and he does his job well Right now there are murders of young human women happening in the surrounding area Attacks that are calculated and most definitely the work of a rogue When we first meet Mason he and his partner, Jeremy are out on the hunt for this murderer and have stopped at a cafe to refuel.
The very last thing Mason ever expected to find was his mate Every wolf knows instinctively that smell of their mate, and her scent was flowing over him something fierce When she finally came into his view, obviously on her way somewhere else he did the only thing his shocked mind could think of to keep her near He stuck out his foot and tripped her and so the romance of Mason and Torry begins.
Torry is adorable, feisty, scared and stubborn A young woman who works in a shop surrounded by the paranormal, but one who refuses to believe Her nightmares give her enough to be afraid of she doesn t need to know about the real thing Unfortunately, she s about to get a huge dose of the real thing since Mason s obvious attraction to this human has been observed by the very rogue he s hunting and Torry is now his target, for what better way to destroy Mason than to harm his mate.
I was captivated by Last Wolf Standing, there s simply no other way to put it Drawn in, and engaged in this couple s struggle to deal with each other when neither one was looking for love or a life long partnership Torry is a dreamer and wants the romance, Mason has seen how love can destroy a person so he s determined to give everything to his mate that she needs and desires, but not his heart no, that he cannot do The action and mystery of this story is gripping, the sexual tension and actions are definitely sizzling and the love is there for Mason and Torry to discover.
I would definitely recommend this story to any Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance reader It will draw you into their world, and have you searching for the next novel in the series.
Rhyannon Byrd s Last Wolf Standing stars Torrance Wilson and werewolf Mason Dillinger Torrance is minding her own business, getting lunch at a cafe when she meets Mason Their eyes meet and it s instant magic Mason is busy trying to feed his friend and catch a rogue werewolf at the time but when he catches the delicious scent of his mate he s instantly on the prowl Desperate to get to her but unsure of how to approach her, he does the only thing he can think of to get her to stay and talk with him Thinking fast, he employs a foolproof plan and trips her Gallantly he comes to her aid but his intensity unnerves Torrance and pretty soon she s fleeing him Unfortunately, the rogue werewolf Mason was tracking caught the whole spectacle and follows Torrance to her home and attacks her Luckily for her, Mason was hot on his mate s heels and was able to thwart the attack He takes her up to the mountains to protect her and to also hopefully lay claim to the woman nature has decreed as his mate Due to the hierarchy within the werewolf clan, Mason and his family have dealt with prejudice all his life and because of it he s afraid to love and to trust, believing it will make him vulnerable Torrance is willing to mate with Mason and accept the strange and frightening new world she s been thrust into, but she won t do it without his love Mason is going to have to learn to let go of his own pride and let his little mate into his heart if he s going to win her The introduction of Mason and Torrance was extremely fun I ve never read about the hero grabbing his heroine s attention by tripping her His near frantic attempts to make Torrance believe that he was harmless was so funny to read about, especially after he starts freaking her out with his intensity Unfortunately, once the fun of their first meeting passes, it all goes downhill The rogue werewolf that attacks Torrance is a barely fleshed out, one dimensional bad guy He s angry that Mason killed his brother 5 years ago and has just now found a way to get his revenge After that we don t see the villain again until the end, but he does pop up every now and again through lame phone calls, where he passes along his dire threats The worldbuilding of the werewolf clan and their hierarchy was not very informative or imaginative and the whole pace of the book was slow Rhyannon Byrd really doesn t do anything with the story except have the the hero and heroine go back and forth on why they can t love each other The villain pops up every now and again with his telephone tough guy act, while the heroine bemoans the fact that the love of her life won t love her back and the hero stresses that his mate can t get past the fact that he s a werewolf The sex was also boring, I thought I was surprised that a Rhyannon Byrd novel would have such tepid, lukewarm love scenes There was only two sex scenes in the book and they were pretty yawn worthy All in all, I was disappointed with the Last Wolf Standing and can t recommend it It didn t have any interesting characters that I would want to revisit, the sex was nothing to write home about and the pace of the book was as riveting as watching paint dry.
That A Woman Who Was His Perfect Match Even Existed And That He D Find Her In A Bustling Cafe Yet Just The Scent Of Sweet, Mortal Torrance Watson Ignited A Driving, Explosive Need To Claim Her That He Knew His Pack Would Never Sanction Worse, The Rogue Werewolf He D Been Hunting Had Sensed That Attraction And Made Torry His Prey Forced To Safeguard Her From This Ruthless Assassin, Who Already Posed A Threat To His Pack, Mason Now Faced The Ultimate Challenge Did He Have The Courage To Cross The Line By Sealing The Blood Bond That Would Make Torry His Alone A Disloyalty Few Of His Kind Ever Survived Or Would He Live An Eternity Without Love Well, I m kind of kicking myself for buying all three books at once Oh well I thought the premise of the paranormal world was good I also thought the technical quality of the writing was good The sexytimes were spicy in a very good way I didn t like the heroine, though, and I didn t really feel invested in the story or the characters and their HEA I can t really pinpoint it beyond thatand a general sense of eh, okay once I finished it.
I guess I ll eventually read the other two before listing the trilogy on eBay, but yeahlet s just say I m in no rush to do so.
Torrance is the human mate of Mason who is half werewolf half human A Bloodrunner This shifter romance in particular stands out from some in recent memory The author takes time to not only flesh out the main characters but provide entertaining secondary characters and an interesting background for the wold of the werewolf.
A hundred pages in your wondering who is going to be in Book 2 there is teaser at the end D The story is so evovling you want I liked that Torrance Tor tried to be strong and make a stand against what Mason proposed Being mated w o love Of course, that, would never work.
