[Emma Darcy] à Don't Ask Me Now [bangladesh PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ This one goes out to all the disappointed worthy OM in all of HPlandia and a kick in the rear to all the deadbeat Heroes we have been spoonfed by authors over the years Don t ask me now by ED made for a satisfying read with cartwheels and chocolate ice cream all in between The story starts with Cathy s results of a slow,hard climb out the ashes of her former life and her new life which includes a business relationship with Tom, who by all appearances resembles the tepid, sensitive OM that we know Cathy s nervousness of the charity ball Tom is taking her to represents her step forward to from her past At this ball, she meets a face in the name of Anthony who brings it all to head The love force mojo kicks in and we think as readers thats it , in Hpland thats as good as a lead in to HEA But ED takes us on a ride which uncovers what that really means and does a dang good job of it Throughout the story, Tom miraculously morphs into the Hero one i absolutely fell in love with, the guy had real class and Anthony slowly reveals his slimy nature and exposes the true foundation of their so called love This love cough control we are all actually very familiar with in the hundreds of HP garbage that we wade through to find that one gem This is one of those gems This is a consolation book to Smoke in the Windwhere we wanted the heroine to bring her big, richer boyfriend to punch the Heroes face in This is going on my re read shelf.
5 starsAnother ED with a love triangle The heroine has spent the last four years making a success of herself, fitting in with the wealthy folks and her business partner Tom has helped her He has been there for her, supporting her and theie relationship is changing, he wants but it is she and her fears keeping them at bay Cathy is still not over what happened five years ago when she was found wanting and she was left an emotional cripple To be honest Cathy was a selfish and sometimes hateful character but you couldn t completely hate her because she had been reeled in when she was young and vulnerable and her age hadn t made her see the truth So, when her former lover comes back on the scene, she needs to know if she still loves him and at first she is that foolish seventeen year old again who left her family and religion for him but when he sees Tom withdrawing from her, she starts opening her eyes and sees how she in her youth allowed herself to be demeaned by Anthony and how everything between them was all about sex and domination Did Cathy deserve someone like Tom, I am not sure but he deserved better Hell, he caught Anthony and Cathy making out and she relied on him for four years and kind of used him as an emotional stick but overall a different book High melodrama.
This is a bonafide love triangle book Not all that common in Harlequin Presentslandia Usually the hero is undeniably one man and there s no question that another could claim the heroine s affections It was kind of a cool twist, actually The real hero is one that you might not expect at first Darcy seems to have read plenty of HPs where the heroine moves from the dangerously sexy, irresistible man who broke her heart to a safe, nice man But something was missing And her heart seemed to call her back to the bad boy and away from safe She turns that on its head with this book.
Disclaimer What I m going to say in this review isn t quite a spoiler, but it might be I m glad I couldn t stand Cathy s ex He was a jerk and user He was so smug and arrogant and had no respect for boundaries He was touching the heroine sexually in public, knowing it would cause her discomfort That s not cool I was so glad that she came to her senses and realized that sometimes a compulsive attraction to someone isn t always the same thing as true, sustainable love She realizes it almost too late I was glad that this point she realizes that Thomas isn t just the safe guy who helped her get back on her feet, but he s a man that is truly worthy of her love.
The descriptions of Cathy s relationship with Anthony are pretty detailed and it s kind of twisted for an older Harlequin Presents I suppose it s par for the course with an Emma Darcy book They seemed to be daring for the time.
This was pretty good, but I don t much care for love triangles, to be honest And the fact that there was a slight question who the heroine was going to end up with makes it not quite my taste Others may appreciate it than I did I can t deny it s well written though.
Overall rating 3.
5 5.
0 stars.
Re Don t Ask Me Now the title for this book comes from the h s apparently standard answer when either one of the two potential H s asks her a deeply relevant to their future question she moans and not with passion, or groans and says Don t ask me now Which I have to admit is an interesting premise to base a title on.
