[Marta Perry] ✓ Danger in Plain Sight [young-adult-science-fiction PDF] Read Online ↠´ I really enjoyed this book It really pulls you into the Amish world I definitely recommend this book.
Libby is returning home to Pennsylvania for her brother s wedding She is also arriving concerned for her best friend Esther Esther has expressed to Libby in letters that there is something serious going on in Amish Country and she is fearful Before Libby can see Esther, Esther and her buggy are involved in an accident The police are searching for the hit and run driver and the investigation throws Libby and Chief Adam together naturally rekindling something that happened a long time ago During the investigation, many secrets are revealed, and things aren t always how they seem in the plain land Didn t realize when I started reading it this is 3 in a 3 part series I will now be seeking out the first 2 for sure.
Miniseries The Brotherhood of the RavenCategory SuspenseAudio Sample In the third book of her Amish suspense series, Perry brings us back to Lancaster County She completely draws the reader into the world of the Amish with their quiet ways and their modern Englischer neighbors Perry s strong writing, along with loads of suspense, will keep you turning the pages Rt Book Review, rated 4 stars Well, I had this one figured out a little too early, but I did enjoy the characters I wish the romance would have been stronger.
Libby Morgan, the last of the Morgan children in this series, returns home for her brother s wedding, to help her friend solve a problem and an old flame At the brother s wedding, her friend has an accident that requires guarding during her recovery and the help to investigate from the old flame who is now the police chief This story kept me reading and I m sorry there are no siblings to continue this series.

Marta Perry writes Danger in Plain Sight.
this was doubly fun because I love reading about the amish and then to add the mystery made me keep reading page after page, wanting to know.
Esther is in a buggy accident at the beginning of the story or was it an accident Libby is best friend to Esther so she comes back to town to help, she meets up with an old friend Adam Byler who is now a police chief of the area.
thanks Marta for a wonderful story that gives so much reading pleasure.
I enjoyed this novel although it wasn t as exciting as others I have read I liked the heroine Libby, but found her actions Impulsive and impetuous for someone who had been a reporter in a large city I have read and liked other books by Marta Perry, but I found the action in this one a little slow.
The danger element in here was quite good the love story a tad trite Still, the I read, the I wanted to read, and that s a good thing I really like Amish fiction I may try another one of Marta Perry s books and see what I think.
Danger in Plain Sight, by Marta Perry, b plus, narrated by Therese Plummer, produced by Harlequin Enterprises, downloaded from audible.
Had I looked before buying to find out this was a harlequin book, I probably wouldn t have bought it as I m not really into romances, but despite the dominant theme of Desperation to get Sheriff Adam Tyler and returned home Libby Morgan to realize they love each other, there is a fairly good mystery Libby returns back to the Amish populated Lancaster County in Pennsylvania when her best friend sends her increasingly alarmed letters about something going on at home Also Libby s brother is getting married So she comes home for the wedding, and during the festivities after the wedding, Sheriff Tyler is notified that Libby s best friend, an Amish woman, Esther, has been hit in her buggy by a car which left the scene, and when it s unclear Esther will survive, Libby insists on going to the hospital with Adam It appears that the accident may not have been one and that someone might have been trying to kill Esther Libby and Adam start investigating to try to find out the truth At first they are just worried about keeping Esther safe while her health improves, but soon they realize that they are in danger as well A pretty good book involving glimpses of the Amish culture, but Linda Castillo s Katy Burkholder series is better.
Libby Morgan Never Wanted To Return To Lancaster County She D Made Her Own Life In The City As A News Photographer, Leaving The Slow Pace Of Amish Country Behind She D Left Love Behind, Too, When She Fled The Old Fashioned Ways Of Adam Byler But When A Friend In Trouble Beckons, Libby Knows She Has No Choice What She Doesn T Know Is That Something Sinister Awaits HerFor Adam Byler, The Traditional Ways Convey Safety And Order As Police Chief Of Springville, The Former Marine Strives To Keep The Peace Between The Amish And Their Modern Englischer Neighbors And He Will Not Allow Libby S Beauty To Distract Him From His Duties But When An Innocent Woman Is Attacked, They Ll Confront A Danger Threatening Than Their Growing Passion