Trailer Ì Shaken and Stirred (Those Sexy O'Sullivans) PDF by Ì Kathleen O'Reilly As A Student And Part Time Bartender In Manhattan, Tessa Hart Has Found That A Succession Of Roomies And Cramped Apartments Are Necessary Evils In Her Life Until She S Out On The Street And Gabe O Sullivan, Her Mentor, Boss And Certified Babe Magnet, Steps In Any Other Woman Would Die To Share His Apartment Not To Mention His Bed But Tessa S Determined That They Should Stay Just Friends The Fiercely Independent Mixologist Has To Prove To Their Skeptical Coworkers At Prime The O Sullivans Hot Manhattan Bar That The Arrangement Is Strictly Hands Off But Tessa Has Trouble Adhering To Her Own No Touching Rule When The Actual Sharing Of Close Quarters Day And Night Leaves Her Shaken And Stirred Oh boy This book has one of the best male protagonists around Gabe O Sullivan is one of those hot, sexy, sweet, understanding, lovable guys that are just total keepers, in and out of bed.
Tessa and Gabe are friends They ve been friends ever since Tessa hit New York City after a disastrous affair left her homeless and jobless in Florida and she decided that Manhattan was the place for her Gabe gave Tess her first job as a bartender at Prime his family s bar and has always been there for her with words of encouragement, advice and a shoulder to cry on Although Gabe is a gorgeous piece of eye candy, Tess sees him as the only dependable man she knows not as someone she would date.
Gabe is a happy man who has everything he wants out of life His bar Prime is successful and he s about to expand to make it even better He s single and has no problems finding women when he wants them, plus his two brothers are there to help him if or when he needs them His only preoccupation seems to be his friend Tessa who is in trouble again Her roommate bailed out on her and with five days to find an apartment with a roommate, she s about to go on the streets He s not about to let his friend become homeless, especially since he has an extra room at his apartment But when Gabe s naughty brother Sean O Sullivan starts a bet at the bar assuring everyone that these two won t be able to keep their hands off each other, the long time friends begin to see each other in an entirely different light.
I love the premise of this story, the friends to lovers trope and I absolutely fell in love with Gabe, there s no question about that He not only gives Tess a place to live, but once the two of them do have their first hot sexual encounter and Tess freaks out, he gives her understanding and goes along with all of her fantastical requests As the story goes along and Tess makes and unreasonable requests of Gabe, even after he tells her that he loves her, he still gives his lover and friend the benefit of the doubt along with passion, love and understanding He s a keeper all the way, but Tessa I had a few problems with Tessa.
Tessa, Tessa, Tessa what was wrong with you I wanted to shake her She begins as a likable character with possibilities then slowly deteriorates Tessa is scared because of her past relationship, and for her it s all about making it on her own Which is fine and dandy, except that she goes far in her quest, blindly too far in my opinion, to gain this independence as she lies and manipulates her friend and lover to get there Although Tessa comes to the right conclusions by the end, I m afraid that by then she was not a favorite.
What saved this book for me Well, Gabe Gabe and the fact that as O Reilly is developing the relationship between the protagonists, there s in depth character development She also includes some intensely hot sexual scenes throughout the story, plus the other sexy O Sullivans are woven into the plot, giving the story depth and making it tough to put the book down The story gave Gabe his happy ending and I was glad for him, although I m not ashamed to say that I wish he d made Tessa suffer at least a tini tiny little bit before the end.
I have the other two books of the series in my TBR thanks to Tabitha who sent them to me, and I m really looking forward to reading them Despite my troubles with Tessa as a character, I can tell you that O Reilly writes one sexy Blaze Shaken And Stirred is such a fun romance I was drawn in to the setting, the cast of characters, and the story line from the very first few pages Firstly, the setting of the story is perfect New York City is lively, interesting, and dramatic in and of itself and the perfect compliment to a sexy romance between the owner of a bar and his best bartender and friend The entire cast of characters, including secondary and trivial characters, are realistic and unique, just as you d expect at a real life family owned bar.
Although the book is relatively short at 214 pages, Ms O Reilly does a wonderful job at developing the individual personalities of her characters, including their flaws and weaknesses Gabe is protective of Tessa, yet respects her need to survive on her own Well, he tries his best, anyway There s only so patient and understanding a guy can be when the woman he loves wants her independence than anything else Tessa is confident and determined but not She s still young, a bit naive, a bit skittish, and I think deep down inside loves the idea of having a man take care of her, which completely contradicts her resolve to be completely self reliant Shaken And Stirred is almost a coming of age story for Tessa as she tries to figure out what s truly important for her present and future success and happiness.
