Þ A Late Loving Å Download by Þ Robyn Donald A revenge humiliation story with the H in full vendetta mode, wanting needing to teach his runaway wife that no one messes with a Greek husband As he says, I could have strangled you for what you did a century ago and no body would have turned a hair He traces her after 9 years across the globe in NZ where she is living with her hunky cattleman cousin a H in a later book and a son He believes the boy to be the om s and by gross double standards, indulges in some name calling.
He then blackmails her in spending a few days at his sexual mercy at his nearby island villa to get her out of his system dude as a reader of HPs, let me tell ya that never works The cousin and the boy are conveniently off on a trekking trip with Kyle, the biggest jerk evaaaa from the book A Durable Fire He makes her wear the skimpiest clothes etc but strangely never gets down to the sex part in fact, he shows some unexpected flashes of niceness softening between the continuous barrage of asshattery Okay, so he wants to humiliate her by making her beg for sex, which she almost does, but still it was not believable them not having sex They get called off the island as the son has an accident and is in coma One would rationally expect the story to wind up with him recognizing the boy, a big bedside Greek teary reunion and another angry denunciation of the h, somedrama and hea But the author over reaches and the story trundles along anti climactically The sex does happen though the life affirming kinds eyeroll The H s failings with spoilers He was an out and out a hole, during their arranged marriage and is still one In the past, he arrogantly expected the absurdly young 17 yrs old h to calmly accept his mistress and carry on as usual Also his family at whose mercy she is left for long periods is just as mean and nasty, and the H knows about it and is not bothered Like her FIL orders everyone to not respond to her if she speaks in English He feels that s the best way to make her learn Greek The whole 5 months of this marriage seems like a real nightmare no one would wish even on one s enemy.
His confession in the present that he knew he was wrong but he had to live upto his macho dad s expectations and the code of Greek male behavior, namely having mistresses even pregnant ones on the side, can only be taken with a pinch orof salt But one has to acknowledge that he was only 21 himself so maybe deserves some leeway for his asshattery.
As for his turnabout, it came suddenly One minute he was attacking her and the next page count minute he absurdly softens up and delivers his ILYs Was his grovel regret made of heartwarming stuff No, because for one, it wasn t really clearly stated if he had sex with the mistress after their wedding or not I hate it when authors don t come out and just say it as it is but just allude to in a deliberately confusing way But lots of time during the book it is suggested that he was unfaithful Anyways if he wasn t, what s stopping him from vehemently denying it And I m not even holding out for a 9 years celibacy Nah, impossible that But worse is when the h went all head nodding understanding and doe eyed forgiving And that contrarily made it difficult for me to accept his grovel The h s side of story withspoilers I don t blame her for running away, although she has some happy memories too of their time together It was just not the H or his family even her dad was a sexist uncaring pig who leaves everything in his will to the H even when his daughter runs off Her reason for keeping her son to herself wasplausible, if not excusable She dint want her son to grow up to be a misogynistic man who has no respect for women and only uses them as sexual objects.
Her behavior on their short sojourn was un relatable and veered between applaudable holding out and then confused inner ramblings.
But what I found unforgivable was that she dint reveal the truth about her son s parentage to the H while their son lay very serious with a doubtful prognosis What if the boy had not woken up How could she keep the truth from the H in such a scenario So, a trainwreck in Robyn Donald tradition, but dint work for me as a trainwreck as the angst was just passable There were too many irritants and unaccepatbles to let me just wallow in and enjoy.
OMGoodness What a jerk The things he did and saidhe called her a whore onthan one occasion, and HE IS THE ONE WHO CHEATED REPEATEDLY DURING THE MARRIAGE.
I am just so freaking angry after reading this book with its patheticly contrite, I really loved you but wanted my dad s approval so I acted like him a big old jerkwad GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK.
Really hated the guy but I strangely liked the story apart from when the female lead becomes all understanding and compassionate about the mistress at the end.
erm hello she tried to break up your marriage and was pregnant with your husbands child Sorry but I don t think I could be so soft.
Okay this one was hard to rate I didn t really like it, but I couldn t look away and for that, I have to give it four stars.
Other reviewers have spoiled the plot, so I ll just talk about the kitchen sink aspect of this story Honestly this had everything Heroine is married at 17 and totally in love check Evil stepmother check Isolated in a foreign country without speaking the language check Screwed up backstory check 21 year old hero is too proud to give up his pregnant mistress for a wife he married for business check Heroine in hiding with a secret baby for 9 years check.
And that s before the events of the story take place.
Add in blackmail, kidnapping, revenge seduction, humiliation.
A kid in a coma.
Confrontation of 2 alphas Life force sex after the kid comes out of the coma.
DNA tests.
Another pregnancy.
Andlet s just declare a HEA even though the hero hasn t really changed his arrogant ways I wasn t really buying the HEA Who is to say he won t stray again And why wait 9 years for revenge And I just never liked the H no charm whatsoever Heroine was okay she was right to leave him in the first place I guess if you ve got two children with the guy you have to give it another chance.
