↠´ Twilight Girl ï Download by Ö Della Martin Progressive for the 60 s for some reason I thought it was modern and about a past time period , regressive for today.
Evil dead lesbians.
A necessary evil, this one How could I call myself a queer studies scholar without reading some lesbian pulp fiction In grad school, I blithely quoted sources that said before the publication of Annie on My Mind lesbian characters always ended tragically I gave presentations to that effect, even, all without ever having read any such characters I once was lame, but now I m not.
These books, however, are a bit lame I appreciate them as historical artifacts and signposts from another time and place But as a modern reader, I was horrified Lon commits a murder and goes insane Why Because she discovers her inner gay girl Mavis ends up in jail Why Because she is openly gay Sassy dies Why Because she tried to hide the fact that she was gay On the upside, the romantic passions are described in detail and the characters are treated with relative respect you know, until they either die or go insane What I wasn t prepared for was the flowery and dramatic, yet realistic and unapologetic language It s not all hot and bothered, let s get to the heavy petting Nor is it strictly business with a veil pulled over the actual sex scenes It s somewhere in the middle with than a little attention paid to the day to day lives and character development of the tragically destined lesbians Dramatic, indeed.
Exhibit A It was only in the knowing that Mavis had gone that Lon Harris learned what it means to cry like an unloved child Exhibit B Lon drove as one drives to meet destiny.
Up until the last twenty pages or so this was one of the best lesbian pulps I d read But then it kinda went all soap opera and dramatic But until then I liked it a lot The writing style I thought was the most developed of any of the pulps I read It was like they were trying to imitate a beat style The characters were interesting than usual as well Instead of lesbian s who were very much normal girls with issues The women in this book were all outsiders There was violet who dyed her hair purple and was a terrible flirt Mavis who was a black jazz piano player who d temporarily given up her job and was living with a rich white girl pretending to be her made She had very interesting thoughts on racism, classism, talked about poetry and philiosophy and wanted to be a beatnik The rich character who had the token fianc e turned out to be sleeping with token fiance, which pleased her parents because it meant that she wasn t a lesbian, but the scenes with her having sex with him were really harrowing to read She was also developing a rather serious junk habit There was a lot going on in the story than just unrequited teen romance In a way I suppose that s why the ending had to be dramatic but it also felt forced Everything had to end badly for everyone It would have been nicer if it had stayed with a realistic setting throughout While so many pulps seem to be set in sororities it was nice to read about a scene that was close to the one today Even though it was purely a butch femme scene the bars and parties seemed familiar One bar that accepted all types, lesbians, gays, bisexuals and trannies reminded me totally of the rebar crowd except in the book it they were all much better off Despite ending up with the main character going insane the book did a good job of making fun and questioning the psychopathologising of gay people It was also nice to read a book that talked about lesbian poets in other languages and acknowledged some of the history rather than existing in a vacuum.
I did really love it Which was nice as the past couple pulps I ve read have been a bit disappointing I borrowed this from the library but when I was only 40 pages in I went and bought my own copy from I will definitely read it again I hope the author wrote other books

Lon dreams of an island where she can be who she truly is and surround herself with like minded women But Lon hasn t quite figured out who she is when she meets Violet, a gay girl with purple hair which was probably all the shocking in the 1950s or 1960s Violet takes her to a club, The 28%, where Lon meets a lot of gay girls, and she discovers that she s one, too She caries on an affair with Violet, although Violet has her eyes on Sassy Gregg, and Lon meets Mavis, Sassy s girlfriend.
So, I can imagine that this book was crossing pretty much all of the boundaries when it was first published Not only does it have oodles of gay girls in it, but Mavis, Lon s love, is black The book itself is still quite readable to this day, although there are some seriously dated phrases in it, as well as incredibly dated attitudes towards women of color Still, it was published in 1961, so that s rather expected.
Lon is a strange character She s likable view spoiler , but she s also rather crazy And the reader knows that she s going to end up locked in a psychiatry ward at some point in the future from how the book starts Plus she thinks that a perfectly reasonable response to her teacher rebuffing her is to kill the dog with glass studded meat Umm hide spoiler Overall, it was a pretty decent book Yes, there was insta love, yes, there were some really weird dynamics between the characters Mavis Sassy, I m looking at you and the ending is, of course, not a happy one Still, it s worth a read if you re interested in how lesbian fiction has changed throughout the years.
As my first foray into mid century lesbian pulp fiction, this was a fascinating read I didn t expect it to depict an interracial romance or to do so with what I thought was a reasonable amount of nuance The ending felt rushed and somewhat sensational, but perhaps that s to be expected given the genre.
Three quarters of an actual novel and one quarter required melodrama But that being said, Del Martin shows some real style and substance with these characters There are glimpses of the real world and real people beneath the paperback cover.
The Swaggering Butches And Dolled Up Femmes Of This Lesbian Pulp Novel Experience The Guilt, Thrills, And Wonder Of Forbidden Love She Knew Why They Danced With Such Gay Desperation A Budding Butch In The Brylcreem Era, Lorraine Lon Harris Fantasizes About A South Pacific Island Full Of Women, Where Everyone Will Be Free And Accepting, And She Ll Never Have To Wear An Eyelet Blouse Again Spurned By Her High School English Teacher, Lon Turns To A New Friend, The Brash, Purple Haired Violet, Who Draws Lon Into The Lesbian Underworld Of Suburban Los Angeles, To The Sordid Percent Club, A Private Bar Where Those With Contaminated Passions Cling To Each Other Here, Among The Swaggering Butches And Dolled Up Femmes, Lon Will Discover Herself And Here She Will First Lay Eyes On Brilliant, Lovely Mavis, A Black Jazz Pianist And The Girlfriend Of Wealthy Sassy Gregg, Whose Heavy Bracelets May As Well Be Brass Knuckles Where Lon Is Concerned I m probably being unfair it s just a pulp, after all , but I didn t care for this one Weird class stuff, an interracial love story which was nice, but there were some other weird racial things going on Possibly I just didn t like any of the characters.