Trailer ↠´ The Nowhere Man PDF by ☆ Gregg Hurwitz OH MAN I LOVE THIS SERIES Only 2 into it but it is fast becoming one of my favourites Absolutely fantastic Do yourself a favour and read them Evan is a former elusive member of the government run Orphan program and an elite killer He leaves the program following the death of his mentor and becomes The Nowhere Man, helping people who need it most But this time he becomes the one who needs the help when he finds himself prisoner of a psychopath.
WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW I LOVED THIS BOOK Look, yes I know it was corny and unbelievable a lot of the time, but if you come into a book like this expecting believability you are going to be disappointed It was non stop action, blood, guts, violence, gore, and surprisingly a touch of emotion and grit AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT The Nowhere Man would be ok as a stand alone, but it will be much better if you read the first one, Orphan X beforehand Not only is that an amazing book also, but you will get a feel for the character and have a much better understanding of what is going on.
Did I enjoy the audio version YES So awesome I said the same thing about Orphan X, but it is like an action movie for your ears I had trouble turning it off Would I recommend The Nowhere Man Yes, this is one of my favourite series Action thriller adventure fans, if you haven t experienced it yet, go and grab the first one and sit back and enjoy the ride Thankfully for me there are a few to go For reviews check out my BlogInstagramTwitterFacebook This is the second book in the Orphan X series It s best to read the books in order Evan Smoak was once part of the government s Orphan Program , a secret operation that taught boys and girls to be highly skilled assassins Evan, known as Orphan X, began his training at the age of twelve and started doing jobs at nineteen backed by every kind of cutting edge technology and unlimited access to cash After ten years or so, Evan quit the Orphan Program and settled in Los Angeles, where he uses his special skills and bottomless bank accounts to help people in dire straits Calling himself The Nowhere Man , Evan carries an untraceable RoamZone phone, where a tormented person can call and ask for assistance At the beginning of the book, Evan is contacted by 15 year old Anna Rezian, who s about to be sold into sexual slavery by Hector Contrell Evan assists Anna and terminates Hector s operation with extreme prejudice Evan then discovers that Hector just sent off a 17 year old girl named Alison Siegler, whose shipping container prison is scheduled to arrive in Jacksonville in sixteen days Evan has every intention of being in Florida to rescue Alison, and dispatch her buyer Just as Evan is making this plan, he s abducted and locked up in a highly sophisticated prison Evan s room has a bed, bathroom, desk, fireplace, and patio, as well as custom made clothes in his size There are also surveillance cameras, vents that can pump in knockout gas, and Narco guards outside his room and all over the property Evan soon discovers that he s being held by a sociopath who calls himself Ren Ren is a paunchy, balding middle aged man who s desperate to look and feel young so he can enjoy his opulent lifestyle, including a lavish home, expensive furnishings, priceless art, fabulous food, excellent liquor, attractive lovers, fancy cars, and so on Ren s method of maintaining his youth includes using concealer, hair filler, lotions, and tonics as well as infusing himself with youthful blood To finance all this rigmarole, Ren kidnaps wealthy people and forces them to hand over their fortunes Ren somehow learned about one of Evan s secret bank accounts which contains 27 million dollars and he plans to force Evan to do a wire transfer Ren has badly miscalculated however He thinks Evan is an arms dealer or drug trafficker, and has no idea that Orphan X is one of the deadliest assassins in the world.
Evan makes excellent use of his training and abilities to kill Ren s Narcos and bodyguards, but the psychopath just keeps replacing the dead men Evan also cleverly discovers his geographical location, and tries to formulate an escape plan which will have to succeed if he s going to save Alison Siegler The story has chapter after chapter about Evan s clever maneuvers like shinnying up a chimney, palming a poison mushroom, and doing incredible things with a Lexan vault There are also innumerable fight scenes, all of which are described in minute detail For me, a lot of this was repetitive and over the top though I admire author s ability to choreograph Byzantine combat scenes In a side plot, Charles Van Sciver the current head of the Orphan Program is tasked with hunting down and killing retired Orphans, because they know too much Van Sciver is especially determined to bump off Orphan X, with whom he has a long history So, when Van Sciver gets a cyber sniff of the extremely elusive Evan Smoak, he sends out sexpot Candy McClure to try to locate capture kill Evan Candy is quite a girl, very confident about her ability to bamboozle men with her voluptuous body For me, the most exciting part of the book was the final quarter, where things got REALLY interesting Nuff said without spoilers.
