✓ Read ì Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set by Autumn Montague ß Autumn Montague S Holiday Trilogy, The Challenged By Love Series, Is Now Available In A Convenient E Boxed Set At A Greatly Reduced Price CalibanCaptain Theodore Hedgeford Was Once The Adonis Of His Cavalry Unit A Devastating Injury At Waterloo Leaves Him Disfigured, And Earns Him A New Nickname Caliban His Lover Abandons Him, Leaving Theo To Suffer Through His Recovery Alone Determined To Protect His Heart From Further Pain, Theo Finds His Vow Challenged By A Not So Chance Encounter With Cavalry Groom Robin Thornfield Unprecedented Sexual Pleasure And The Comfort Rob Provides Wars With The Humiliation Of Being Unable To Care For HimselfRobin Thornfield Has Longed To Be By Theo S Side Since Rob Was A Groom For Their Cavalry Unit Undaunted By Hedgeford S Devastating Injuries, Rob Takes The Position Of Valet And Sets About Making Himself Indispensable He Is Determined To Provide For All Of Theo S Needs Physical, Emotional, And Sexual When Theo S Former Lover Returns With Blackmail On His Mind, Rob Knows He Must Protect Both Theo And Their Newly Discovered LoveNote Readers With A History Of Rape Or Sexual Abuse May Find Elements Of This Story DisturbingNarcissusJulian Mure Spent His Adult Life Seeking Nothing Than Passing Moments Of Pleasure, Loving Only Himself He Prefered His Own Company To That Of Sycophants And Casual Liars, So The Disdainful Nickname Of Narcissus Holds No Sting Only One Person Has Ever Pierced Julian S Heart Pierced It And Broken It At The Same Time So Falling In Love Is Nothing He Wishes To Repeat He Finds The Situation Perfectly Satisfying Until The Day His Favorite Hunter Fails To Clear A Hedge Lined Ditch, Pitching Them Both Headlong And Costing Julian His Right Eye And ArmWidower Alasdair Hedgeford Was Not Oblivious To Julian S Desire, But Married To Julian S Sister His Place In The Lad S Life Was As Older Brother No Over The Years, He S Done His Best To Show Julian Affection But That Affection Has Changed Into A Desire ForYielding To That Desire Would Mean Breaking Two Taboos But Given The Opportunity To To Visit Julian For The Annual First Foot Celebration, Alasdair Cannot Help But Extend A Challenge To The Man Come Dine With Me Tomorrow Night, To Celebrate The New Year VulcanNicholas Beauregard Has Spent His Life Trying To Prove That His Game Leg And Short Stature Will Never Stand In His Way Even So, His Determination Has Done Nothing To Satisfy His Most Secret Desire When Chance Sends Him An Invitation To The Notorious Twelfth Night Revel Thrown By Viscount Colvin, Nicholas Accepts Though He S Never Met The Man, He S Heard Rumors Of The Viscount S Debauched Masquerades Such A Bawdy Event Should Provide An Eyeful Of Male Anatomy To Ogle, And Perhaps, The Right Man Someone With The Power To Accept His SubmissionViscount Sebastian Colvin Is Looking Forward To This Year S Revel, Which Promises To Be Filled With Good Company, Self Indulgent Pleasure, And A Diversion From His Father S Insistence That He Marry Scandalously Clad As The God Apollo, Sebastian Hopes This Year S Revel Will Also Bring Him Someone Worthy Of His Darkest Longing Someone Who Is Strong Enough To Accept His ControlTwo Secrets Two Powerful Desires And One Chance To Form A Match Made By The GodsNote All Of The Stories In This Set Were Previously Released As Single Titles

M M Romance Re read ChallengeRRRC A Z Book ChallengeRRRC read the Month Polish Edition Marzec March Big Bad Shhlut 2019 Reading ChallengeThree well written, intriguing stories surrounding physically flawed men who sustain insurmountable battle wounds or experienced unintentional life mishaps Still they seek their happy ever after Caliban Strong and real, Theo Hedgeford and Rob Thornfield are hot, even in this rather simplistic romance Its historical setting lends to some wartime intrigue, but its focus was solely on the relationship between Theo and Rob attention grabbing suave but manly Narcissis Strapping and stunning characters Julian Mure has lost plenty an eye, an arm and the love of his life Alasdair Hedgeford s marriage was happy but his longing for another never waivered This story focuses mostly on the relationship that evolves smoothly, truthfully Vulcan Theo s sister, Arabella Hedgeford knows the truth about the men in her brother s life However, it s the senior Earl of Colvin she s after, not the younger The vibrant, earthy Viscount Sebastian Colvin yearns to dominate, but his revels fail to attract that right man Intense and sincere, Nicholas Beauregard does not let his infirmary obstruct his need for a decadent inclination Again, the focus is on the relationship and it s happy ever after Loved every minute reading these delightful and interesting stories.
The Challenged by Love E Boxed Set really caught my eye All of these stories follow disabled heroes all of these stories are set in a time when one s sexual orientation could end up with a noose around one s neck even if you had the social status to protect you somewhat At no point did I forget the obstacles inherent, and I appreciated this so much CalibanCaptain Theodore Hedgeford was wounded in the war, and after he s abandoned by his lover because of it, Theo s gun shy and in pain and gives up on finding someone to accept him as he is Enter Robin Thornfield, Theo s new orderly This isn t my favorite in the set, but Theo s such a wonderful character While he may be down, he s certainly not out I like how he discovers a new side of himself, and as such, the intimacy is out of this world There s also a side plot working steadily in the background, but be aware that there s possible triggering situations in this one Overall, super sweet and poignant NarcissusThis one is my favorite in the bundle and it brought full on waterworks Julian Mure discovers his attraction to men when he meets his sister s fianc e, Alasdair Thinking Alasdair s lost to him, Julian earns himself the name Narcissus His life changes when a freak accident costs him an eye and an arm He secludes himself in Scotland to heal just in time for the newly widowed Alasdair to come back into Julian s life While this one s fairly short, it felt much longer in a great way The feels are so strong and present Julian s such a vulnerable character, finding himself unlovable, all the while lusting after his deceased sister s husband Alasdair is Julian s commanding and patient counterpart The added taboo and the absolute vulnerability inherent in both of these characters makes this story shine VulcanIf the previous one brought the emotional conflict, this one brought the heat Nicholas Beauregard has certain submissive needs, but he doesn t know how to find a man to meet them That, and his game leg has kept away potential suitors He hopes that Viscount Sebastian Colvin s annual revel will bring the Dominant man he s looking for Vulcan is about two men coming together and realizing there may be between them then meeting each other s needs This one is just as short as Narcissus, but I read through this one the fastest I love a good masquerade, and this one had a great meet up Add in the the Greek costumes and themes and it quickly became my second favorite in the series.
Overall Rating 4 stars The characterizations are phenomenal The portrayal of disabilities and trials and constrictions of the time period are treated with sensitivity Challenged by Love E Boxed Set blew me away completely, and I m definitely going to be picking up of Autumn Montague s novels in the future I voluntarily reviewed an arc via the publisher Reviewed by Michaelene from Alpha Book Club