é The Crimean War: The Truth Behind the Myth ì Download by Ý Clive Ponting Good book for the debunking of myths, and its worth getting for the eyewitness reports which are its strongpoint A worthwhile book on an overlooked period.
The Crimean War Is Full Of Resonance Not Least, The Charge Of The Light Brigade, The Siege Of Sevastopol And Florence Nightingale At Scutari With Her Lamp In This Fascinating Book, Clive Ponting Separates The Myths From The Reality, And Tells The True Story Of The Heroism Of The Ordinary Soldiers, Often Through Eye Witness Accounts Of The Men Who Fought And Those Who Survived The Terrible Winter Of To Contemporaries, It Was The Great War With Russia Fought Not Only In The Black Sea And The Crimea But In The Baltic, The Arctic, The Pacific And The Caucasus Ironically, Britain S Allies Were France, Her Traditional Enemy, Ably Commanded From Home By Napoleon III Himself, And The Muslim Ottoman Empire, Widely Seen As An Infidel Corrupt Power It Was The First Of The Modern Wars, Using Rifles, Artillery, Trench Systems, Steam Battleships, Telegraph And Railways Yet The British Soldiers Wore Their Old Highly Coloured Uniforms And Took Part In Their Last Cavalry Charge In Europe There Were Over , CasualtiesBritain Was Unable Fully To Deploy Her Greatest Strength, Her Navy, While Her Army Was Led By Incompetent Aristocrats The Views Of Ordinary Soldiers About Raglan, Cardigan And Lucan Make Painful Reading I pretty good introduction to a war I had pretty much know nothing about, with the exception of the Charge of the Light Brigade see and Florence Nightingale The book illustrates the incompetence and indifference that was prevalent in every aspect of the war It also shows how Victorian ideology was the main reason for this debacle.

Ponting, a Foreign Office official turned historical gadfly, turns his jaundiced eye towards the Crimean War Despite the title, his book doesn t exactly overturn the historical record True, Ponting s critical of Florence Nightingale and Lord Raglan than most, but neither is he breaking any ground Ponting is commendable though on three points 1 emphasizing France s role in the conflict, 2 analyzing the war s secondary theaters, and 3 framing the war s diplomatic and political context Not as detailed as Trevor Royle or Orlando Figes, but a solid, readable account.
I recently decided to read about the Crimean War and this book was my first major foray into this particular war It provides a good general introduction to anyone in the same boat as me Whilst I thought the battlefield commentary lacked, this is not the type of book that goes into depth of orders of battle, troop dispositions etc, it did provide good insight into the politics, people and logistics of this first truly modern war.