The story line of Shaken And Stirred is at times fun and then at times very serious The dialogue and pace of the story is excellent, and of course the intimacy shared between Gabe and Tessa is very steamy I thought the relationship between Gabe and Tessa was realistic, as was the way they fell in love I understood Tessa s need to have her independence, but at the same time I wanted her to just fall into the security of Gabe There was a brief part at which I was skeptical of how quickly Gabe s resolve to not wait for Tessa wavered One moment he was adamant about not waiting around for her, and then the next moment he was ready to wait forever for her But young love is confusing, and it s easy to say one thing and then do another, so I got over it The story was just so sweet and sexy, I couldn t help but love it It s a friends to lovers romance that had me rooting for a happily ever after for Gabe and Tessa from the very beginning I m looking forward to reading the next two books in the trilogy, which are both in my TBR pile, so stay tuned Loved this book and I lately I normally don t like Blaze books Ms O Reilly has a great voice and weaves a great story I m already looking forward to the next two books in the series A compelling love story about a woman who is bound and determined to never have to rely on the promises of a man She s been there, done that, and she got kicked to the curb Four years later she is living in Manhattan and working as a bartender, one that just seems to be made for the job, but her dreams are to have a career and an apartment that will proclaim that she is a SUCCESS She can t seem to get her life beyond those goals, as noble as they are, even when a man who has mentored her, protected her, helped her get established in New York, and now loves her, wants to make their relationship permanent This book is very well written and the story just keep on dragging you on to the next page I kept hoping that something would wake this lady up, but she had been so hurt and her early life trauma had scarred her so profoundly that she couldn t seem to get past the need to prove to herself that she would never be without the emotional and financial safety net I m hoping to read the other two books in this series.
I really enjoyed Shaken and Stirred Tessa is a bit down on her luck She has to move out of her apartment and hasn t found a place with just five days to go Gabe, her sexy boss and good friend, offers her his spare room Tessa doesn t want to live with him, but with her only other option being homeless, she agrees But with boundaries They cannot have sex Gabe s brothers have a pool going about how long it ll take for them to hookup, and Tessa and Gabe are determined to keep their hands off Easier said than done.
Shaken and Stirred was very predictable, but it made me smile The first half is Tessa and Gabe having lots of sex It s not just sex though Tessa is pretending that Gabe is anyone but himself, which adds an adventurous touch to their encounters Obviously, Gabe doesn t like this, even if he likes having sex with her, which causes some complications Particularly when Tessa tries to hook him up with a realtor who might be able to get her the apartment of her dreams Drama, ahoy But I really loved how Tessa was going after what she wants She s relied on others her entire life, and she s finally taking the reigns for herself I was worried toward the end of Shaken and Stirred that this would turn into one of those Romance endings that I hate The one where the woman gives up her goals and accomplishments to be with the man Most of the second half of the story was Tessa working toward the life that she wants, and it almost looked like she was going to give it all up for Gabe However, they talk about it Things are discussed and the ending made me very happy read of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads Reviews.
2,5 star Hubungan Tessa dan Gabe selama ini hanyalah teman dan hubungan kerja Selama 4 tahun Gabe selalu membantu Tessa, hingga suatu hari Tessa harus pindah dari apartemennya dalam waktu lima hari, tanpa ragu ragu Gabe pun menawarkan agar Tessa tinggal aja di tempatnya hubungan yang semula hanyalah teman berkembang lebih dalam, tetapi mengingat masa lalu Tessa yang masih trauma pernah di depak oleh mantannya, membuat hubungan mereka tidak berjalan mulus.
inti ceritanya kayak film No strings attached , Tessa pengen kujitak aja, jelas2 Gabenya suka tapi masih aja gak mau komitmen I m a fan of Kathleen O Reilly s writing, but this couple just didn t grab me I appreciated heroine Tessa s need to prove to herself that she can stand on her own two feet, but she struck me as just too self absorbed to consider anyone else s feelings Hero Gabe, on the other hand, was a bit too bland Oh, well It was a quick read, and despite or maybe because it s a Blaze, the sex scenes and sexual tension were natural and not irritating or overwrought the way several recent romance reads have been.
big shrug This is one of those books where the heroine wants to get her life together and be independent before she enters into a real relationship with the hero And to a certain extent, I get that I ve felt that before, that Oh, I have to do X before I can do Y But so much of her concern was that she wanted to live an independent life and she WAS She was still working on getting her ideal career and her own apartment, but that s life She s also 26 It is not unusual to still be finding yourself at 26 Or, I m guessing, living with roommates when you live in New York City I did like the career plotline It was really fun watching her discover her passion.
And, uh, I guess I have nothing to say about the hero Not because he sucks, but because he was just THERE Fulfills Wine Spirits for 2019 Ripped Bodice Bingo A few months ago I won the third book in this series from a contest on Smart Bitches Trashy books and loved it Since I loved the third one, I decided to get the first and second ones This is the first one and I don t know why, but this book completely bored me I couldn t get interested in the characters or where the story was going It was just a matter of forcing myself to finish it Very disappointing.