↠´ Led into Temptation ✓ Download by ↠´ Cara Summers This wasn t my favourite of the Haworth House series, but still highly enjoyable Unfortunately because of the weird international publisher timing, I ve read them out of order, and this book was instrumental in setting up the family reunited thread that goes through all of the books I wish I d read it before I read the last book of the series Never mind As always, there s plenty of plot, a dramatic climax that puts someone s life in peril, and plenty of sizzle although I always think Cara Summers books are pretty discrete in terms of the sex scenes I love the character a ghost can be a character, right of Hattie Haworth, the deceased reclusive silent film star, whose presence throughout all the books in this series ranges from mischievous to fiercely protective den mother The little touch of the supernatural worked really well for me I really enjoyed this series And now that I have them all, I might one day go back and read them, IN ORDER.
I liked this story It had an interesting twist on the relationship but I skimmed lots of the heroine s mental debates and the action did pick up in the second half Attorney Naomi just lost her job and her fiance broke it off so she returns to resort she co owns and meets Father Dane MacFarland.
A fun and sexy read with a nice twist a la The Thorn Birds I don t put any spoilers here but dang, I hadn t thought about that book tv miniseries in a long time The setup could have probably been a bit tigher though it was good for the romance part of the book It s just that due to the length of the book there wasn t a lot of room to go into certain elements like you would normally see in a longer book, such as the bad guy stalking the heroine The Thorn Birds was mentioned along with the movie Charade so I think there were two influences that could have been melded a bit tighter.

Uptight lawyer meets hunky priest chaos ensues No, seriously uptight lawyer is recently unemployed and the target of the FBI and her former fiance because he gave her stolen money to hide without her knowing it And the priest, he s really a private investigator on the trail of her ex, hoping to avenge his near death of 3 years earlier They can t seem to stay away from each other, thanks in part to a teenage fantasy and the wily ghost of the resort.
A fun, quick read I really liked both main characters, as well as some of the supporting ones There were some unexpected twists and some effective red herrings I m looking forward to the next book in the series.
This is the first of a three book group, each one about one of three sisters It s fun, hot and there s a good plot, even a ghost It s not heavy, but I really enjoyed this book, and the second one, and am currently enjoying the third one as well I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fast, sexy and entertaining read.
A forbidden fantasy, a secret tower room, a private beach, and a benevolent ghost this story has all the marks of a perfect fantasy for Naomi Dane, if they can just get rid of all the people who want what Naomi doesn t even realize she has An engaging and entertaining read, to be sure.
He S The Worst Possible Man For Her And She Wants Him With A Desperation That Borders On ObsessionRecently Jilted Naomi Brightman Has Had It With Men Her Last Boyfriend Left Her With A Broken Heart And The FBI On Her Trail What She Needs Now Is A Place To Hide For A While Only When She Gets To The Remote Resort She Owns With Her Sisters, What She Finds Is A Temptation That Could Jeopardize A Lot Than Her Good NameEnter Dangerously Delicious Dane MacFarland He Makes Naomi Sizzle All Over Buthe S Off Limits Really, Really Off Limits Still, The Passion Between Them Is Overwhelming, Irresistible Even Downright Sinful Or It Would Be If Dane Was Half The Man Naomi Thinks He Is This started out pretty slow for me but heated up toward the end It was ok Onto book 2 though.
very good