The story is chock full of action, but has a very thin plot, and isn t as good as the first novel in the series Nevertheless, I d recommend the book to Evan Smoak fans He s a hero worth rooting for I think Michael Fassbender would make a good Evan Smoak if there are movies Thanks to Netgalley, the author Gregg Hurwitz and the publisher Minotaur books for a copy of the book You can follow my reviews at He Was Once Called Orphan X As A Boy, Evan Smoak Was Taken From A Children S Home, Raised And Trained As Part Of A Secret Government Initiative Buried So Deep That Virtually No One Knows It Exists But He Broke With The Programme, Choosing Instead To Vanish Off Grid And Use His Formidable Skill Set To Help Those Unable To Protect ThemselvesOne Day, Though, Evan S Luck Ran OutAmbushed, Drugged, And Spirited Away, Evan Wakes Up In A Locked Room With No Idea Where He Is Or Who Has Captured Him As He Tries To Piece Together What S Happened, Testing His Gilded Prison And Its Highly Trained Guards For Weaknesses, He Receives A Desperate Call For HelpWith Time Running Out, He Will Need To Out Think, Out Manoeuvre, And Out Fight An Opponent The Likes Of Whom He S Never Encountered To Have Any Chance Of Escape He S Got To Save Himself To Protect Those Whose Lives Depend On Him Or Die Trying Nowhere Man by Gregg Hurwitz is a 2017 Minotaur books publication This second book in the Orphan X series picks up pretty much where the first book left off Evan Smoak is doing what he does best, helping people out of hopeless situations In this case, a young girl is victimized by an online sex trade operation But, when she tries to get out of the situation, her family is threatened This is where Evan steps in Once order is restored to his client he learns there are victims of this scheme and he begins an urgent race against time to save a teenager being held in a shipping crate But, before he can complete his mission, he is ambushed and held captive by a strange, twisted man only out to drain Evan s substantial bank account But, with Evan Smoak, he may have gotten than he bargained for As Evan plays a cat and mouse game with his captors, he learns some shocking information about Jack, his handler, and the man who raised him like his own son This second outing is not quite as tight or atmospheric as the first book, but is perhaps even action packed, with evil, diabolical bad guys and many fantastical twists and turns Now, if you are a stickler for realistic crime thrillers, this one might not be for you, as this set up really does require an ability to suspend belief But, I am at a point where I don t know if I really need every book I read to be purely realistic I m thinking our insistence on that point could stymie the creativity and imagination that makes fiction our first choice Besides, this series was never meant to be your normal, run of the mill thriller So, buckle your seat belt and fall into Evan s murky world of rogue government operatives and sociopaths, and allow yourself to jeer at the bad guys and cheer for the good ones Enjoy the action, the suspense, and the non stop thrill ride and take a break from hardcore reality for a while As the book winds down, and Evan turns introspective, allowing himself to believe he can live a normal life.
We get a little bit of a cliffhanger ending a to be continued kind of thing to ensure readers will tune in for the next episode I don t normally like that kind of strategy with books, but I didn t mind it so much in this situation because it means Evan will be back and may face a challenge personal than any he s encountered thus far Can t wait 4 By design, Evan is hard to gauge Thirty something Fit but not muscly Somewhere around six feet An average guy, not too handsome Addison underestimates him This happens a lot, by design The kid s lips twitch to the side Evan Smoak is back in action He keeps a low profile, wearing a uniform of black jeans and grey tee shirts, nothing that will call attention to himself He needs to be able to slip through crowds unnoticed, and does.
I want his phone He has a RoamZone mobile phone protected by fibreglass casing and a Gorilla glass screen Not only is it virtually indestructible, it has an incredible battery that people would pay squillions for Seems to me the coverage was pretty good too Ah, but I m not Evan Smoak and I don t answer my phone with Do you need my help The only people who call him are those who need his help, and only one at a time As each client and I use the term loosely, since he s not paid is rescued from some dire fate, Evan asks them to find someone else in desperate straits and give them his number.
