✓ Read à The Promise by Susan Sallis ✓ Lost interest almost the end of the book Hard to keep interested Writing style not my cup of tea and the whole storyline just to jerky for my liking Couldn t get into any of the characters as they all seemed so two dimensional.
There Were Four Of The Thorpe Family In The Anderson Shelter The Night Of The Raid On Coventry Mum And Dad, Florrie And Little MayJack Was Missing He Was One Of Those Who Had Not Come Back From Dunkirk And May Had To Promise To Keep A Terrible Secret, A Promise Which Affected The Lives Of All The Survivors, Until May Herself Was The Only One LeftSeventy Years Later Daisy And Marcus, Sixth Formers In A Gloucestershire School, Are Given An A Level Project On The Bombing Of Coventry In They Go To Talk To May, Now Living In Sheltered Accommodation Nearby A Friendship Is Forged Which Bridges The Gap Between ThemThe Two Youngsters Have Their Own Problems, But As Their Lives Unfold They Become Involved In The Strange History Of May S Missing Brother And Of The Promise, Made All Those Years Ago, Which Still Has Its Repercussions Today Very sad war time story of a 14 year old girl having her father, brother, and sister die in horrible ways.
Then she was raped and told by her mother to promise keep it.
a secret.
Years later she is in an old peoples home where students come from a school to interview her about her wars years.
The story tries it s best to be emotional and you do have a slight bond with the young girl interviewing this strong yet damage old lady.
could be better I thoroughly enjoyed this book It had me hooked from start to finish which doesn t happen often Intergenerational tale Historical references.
Didn t Finish just didn t keep me interested enough.

The Promise is not my daily cup of tea kind of book It has few relationships, each related to another in such a weird way, that it span from as early as 1940 s up to the present times If you like teenagers love starting to blossom and love the feeling of uncertainty and confusion in accepting newfound love, then Marcus Daisy love is the perfect one But if you long for classical love not exactly like Jane Austen s type , but the one that make you search and search through 2 centuries, and still not finding it, and when you feel like you are ready to give it all up and suddenly it s there right before you then May Arthur love surely fascinate you this is of my type, though And, another second chance love like somebody new in your broken life and you feel like you are brave enough to start it all over again, then try to understand Zoe Philip sudden love There are few love that make you think love is possible when you are reading this book As strong as my negative opinion on the truthfullness of love, I was still sway to slightly believe that love is actually never too late, for anybody, anywhere, anytime and at any stage of life Haha.
read it and judge for yourself When fifteen year old May Thorpe lost her whole family during World War Two, she made a promise to her mother never to disclose what happened Seventy years later, May goes over the events of 1940 with two sixth form students who are writing about wartime experiences.
The story is very easy to read with good dialogue, the narrative ambles along at quite a slow pace, but the true charm of the story lies in the characterisation The interaction between the old and young is nicely done, and a heart warming friendship develops between May and the students As they become involved in each other s lives, May finds the strength to share her tragic wartime experience.
Overall, I thought the book was nicely written, ultimately, it is a story about choices and consequences, and how our actions can influence the whole of our lives I am sure the book will be well received by fans of Susan Sallis, who enjoy her heart warming family sagas.