Whore Shouts Alex, on first encountering the wife he hasn t seen seen in 9 years Throw down that infant child of shame and enter my helicopter This is a very promising beginning to a Robyn Donald angst fest, and Amber does in fact gently relinquish to his mother the boy she s been holding while riding about on her hot cousin s farm, and gets into the chopper.
It s at this point, I am certain of two things One, that I read this book approximately a million years ago, but remember hardly anything about it except that I m fairly certain I named my cat after this character and two, that Alex is a cartoon villain and I cannot take him seriously.
And by the way, if you are looking for an excellent and insightful review that will give you all the plot details you could ever need, I recommend Boogenhagen s It s also very entertaining I m about to deliver not so much a review, but a bunch of random crap.
Back to Alex the cartoon villain He s a sexy tall rich Greek shipping man, and is all for getting Amber to the little New Zealand island he bought, so that he can yell at her someAnd then have sex with her Sex, yell, repeat, until he s bored Amber left him after about 5 months of marriage She was 17, he was 21 They were both hot and had massively great sex together But then Amber found out Alex had a mistress, and she just would not shut up about it And she also kept complaining that his stepmother was being mean to her And then she found out that Alex s mistress who he wasn t giving up, thanks, because no 17 year old is telling him what to do, even if she is awesome at sex was pregnant, and she really wouldn t shut up Then she left, and Alex has finally tracked her down to where she s been staying with her hot cousin, and he knows that the hot cousin is the father of Amber s son see, that s why he called her a whore , and now he s going to get his revenge And lots of sexy times.
Amber starts kicking herself almost immediately for getting in the chopper While she s pretty keen on Alex not learning that he s the father of her son and conveniently son and hot cousin are off on a holiday , she probably could have said done just about anything sensible, and they d have had a big argument, and then Alex would have left.
Which, sadly for me, meant that Alex wasn t the cartoon villain I d been so hoping he d be You see, I started thinking 1 I can t take him seriously, this is going to be hilarious2 Although 3 Is there a cartoon villain who is actually sexy 4 OMG He s Gaston Sadly Alex is not Gaston His body isn t covered in hair Amber gets to stare at his smooth chest he doesn t use antlers in all of his decorating, and he isn t especially good at expectorating or at least, no evidence of this skill is provided in the narrative If you are thinking, it s creepy and wrong to like Gaston HEY I mean, sure, he goes downhill pretty quickly when he starts organising an angry mob to attack the Beast s chateau, and he s not very bright, and he s wrong for Belle, but he s still kinda sexy.
The private island is really nice Amber gets to wander around looking at Nature, as lovingly described by Donald who should have written arty culture nature documentaries Amber gets to go swimming in the sea, and Alex, once he s calmed down and is disappointingly no longer Gaston like, is a good listener I was such a young person when we married, Amber does not quite say, while sitting on a raft with Alex beside her Of course I couldn t maturely navigate adult relationships as successfully as my self aware adult self would now It s such a shame, but it s only through making mistakes that we grow, right Uh huh, Alex does not quite say, indeed, and quite so, when the pauses in her monologue seems to call for it But by the way, he almost says, as she s starting to wind down it s really time for us to do something about you being naked Because she is And is for most of the private island time Naked, or topless, or scantily dressed Amber prefers naked to the clothes Alex provides for her, because they are either transparent, tight, short, or all three She s naked swimming because when she went searching for swimmers, she found a couple of bikini bottoms and something called a cache sex, and wow.
Amber, who wants to assure the reader that she s not a skank, only knows what a cache sex is because her wicked stepmother in law once took her lingerie shopping in Paris, where, when she picked one up, it was explained to her that women only needed to use those around flabby old men who can t get it up.
My many years on this planet have been similarly sheltered, and I wasn t immediately certain I knew what this thing was I thought that a cache sex was probably a g string with suspenders, and thoroughly impractical for swimming unless Alex had also thought to supply waterproof double sided tape Which doubtful.
I m still not quite sure I m right about what this thing is, because when I looked at the pictures on Wikipedia and skimmed the text, they seemedthe sort of thing men wear I could have investigated further, but, you know lazy Anyway, Amber prefers naked She has this whole internal monologue over whether it is better to wear, or not to wear Wearing, according to some of her reading, istitillating than not wearing, and that is her final deciding factor She s going to prove to Alex that she s not into his seduction games She totally is.
Not that she has any time to explain this to Alex, because he s tired of the whole introspection thing, and he wants to do some touching and some licking Yacht, Amber says eventually, to get him to stop Later, they go on a topless nature hike, because why not It s not like New Zealand doesn t have bugs, and isn t a damp climate where even if there aren t bugs, there are leeches.
To be fair, possibly not on that island, but sensible people don t risk their naked parts around leeches Sensible people have NEVER gotten over a particularly harrowing scene in Stand By Me Amber is a wonderfully strong empowered heroine, and is all self awareness and empathy She is all about peeling back the layers of what makes people tick, and realising that people who weren t great to her in the past had their own set of miseries to contend with Robyn Donald writes the type of women I like, thoughtful and intelligent, and stoic in the face of the rampant foolishness of their men Amber is also really into sex, and I m prepared to accept that she knows what she likes in bed, and what she likes in bed is Alex, and I m happy for her that she gets him where she wants him.
