ó What Happens In Vegas... Û Download by ✓ Kimberly Lang What Happens In Vegas Southern Belle Evie Harrison Has Learnt To Disguise Her Rebelliousness And Be Ladylike At All Times But Ladies Are Certainly Not Supposed To Get Pregnant From One Sinful Night With A Drop Dead Gorgeous Stranger Is Supposed To Stay In Vegas Evie S Scandalous Baby Bombshell And The Dangerously Attractive Billionaire Nick Rocco Are Tantalising Gossip Column Fodder That Could Ruin The Harrison Family Even A Shotgun Marriage Is Better Than An Illegitimate Heir So Evie Says, I Do, Preparing Herself For A Wedding Night Explosive That She Dares Imagine Miniseries Inconveniently Wed Category Classic Romance

This was a good one, and I m glad I saved it for last Likable protags, believable dialog and setting, steamy hot romance I did feel a bit like I d missed out on some info, since Evie was a bit player in a previous book I may have to go looking for that one.
Miniseries Inconveniently Wed Category Classic Romance