A frantic young girl calls The Nowhere Man because she needs help She describes who gave her his number he makes sure it was his last client , and he s quick to figure out what s wrong Given immigration confusion, gang influence, and splintered family trees, disappearances aren t rare when you re dealing with broke ethnic girls They re a renewable resource Some of the girls are kept Some are designated for onetime use A lousy fate We first met Evan Smoak in Orphan X, where we learned about his orphan background and his training as a weapon for Good I use a capital so you know it s for the Greater Good, according to the entity in charge the US government, we think, although their idea of the GG may differ from your own In this one, Evan is missing his mentor and father figure, Jack The orphan program was disbanded and the assignments stopped, so Evan had gone all lone wolf He s determined to save this girl even while he grieves for Jack.
You will especially enjoy this if you re interested in gadgets and ways of rigging up a deal , as my brother used to refer to inventing some device that would do something seemingly impossible a people trap was one from our childhood From the outside his Ford F 150 pickup looked like any one of the millions on the roads of America But with its laminate armor glass, self seal tires, and built to spec push bumper assembly, it was actually a war machine Evan has many strings to his bow or arrows in his quiver or whatever hackneyed phrase I need here technology, machinery, guns, science, and the mental strength of a meditating monk Kind of a MacGyver 007 who practises Kung Fu.
He does meet some lovely not folks Aside from the tattoo high on his neck, a missing incisor, and a general air of menace, he seemed pleasant enough How he gets himself into dicey situations doesn t bear thinking about, and wondering how he ll get out of them is nail biting stuff We know there s a book 3, and presumably he is in it He tries to keep his distance from vulnerable people, but he s an old softy underneath and he hurts when they hurt which is often.
I liked this better than the first one, but I admit to wishing the story would move on from the cold climate he found himself in Mind you, Evan would have liked to move on from there a bit quicker, too Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the preview copy from which I ve quoted.
This is an intense, action filled thriller, the sequel to Orphan X, that picks up from where it left off It will probably help if you read the first book to get a handle on this one Evan Smoak, aka Orphan X and The Nowhere Man, was taken from an orphanage as a child by a secret and covert shadowy government programme They trained him to be a highly skilled and efficient assassin Evan eventually managed to escape the programme, but is having to live life under the radar He has decided to use his specific skill sets for good, setting out to help those who desperately need him A brutal Orphan from the programme has instigated a hunt for Evan, beginning to get closer to him Evan has been kidnapped, drugged and imprisoned by a sociopath who specialises in stealing and blackmail However, it would be a mistake to underestimate Evan, despite being imprisoned, this does not impede his ability to kill a number of bad guys Evan is determined to save a 17 year old girl in a container With twists and a cliffhanger ending, this is an entertaining, if implausible, high tech thriller where we learn of Evan s past history Many thanks to Penguin Michael Joseph for an ARC.
I really enjoyed Orphan X, which I found to be a thrilling near future adventure featuring an interesting lead character with a degree of complexity and a smidgen of soul So I was really looking forward to this second book For those who haven t yet come across Evan Smoak, the potted history is that he was adopted into an off the books government programme and trained to be an expert assassin For reasons I won t go into, he s now out of the programme but is offering his services to a limited number of needy individuals The problem with follow up books can be that the author uses all the best bits of the character s story in book one, leaving slim pickings for what follows Well, for two thirds of this story it felt to me that this is exactly what Hurwitz had done The saving grace is that the final third represents a massive leap back to the quality of book one there s suddenly a significant increase in energy and a re emergence of the type of twisty plot line tricks seen in the earlier tale Now I was fully engaged and remained so from this point to the end Too little too late For me, yes The book just didn t have the instant grab of Orphan X and took far too long to really get going Maybe there was enough in the final knockings of this one to drag me back to the series for book three, but maybe not My sincere thanks to Penguin UK and NetGalley supplying a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
The fun thing about reading novels like this are twofold One, seeing the hero succeed in helping someone in need because of his special talents, and two, seeing the hero in a dire situation where you genuinely think to yourself how the heck could he possibly get out of this predicament For the latter, trained assassin Evan Smoak, The Nowhere Man, formerly Orphan X, him being in a seemingly impossible to escape situation lasts for hundreds of pages Just when you think he might get away bam His entrapment becomes ten times worse And then worse And then even dreadful And then intolerable But you know he ll somehow succeed because the sequels have already been written So you can t help but keep turning pages to find out how.
