Trailer Ö A Baby in the House PDF by à Pamela Bauer The Bridesmaid Is PregnantThe Stuffy Air In The Church And Her Queasy Stomach Are A Bad Combination, Especially Since Krystal Graham Is Trying To Hide Her Condition Particularly From Garret Donovan, The Groomsman Assigned To Escort Her Down The Aisle The Groomsman Who Just Happens To Be The Father Of Her BabyUnfortunately, Once The I Do S Are Over And The Newlyweds Are On Their Way, Krystal Knows She S In Trouble, And She Tries To Make Her Exit Before She Embarrasses Herself But That S The Least Of Her Worries Garret S A Smart Man And A Doctor What S She Going To Do Once Her Secret Is Out Easy breezy, I know it s my word of the day It was enjoyable, quick, relaxing read.
I really enjoyed this book Dr G is a guy I would like to meet A gentleman who made a mistake but tried hard to make up for it Loved Kryssie too for her honest outlook On the other hand really disliked her selfish sister and mom While I appreciated the close knit family boy can they chat Nothing like keeping a secrettell one person and ask that they not blab to the others What did I learn They re still good guys out there Be true to yourself Other s opinion of you count and when faced between true happiness and children, most people will chose the children A good read.
It s a very nice book and there s characters that I really dislike 2 ladies actually Maybe you will feel the same with me after reading Good bookThis was a really good read If you are looking for a quick read It s hard to put down Ok I had the flu this weekend and needed something light Since I have a weakness for Surprise baby Harlequin books this one hit the spot.
So with this one I believe that the hero didn t want to marry her because of the baby because he pined for her while she was with the OM was already in love with her when taking her to bed.
My issue is AFTER.
He knows the baby is his He KNOWS he s going to offer marriage because a he s honourable and b he loves her Yet he couldn t resist taking the OW out on dates Now they may be harmless friendly dinner because he very defensively tells his mother he doesn t use anyone however he admits to heroine that he understands it may look like something.
So why are you doing that something when you re thinking of heroine and thinking of proposing And don t give me BS about heroine not having to worry because she does because a she knows about your history with OW thanks to your mum, b YOU know your mum is trying to match make with the OW and C your mum thinks the OW is the best thing since sliced bread and heroine is nothing compared to her You are failing to both protect or cherish her.
It IS emotional cheating.
And heroine is damn right to think you are marrying her out of obligation while pining for the OW because your whole family is disappointed and giving her that impression.
Second weakness of hero.
He failed to protect her against his mother.
This is her reaction to thinking OW was pregnant Oh, my goodness Samantha is pregnant Compared to heroine s pregnancy She sat with a look of bewilderment on her face, staring at Krystal You slept with my son she finally said Mom, don t blame Krystal I m equally responsible, Garret said, but it was as if his mother didn t hear him I treated you like a daughter, Leonie said to her in a voice that wobbled uncharacteristically.
Maddie came to Krystal s defense Leonie, Krystal is like a daughter to you and she s like a sister to me This doesn t change that Then his mother turned to Maddie and asked in an accusing tone, Did you know about this Then the only thing the he hero says in favour to heroine You didn t react this way when Dylan told you he was going to be a father You can t expect me not to be shocked, Garret, she told him No, but I did expect you to be fair, he said Oh, hey, how about mentioning how she was excited thinking it was OW who was pregnant Which heroine rightly pointed out on the next page and he dodges it Or rather author dodges it thinking we ll forget it May be we d have if you didn t remind us by the mother telling us how she s disappointed but trying to work around it What was disappointing about it It wasn t the woman of HER choice She wasn t a doctor Then she tries to cover it by saying how the two parents don t love each other Who the fuck EVER told you that your son EVER even thought about loving the OW Yet you were excited No You are not disappointed because of that you judgemental bitch You are a snob and you are disappointed exactly why heroine thinks you were Because you feel she s not good enough for your son Throughout the WHOLE book NO ONE, not even the hero calls this out and I m supposed to like him Err, no.
Then the mother has subtly and then openly discouraged her on the marriage Not her son though The heroine She was absolutely blunt about it It s not something she d let other people of the community do But when it comes to her son, she made sure heroine would NOT say yes to marriage And to say the MCs actually thought she was the most supportive character at the end of the book Then there s her family.
The bitch of a sister is a user and doesn t SEE the problem in it The mother doesn t see the problem on it Because the heroine saw the problem she was the selfish one There really needed to be some consequences The sister, her husband and the mother needed to learn that they can t just up and leave And heroine really needed to take a hiatus from those toxic relationships.
Lastly, hero was already in love with heroine So no argument there But I absolutely don t see what s to love about him apart from he s a nice decent reliable guy He s also a weak guy who couldn t resist being petty and taking the OW out on date and couldn t bother to show the heroine any feelings There was none There was practicality of marriage The right thing to do The sex The chemistry But no emotion He didn t give her the right reasons ever simply because HE didn t feel loved Well too bad Then there s nothing to love about him I really didn t see what heroine fell in love with A man pining for OW What s lovable So no I don t believe the HEA I really don t believe heroine fell in love It was may be a rebound May be she settled for the nice guy He was a nice guy but she showed no loving emotion to return.
I may not have liked the recent Lauren Blakey book Hard Wood, but I ll paraphrase the hero Why would any woman be compelled to like or love a guy simply because they are decent when that should be an obligatory requirement to begin with.
Heroine deserved Specially after his mother and the OW made her feel worthless and insecure she needed to be wooed and cherished and loved Not for the baby, not as a baby mama As a woman There was precisely ZERO wooing