This book is a true rarity in HPlandia we have not one, but two virile, uniquely interesting in their own ways, men who are competing for the h s hand They are both wealthy, successful, landed gentry and upper social class guys the true HP H quadfecta jackpot, but the h is going to have to face her past, her own insecurities and just plain grow up a bit in order to chose the right one The h is around 24 or 25, five years earlier she took herself off to the big city after her life in her small hometown went to pieces When she arrived in the city with some hard fought for antiques knowledge, a small amount of cash and a decent amount of stock coupled with a foolproof business plan, she met a potential H who liked what he saw and invested the funds she needed to make her store grow She succeeded beyond her wildest dreams and when the story opens, we find out that she has paid back that investment six months earlier and her former investor seems to be wanting to make a closer relationship with her than just a business partner This h is very unsure of what she should do, she likes her investor he makes her feel safe, supported and secure So much so, that she has actually agreed to attend a high society charity ball with him and she dreads, fears and loathes high society with all her heart this reaction comes from her discarded and tormented past The h has nothing to worry about tho, not only does her evening s escort think she is the most beautiful woman at the ball, we get a guest appearance by the fierce social doyenne Vera Pallister whom we first met as the sorta witchy mum of the H in Don t Play Games and Vera HIGHLY approves of the investor s choice of escort for the evening So the h is happily settling in to being accepted by high society, which apparently makes a big contrast to the last time she was around such upper echelon bloodlines Just as the h is dancing with her investor and enjoying herself, the evening takes a sharp turn for the worst when she spies a familiar blond head heading her way She is paralyzed on the dance floor as the body under that hair makes an appearance in front of her and we are confronted with potential H number two, who is large landowner with a big cattle station and apparently the h s first lover They met when she was 17 and working her way through school and a demanding swimming competition schedule and she was wildly in love That love turned sour in the end when, after she had been exiled from family and home and had nothing and only the lover to cling to, she was invited to a society weekend at the former lover s family home It was made very clear over the weekend that the h did not meet the social expectations expected for the scion of such a prestigious estate So after one obligatory date, where the lover made it obvious it was only a social obligation, the h found herself dumped and broken hearted and picked herself up and made a life and a business for herself However, those feelings of insecurity and inadequacy run very, very deep and it is because of them that she has held off potential H number one the investor for as long as she has She and the ex lover wind up dancing, after he imposes himself and his catty sister upon the party The h thinks she feels some passion for him, but mostly she is just confused and miserable It is very obvious the ex wants to take up where he left off, and he cleverly twists the ending of their prior relationship enough to make the h think twice about rejecting him again This confusion gets worse when the ex manipulates the investor and the h into spending a weekend on his family estate The h doesn t want to go, but everyone else seems to be pushing her into it and the investor thinks it will be a great time, so she reluctantly decides to attend She thinks maybe she can get herself and her past sorted, and finally get some clear perspective on just what she has if anything with the ex lover, but her plans are further complicated by the investor proposing marriage when he escorts her home that evening.
The h gives her answer as Don t ask me now and explains that she and the ex used to be a couple, but she doesn t go into specifics and she doesn t explain the whole story She basically fluffs the investor off with as little info as she can honestly I don t think she was trying to be evasive or sly, she just did not understand herself or her reactions and she has five years of torment and inadequacy to face up to Plus it is never really clear just how involved with the investor she really is ED very cleverly keeps that info vague I got the feeling that she had been rather standoffish and the investor makes it fairly clear that the h wouldn t even socialize with him until the loan had been paid off six months earlier So the investor is left hanging and the h confirms the trip plans for the next day, but she has some very worried moments, cause she wasn t expecting the investor s declaration and she just isn t sure about anything.
The next day they all go to the fabled cattle station and the ex lover does his best to stake his claim He also tries to make the investor look bad, but the h isn t buying what he is selling Things come to a serious drama when, after meeting and being accepted by the ex lover s parents at the ex s demand, the investor walks in on the ex lover passionately kissing the h There is a big dramatic scene with the possessive and domineering ex lover insisting that he loves the h and she is his and the h is rather depressingly dithery in her response to the investor and the ex lover This lack of response and ditheriness naturally puts the investor in a very bad mood, he accuses the h of using him and in a way I could see his point however the h tries to explain that she is trying to regain her self respect and confront her past and her fears and she needed his support to do it The investor isn t delighted and spends the rest of the day ignoring the h and chatting up the catty sister of the ex lover The h is miserable, but she starts to think a bit too The ex lover was always very domineering, so much that it really became quite a problem in the bedroom, lurve clubbing was really their only activity together, and the ex lover was highly into dominance and control and when the h did not do as he wished, he withheld his approval and by the time it got to that point, the h was utterly dependent She was only 18 or 19 at the time and the ex had told her highly conservative and religious family all about their sexual escapades, which resulted in the h being kicked out, so really the h only had the H as a support in her life at the time and it made her all the dependent on him The ex apparently liked things that way, until he met with his social group s disapproval and then dumped the h without a second thought He tries to twist that perception, but the h is once again not on board with his directives and when he asks her to sleep with him after dinner and resume their former relationship cause he has always loved her, the answer is the inevitable Don t ask me now Dinner happens and the h is further reminded of the skeevy qualities of her former lover when he starts trying to fondle her under the dinner table The ex did this before when she was younger, and she tolerated it then, but she is of no mind to tolerate it now She gives him a decent but discrete set down and then the focus of the table switches from general conversation to the investor It turns out the investor is an accomplished rowing champion and a very witty raconteur The ex lover doesn t like that and tries to put him down while bragging about the h s swimming accomplishments and then denigrating her parents and telling everyone how he held her up The h pretty firmly rebuts that, but the investor is pretty intoxicated and takes himself off to bed The h is not happy with the ex lover and firmly turns him down when he tries it on while escorting her to her room.
The h spends the night fretting and realizes that what she felt five years earlier was not love, the ex is incapable of it, he only loves his family estate and no one and nothing is ever going to replace that The next day she tells the ex that she doesn t want him, so he promptly goes off and resumes the company of the 19 year old he was lurve clubbing when he met the h again The h goes to find the investor, to explain that she really loves him and wants to be with him, but he doesn t want to know until the ex lover s catty sister makes some nasty remarks, then he listens to the h.