I liked that Mason got it from all sides His friends, family and even a dream visit from his dead brother The conflict of Bloodrunnning hunting rogues added to the plot It was not distracting or time consuming You got the sense that being a Bloodrunner was every bit apart of Mason as him being mated to Tor.
I was glad I chose this book off of the bookswap It was not something I had planned to read I was pleasantly suprised with the book and do not regret ordering it I absolutatly enjoyed reading this first book out of a trilogy Now I have to find book 2 and 3 so I can finish with the other characters.
This book had action, suspense, drama, love, and of coarse some steamy All requirements for this kind of book and enough of it to keep you reading.
From the beginning we find Mason a strong, georgeous half breed werewolf looking for a psychotic killer He and his partner Jeremy stop in a cafe to eat when he immediately detects his Life Mate All he does he smell her at first, he doesn t know who she is Then he finally sees her and is afraid that she will walk out of the cafe without ever noticing him So what does he dohe trips her The minute she looks at him there is the connection He knows he must be with her Now that he has noticed her he feels Simmons the pscho will want to harm her.
Torrance a quiet, petite woman that really wants nothing to do with men or relationships As a girl she grew up with her mother constantly going through relationship after relationship So she now sees that men will just leave you in the end so why bother She wants nothing but what her dream is and that is Love She believes that without it nothing will last Then she meets Masonafter being tripped of coarse She can t help feel drawn or connected to him someway Even though he appears to be some kind of lunatic as he tries to get her to go with him but he can not tell her why So of coarse what does she doshe flees the scene.
But fate has other plans for them Afterall Simmons was watching Mason and now wants nothing to destroy anything and everything he holds dear, including Torrance So of coarse circumstances bring Torrance and Mason together again He can t help is forwing attraction to her and wanting to be with her Yet he wants nothing to do with a blood bond to her He wants nothing to do with actually loving her He tells Torrance that he wants to be with her, he would never leave her, and will always be faithful.
Torrance can t help her growing feelings for Mason She knows she is falling in love with him Yet he has already told her that he can t love her, he s just not wired that way Growing up with seeing men constantly leave her mother Torrance doesn t want anything less than love Afterall without the men always leave She knows he will never give her what she wants but she doesn t know if she is strong enough to leave him or live that kind of life.
Can Mason get over his fear of loving her and actually open up his hear before it is too late With a killer stalking her, love may be his only way of saving her He may be strong physcially but will he be strong enough emotionally to love her and let her love him With time running out he is in a fight for his heart and her life.
Great light, escape type read Good start to another series I was a little concerned with the start of the book, took me a while to get into it, but after getting the feel for the characters, I found it pretty funny, really The book went on to finish well 2.
5 starsI am sorry Rhyannon Byrd, but I really do not like your books This is the second book from Bloodrunners series that I have read, and even though it was better than the other one, it is still not my cup of tea The first half of the book was a bit dragging, but at least funny at moments The second half was rushed, too full of mushy stuff and whining The world itself is interesting, but the execution The killer s story was the only thing that actually interested me, like a sort of murder mystery where you want to see if the serial killer gets killed The romance stuff Not so much Dialogues where all blah blah blah Boring The love scenes made me yawn and think about what I am cooking for dinner The ending was disappointing too fast and where did all his army go It also had too much repetitiveness It is annoying how all characters either rasp, murmur or drawl Makes me think about a bunch of middle aged men, who sit in a bar, their heads hanging and feed their beer bellies with beer, and rasp for beer, murmur about their unjust lives and drawl insulting comment to barmaids Just saying I think it would be wise to save myself torment and to save author some bad ratings if I just start avoiding these books like the plague Well unless I need another book with a smoking main character for my reading challenge But even then, I would need to be bribed to do this again I am sorry I tried to like it, I really did, even after I hated the other book It is just not working for me.

First he tripped hermade her spill her soup all over herself Now she s being stalked by a murderous werewolf And it s all his fault As soon as he smelled her, he had to have her Now his enemy is targeting herand she s scared of the dark, much less werewolves.
Elements of humor, hot passion, and a good lead in to the upcoming 2nd book in Byrd s series.
This book started out great The theme was the same as any other werewolf story out there the tall, dark, brooding were hunk walks into a bar and no, it s not the beginning of a joke and sniffs his predestined mate who also happens to be human ooh, big shocker there not But it was the way they hooked up that was a bit different at least at the beginning.
The tall, dark, brooding were hunk actually tripped his fragile, petite, human future mate, turning her into a walking tribute to a modernist painter, since she fell into her bowl of tomato soup.
So he and his friend quickly established she was his and because she was his she was automatically in danger because of the big, bad, psycho wolf on the loose with a huge chip on his god wannabe shoulder and a enormous grudge against the tall, dark, brooding were hunk At the same time the fragile, petite, human future mate figured the two hunks were nuts and boltedAnd proceeded to walking into a trap by the big, bad, psycho wolf laying in wait at her home.
The two hunks who were not crazy, BTW rescued this silly, fragile, petite, human future mateAnd that s when the story really started,Unfortunately the only good thing about this book was the beginning The rest of the story never lived up to the expectations the beginning spawned and it was mostly due to heroine While I somehow understood the Mason s motivations and reasons, Torrance was something else entirely She was all over the place, first she didn t want anything to do with him, second she wanted nothing than to jump his bones not that I blame her , third she was afraid of getting hurt, fourth she didn t give a damn about anything just jumping his bones again, I don t blame her On and on it went, with the author s attempt at justifying this with the way she grew up and the number her mother did on her Sorry, I just didn t buy it, and it quickly grew repetitive and eye roll inducing.
I merely skimmed the pages through the second part, just wanting it to end already I was curious about the rest of this trilogy at first, but now, having read this one, I ll most certainly pass on the rest Sad, but true.