Trailer Ü Land's End (Lowcountry Suspense #1) PDF by Ð Marta Perry This was a BN deal on Nook and I m glad I snagged it It s almost short enough to be a short story, rather than a novel, and I was hooked from the beginning It s a romantic thriller with a Christian undercurrent I was able to guess a little bit but not enough to disappoint I will likelyy read of Marta Perry s books.
Confused And Angry, Dr Sarah Wainwright Returned To The Georgia Island Of St James In Search Of Answers To Her Husband S Mysterious Death In An Apparent Lovers Tryst With The Wife Of Wealthy Industrialist Trent Donner Anger Seemed To Be The Only Edge Sarah Had Trent S Control Of The Island And His Protectiveness For His Young Daughter Were Enough To Drive Even This Scandal Back Into The ShadowsA Man Whose Life Depended On Keeping His Secrets A Woman Whose Future Depended On Learning The Truth Could Her Quest Set Them Free, Or Would It Destroy Them All I do love most of Marta Perry s writings I really enjoyed her books set in Pennsylvania Dutch country.
This was as well written as the others But I didn t find the character of the female protagonist to be as engaging as the male protagonist was.
Perry does make her characters so realistic that I found myself wanting to smack the crap out of several who were being unkind On the other hand, it wasn t too difficult to figure out who the killer was The main surprise and not given many pages was the actual truth behind the scandal That was a twist I didn t see coming and I wish that Perry had spent on it.
A decent beach read.
This was a very mild and fairly predictable book It reads very quickly, but not one that I would recommend.
This was a goodish book Nice mystery about who could have killed the heroine s husband and his apparent lover Predictible when the heroine and the hero hook up and let their feelings surface You know the ones, the ones they ve had for each other prior to the husband and his wife seemed to be having an affair and die together Plenty of praying Good mystery though.
okay book 3.

Wow Land s End is definitely one of the best romantic suspense stories ever It is one of those just gotta keep reading and can t lay it down books Truly a well written, heartfelt, and enjoyably story, loaded with plenty of suspenseful drama, faith, family, and love Plus it has a great ending, or should I say surprise ending, as I never am right in figuring out the bad guy Thanks Marta, you ve done another outstanding job God bless you Started off kinda slow and the hero was an ass, but it got Better and he ending was great