She declares that she loves him, she has figured herself out and put her past behind her, but the investor really doesn t want to know He thinks the h is offering sloppy seconds and he will take himself off to Italy rather than have leftovers The h is even despondent and that night at a casual estate dance, she finally wins the approval of the ex lover s father he apologizes for his earlier treatment, but she doesn t care any and blows him off She tells the ex lover off too again, and he storms off the dance floor trying to cause a big scene The h doesn t care about that either, she is trying to find her H with no success She seeks out the investor and tells him she is leaving with him in the morning, she got a ride on the same plane he did and doesn t want to stay on without him Then she stifles a sob and leaves the dance As she is going back to the main house, she sees the ex in the backseat of the car with his 19 yr old It is obvious they were getting their groove on The h is disgusted, but the ex thinks she is chasing after him and goes out to meet her Nasty words are exchanged, the ex is getting threatening, but then our investor H is there to save the day and threaten bodily harm to the ex The ex makes some nasty insinuations about the night before, but the H bluffs him into admitting he lied and sweeps the h off her feet to carry her to her room.
The H admits that he wasn t really going to leave the h and go to Italy, after the h told him she loved him, he was going to stay with her, even if it meant sloppy seconds The h is overjoyed and the real proof of her loves comes through in the passionate lurve clubbing that follows There is no doubt in anybody s mind that they are meant for each other and there are no ghosts in their bed Though the H does want to break the bed before they leave to give the ex something to think about He doesn t, cause the h reminds him it is a valuable antique and who cares about the insignificant ex anyways The last chapter is actually a nice little epilogue where the H and h are married, blissfully in love, and celebrating the h s pregnancy in Italy We find out that the h sold half her business to her assistant, reconciled with her family with the H s intervention and both are very happy and supportive of each other for a nice HEA.
This one is good and very different The h is a bit dithery at times, which was slightly annoying, but she needed to be in order for the story to work so I gave the indecision a pass in favor of the excellent plot The H turns out to be the one we usual HP readers don t expect, but was clearly the right choice for the wiser woman as rich, powerful and domineering might look good in theory, but a real H is one that builds you up instead of tearing you down and we can all be happy that the nice guy wins in the end and the user is left in the dust of memory as insignificant and unimportant and pretty sorry looking to boot.
Very refreshing A love lust triangle where all 3 main characters had flaws, some than others The book is really about growing up and having a chance to reexamine your past and present, your relationships with the person you loved so much that it emotionally crippled you when it ended and your relationship with other members of family It is about opening your eyes and finally seeing the big picture of what really took place I loved how different her relationships were One dominating and full of lust, the other being equal and full of trust and understanding.
Nice guy finishes first Only One Man Was Offering The Forever Kind Of LoveFour Years Ago, Cathy Lawrence S Hopes Of Marrying Anthony Pryor Jones Had Been Humiliatingly Crushed The Country Girl From Armidale Had Been Deemed No Match For Anthony, Whose Family Sat Atop The Social Register In New South Wales Perhaps All AustraliaSince Then She D Built A Comfortable Life For Herself In Sydney, And Had A Steady Relationship With Thomas Crawford Her Business PartnerBut When She Bumped Into Anthony At The Charity Ball, One Brief Look Into Those Green Eyes Threw Her Emotions Into Churning Conflict He Wanted Her Again And Cathy Wasn T Sure She Had The Willpower To Resist The Only Man She Thought She Had Ever Loved Good Guys don t always finish last Didn t hope to see that in a harlequin though and to top it all off all the qualities I usually like in my hero i.
e looks, jealousy, possessiveness, wealth and devotion towards the heroine apart from the x factor, the other guy in this book had them all but I never rooted for him The quiet silent guy got the girl and Hooray for him The emotional reactions portrayed in this book ring pleasantly true so this connected to me on a level Harlequins rarely do.
It was definitely a good read Loved this book Not your run of the mill HP.
The H wasn t the handsome, charming wanna be alpha male , but the guy with the good heart The wanna be alpha male was self centered, cruel, manipulative, and just plain ole nasty Most of the HP alphas have the same characteristics, but the difference is the other alphas use their superpowers for good, while this one was just an a hole The H in this book was the nice guy, and an alpha in his own right He just doesn t need to be all chest beating macho about it He was a friend to the h for the past five years He supported her, helped her pick up the pieces of her soul that the Not H destroyed, and watched her rebuild herself into a stronger, beautiful model.
He allowed the h the space she needed to become the woman that she could be proud of He loved her And I loved him The h s trip back to the place of her destruction allowed her to make peace with her past and really appreciate the H for man that he is, and not just as a friend Loved this book I may very well pull this one out for a read again in the future.
Cathy met Tom when things were downright horrible for her She had just left her first lover because his parents didn t approve of her, not to mention her parents abandoned her for choosing Anthony first lover When Tom and Cathy run into Anthony and his sister Vanessa, they are invited to Anthony s ancestry home for a weekend of fun Anthony confesses his love and Tom finds out the secrets she s been hiding from him and tosses him away.
Eventually Anthony shows his true colors, Cathy realizes she s completely in love with Tom and drama unfolds.
The book was great The emotional aspect of the book was right on par It was a wonderful read.