✓ Fearless (Angel) ↠´ Download by Å Doranna Durgin This for me was a disappointing Angel adaption It actually took a long time to get into but picked up towards the end The plot for this book was ill conceived and badly executed None of the characters were how they should be which was part of the storyline, however, it made everyone annoying and unlikeable For some strange reason the author decided to give us a demon that looked liked Yoda so we kept getting stupid Star Wars quips throughout the book which got very grating after awhile This is an Angel book to avoid unless you are a completest an have to read all of them Slow start but loved Lorne s character again By the time the story really got underway it was good in this universe Angel and all the characters had waaaay to much thinking time and not as much action as in the show Wesley, Gunn, Cordelia and Fred all worked as a disjointed and flawed team.
Dorky Star Wars jokes in my Angel fiction, what the hell Fun enough to keep reading but still rather shallow basic level urban fantasy Gunn is a much annoying character in print.
Even If It Takes An Eternity, He Will Make Amends PRETTY POISON The Gang At Angel Investigations Is Well Versed In The Nuances Of Demon Fighting So They Re Surprised To Find Themselves Euphorically Giddy After A Long Night Ofwhat Their Clothes Are Torn And Bloody And Their Bodies Are Battered, But Their Memories Of The Previous Evening Are Hazy At Best Research Determines That They Ve Been Doused With Demon Pixie Dust That Helps Them To HealAngel, However, Is Having The Opposite Post Battle Experience After Years Of Superhuman Healing, He S Suddenly Recovering From A Fight With The Resilience Or Lack Thereof Of An Average Human Being Shaken And Reluctant To Confide In His Friends, Angel Is Reduced To Secret Keeping And Collaboration With Newfound Demon Cohorts If The Gang Goes In Search Of Their Next Fix Of Fearless, Will Angel Be Strong Enough To Protect Them