This is a significant change for me in my reading attitudes Like Amber, I am super self aware, and can remember what I was like at 17 I used to think these women were a bit nonsense for not being able to overcome overpowering sexual attraction in the face of such obvious grottiness of the men but now meh Let em live their lives and bloom where they re planted etc Theoretically, it s really good sex, and they may as well have some of it now, and deal with exit strategies when they get bored.
Soon after the naked swimming and the topless hiking they do move on from the island, and from being naked If you need to know about that Boogenhagen.
Alex didn t annoy me, probably because of that early Gaston thing Yes, he s stereotyped as a product of his environment, and makes some stupid comments early on about how if it was centuries ago he could do this alpha arrogant dominant thing and nobody would blink Donald doesn t spend much time digging beneath the superficial chauvinism of his upbringing,she highlights it as the influence on his character, but Amber also continually points out that he is thoughtful and intelligent, a good listener and an interesting companion Amber starts getting a wee bit patronising in her people analysis, about the rampant but excusable sexism of the older generation I don t quite see why she feels the need to forgive this.
I guess I could make a bigger fuss over Alex s infidelity, but I m prepared to accept that he wasn t sleeping with the mistress after he married Amber, and that he was trying to do the right thing by a woman he d been very involved with, and who was carrying his child.
It s also worth remembering that Alex is only 4 years older than Amber She sees him as a great dealsophisticated and worldly than she was when they first met, but she s not making a clear assessment Again, Donald doesn t really dig into what it was like from his perspective Possibly that s a smart move It s probably better, when they start the whole debrief and settling into the HEA, to gloss over what, in the hero s character, is the infrastructure of a lengthy and elaborate plot to kidnap a woman and yell at her until she has sex with him.
Unfortunately, the mistress lost the baby Alex sets her up with a boutique on the French Riviera, and Amber is all oh that s nice for her, because Amber is really working hard for her most empathetic heroine ever in the face of her hero s infidelity merit badge The thing is it probably isn t nice for her While the mistress has suffered, so fiction karma isthan satisfied if you re keeping score, OWs don t really think things through if they think they ll like retail Probably, they re looking forward to sneering at a bunch of poor innocent heroines out for their Pretty Woman moment, but that can t happenthan once or twice a year The rest of the time, they re dealing with spoiled, entitled women who aren t known for their kindness to shopkeepers It can t be fun Really happy I found A Late Loving Maybe in another million years I ll get to read it again By that stage, I ll probably be back to my original resist the sex when the heroes are grotty standpoint, and feeling sorry for women who lived in a time when they had to make do with grotty men because sex androids weren t socially acceptable, or real You should make sure yours is especially good at expectorating, fictional person who cannot hear me, because of being fictional and in the past and the future It s a very useful skill.
Well written story of a woman whose husband finally finds her after she s run away from him and stayed away for 9 years She of course has been celibate all these years but as is typical for these older HPs you just assume he hasn t even though it is not really addressed The story hung together well I like that RD writes books in series The cousin who the husband thinks is the OM has his story told in a later book RD just has a writing style that keeps you riveted even though she is telling the same old boy meets girl story Plus as a bonus these older HPs are longer than the newer ones,story to enjoy.
She Was His Wife, Not His MistressAmber Knew Alex Would Find Her You Just Didn T Hide Forever From One Of The Most Powerful Men In The WorldNine Years Ago, As A Naive Young Bride, Amber Had Fled From What She Felt Was An Unbearable Marriage She D Always Expected A Reckoning For The Public Insult To A Proud And Formidable HusbandBut Nothing Had Prepared Her For Alex S Unique Revenge Her Willing Seduction It Would Take All Of Amber S Willpower To Resist The Memories Of How He Was Capable Of Making Her Feel 3.
5 starsThis book was your typical HR with your long suffering heroine who could never bare the touch of another man despite the horrors she endured in her short marriage to the hero before taking a hike Though, I liked that the heroine at least had a backbone and left the marriage rather than stay with someone who didn t treat her fairly in the relationship.
The hero totally turned me on in spite of myself He was tall, dark, handsome, domineering, selfish, manwhore, etc Usually this kind of character makes me want him to suffer tremendously, but this one excited me to no end Must have been the salty musky smell of him The thing that bothered me a great deal about this story was the cousin He s a handsome bachelor who we re going to guess has been secretly pining for the heroine waiting for her to finally get a clue that he could be her man The guy waited NINE YEARS while she stayed with him, hiding from her husband and playing the role of wife, other than between the sheets So what s going to happen to him Tossed to the side like dirty laundry He helped her raise her son for the past nine years and has been the only father he s ever known Are they going to just pick up and leave now and forget the relationships they formed That bothered me Have I said that Good thing it s just a story DOverall, this was a nice cheater book with a redeemable hero though if this was real life, he d be back to messing around in two years time , making for a fun read.
I was warned.
Cheating, arrogant and vengelful SOB Greek alpha hero cons stupid, doormat with a blackmail plan and a magic penis.
The kind of angst and abuse that gives romances a bad name.
I can almost swoon from how much this hero was a jerk.