Do the plot lines strain the bounds of credulity Yes Do they make you wonder what the heck is wrong with the brain of Gregg Hurwitz They sure do Was it a thrill ride anyway Absolutely Thank you NetGalley and Minotaur books for the opportunity to review this fun novel For reviews, please visit

It s an indication of how many books I read last year that while Gregg Hurwitz s Orphan X , the first novel in his Evan Smoak series, made my list of the best books I read in 2016, I never got around to reading the second book, The Nowhere Man , until now, despite the fact that it came out in early 2017 There s even a third book out I have to catch up The Nowhere Man is a little bit uneven, so it s not quite as good as its predecessor But when the book clicks, as it does in places and then consistently in the last third or so, you realize what a kick ass character Evan Smoak is, and that Hurwitz can write both action scenes that crackle as well as scenes which deliver real emotion.
When Evan Smoak not his real name was young, a man rescued him from a troubled life and he trained Evan how to kill When he got older he became The Nowhere Man, the last resort for a person in desperate trouble No one knows who The Nowhere Man is, but they know if they call him, he will help rescue them from a seemingly helpless situation.
A call from a teenage girl in a desperate situation leads him to the existence of a sex trafficking operation, which abducts vulnerable young women and sends them into the hands of nefarious characters As usual, Smoak works to cut the operation off at its knees, but as he tries to determine just how deep its roots are, he is abducted by an utterly unanticipated nemesis, who wants something from Evan, and will stop at nothing to get it.
Suddenly, Evan finds himself captured in an unknown location, under guard by a number of trigger happy mercenaries, and at the mercy of a sadistic, opportunistic individual with unlimited resources and a real inferiority complex His captors think they ve got the best of Evan, but they don t understand just whom they re dealing with but outsmarting this clan will push Evan to his very limits, physically and intellectually What did it say about him that he was so easily put back together He d long thought that it was a positive attribute, a testament to his durability, but now it felt artificial, unhuman He was rebuildable, a snap together Lego toy As Evan plots his escape, he is haunted by the need to rescue two different people, and he has his own visions of his surrogate father figure, whose death Evan feels responsible for And then he realizes that those who hold him captive aren t the only enemies he ll have to defeat.
There are some great twists and turns in this book, and I just love Evan s resourcefulness, and the life he has built for himself, even though it is lonely There were some fight scenes that literally had my heart pumping as I was amazed at the way he and his enemies kept turning the situation But Hurwitz also showed his ability to create introspective and poignant moments as well, which gave the book and its characters real depth.
Parts of the plot really require you suspend your disbelief, which isn t necessarily a bad thing, but I kept hoping that Hurwitz wasn t going to get totally bizarre with the story Close, but not quite My main criticism is that I love Evan when he is doing what he does best rescuing those in need and making those responsible pay Given that he spends a significant part of this book captured although slowly enacting his revenge , it tended to dull my enthusiasm after a time.
If you re looking for a great series, pick up Orphan X and prepare to be blown away The Nowhere Man is definitely worth a read as well, and I ll need to check out the third book in this series which I ve heard is fantastic pretty soon There s lots of violence, so those who don t enjoy that should steer clear, but if you re okay with fictionalized violence, get ready for your pulse to rise See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria.
com, or check out my list of the best books I read in 2017 at Gregg Hurwitz must be a very happy man to have comments from Dean Koontz, Tess Gerritsen, James Patterson and Robert Crais on the cover of his book saying things like Brilliantly conceived and A dizzying ride and Memorable as hell He deserves the praise What a book I remember making less than positive comments about Orphan X due to Evan Smoake s obsession with rare Vodkas and growing herbs Well in The Nowhere Man he has very little time to indulge in these habits as he spends most of the book as a prisoner That does not stop him from killing lots of people and there is plenty of action all the way through The book is indeed brilliantly conceived as characters from the first book return, some of them very surprisingly, and the ending cleverly sets the scene for the next book I really enjoyed this book and Gregg Hurwitz is going on my list of must read authors.