Trailer ☆ Pazuzus Girl PDF by ï Rachel Coles Disclosure I received a free e book copy from JournalStone via LibraryThing s Early Reviewer s giveaway in exchange for an honest review.
Synopsis from NetGalley Morpho Wilson thought her life was difficult enough Her father is Pazuzu, the Mesopotamian demon of plague and the Southwest wind As a teenager Morpho struggles against her father, while trying to adjust to high school in a new neighborhood The family is constantly moving in an attempt to elude Pazuzu s murderous ex wife, a demoness known for killing children Then something unique happens A socially impaired classmate becomes so intrigued by Morpho that he pursues her, despite the mystery surrounding her family and the danger that accompanies it But before their romance can grow the demoness tracks Morpho down, and now only needs an ancient artifact called the Tablet of Destiny to complete the destruction of the world The tablet confers on its owner the ability to control the fate of everything and everyone on earth Once the tablet is discovered in the Middle East, the oldest and most powerful gods begin a battle for its possession, with the human population caught in the middle Morpho, her family, and her new friend must decide, do they escape from the horrifying demoness or fight for their own destiny How far will Pazuzu go to save his daughter from a hellish fate Will his banishment from Heaven so many millennia ago end up being a curseor a blessing My Thoughts I ve been interested in Sumerian mythology for some time now, so as soon as I heard about this book, I wanted to read it I was not disappointed It was obvious that the author spent some time researching the myths, legends and stories of Mesopotamia, and then wove them into this wonderful story The characters are fascinating, the story paced wonderfully, and it is highly engaging and readable Highly recommended, especially to those who enjoy stories woven among the ancient legends.
I really liked this book I love stories that involve demons and coming of age battling evil and accepting your destiny The thing that makes this book so interesting is all of the Sumerian lore and Mesopotamia myth that the author obviously spent a lot of time researching I appreciate it when an author knows what they are writing about Check it out It s different from most of the titles targeted at readers these days, and that is good.
Pazuzu s Daughter by Rachel ColesThis paranormal urban fantasy has an original premise with well developed characters based on an exciting mythology I was so confident in the author s storytelling ability I didn t even rush to look up the background of her supernatural lexicon I just knew it was going to measure up And I wasn t disappointed The character arcs are rich and believable, and come on, we re talking about some pretty weird individuals here The tone hovers between humor, pathos, glorious underdog up against impossible odds and poignancy There s a twist to the human condition when that condition happens to be godly than human Perfect The heroes are unexpected, the bad guys are really bad and the story s reach is beyond the usual YA This is a cross over book and is for anyone who loves to jump into the reinterpretation of traditional mythology or the shadows at the edge of reality The story arc was unexpected and not everyone has a happy ending, even better almost everyone had an ending they deserved I want to see of this world and these characters please, bring em back.
Publisher Journal StonePublished February 10, 2012ISBN 978 1 936564 36 1ISBN 978 1 936564 37 8 ebook This is my kind of book A host of characters, a fast paced story line, and enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat I liked the fact that we were given enough background into the characters to develop an understanding of them, but not so much that it detracted from the main plot I loved the witty banter and Pazuzu s reactions to mundane things I loved the fact that, for Pazuzu, being a demon didn t make raising a teenage daughter any easier Morpho was a delight to read vibrant, cocky yet plagued by the same insecurities that any average teenager may face The story itself was a brilliantly woven set of threads.
Highly recommended.
WOOF What awhat a mess This had an amazing premise Sumerian mythology A sprinkling of Irish mythology Takes place in Denver Yeah That s about all it had going for it because ooof What a disaster It is in DESPERATE need of an editor About halfway through, all the plot lines starting splintering and it just made for horrendous reading The subplots of JD and the principal could have been axed The back and forth between current day and the origin stories were badly transitioned and felt really stilted I d conservatively estimate that roughly 25% of the story could have been cut and it would have made for a much tighter narrative.
As far as the characters are concerned, the only decent one who I cared about was Lugal All the others were not fleshed out and were nothing than caricatures Morpho was annoying There I said it And don t get me started on the characterization of the big baddie view spoiler Lilith Yes, I ll admit I came in on the side of revisionist history and I am not a fan of the continued besmirching of this mythological character I fall on the side of her being one of the OG victims of the patriarchy hide spoiler

Teens go through a difficult time just existing or growing up but some than others Morpho Wilson was not your typical teen Her demeanor and outer appearance are quite remarkable and would definitely stand out Those looking at her with her blue hair and unique type of dress might think she fit right in with the other kids in her school But, life was hard for her Living with a father who was the Mesopotamian demon of Plague and known as the Southwest wind, did not make her life any easier Her home invested with worms and other creatures deemed normal to them attracted others and might bring in the exterminators to eliminate what most would not want crawling down their backs or entire body Never remaining in one place and hoping to elude her father, Pazuzu s dangerous and ex wife, poor Morpho remained on the edge at all times School tended to present its own challenges as many tried to goad her into difficult situations and winding up in detention for spilling coffee on some that stuck a lollypop in her hair did not endear her to the Principal or anyone else Imagine ad demoness known for killing children as your stepmother As the situation with this young man who winds up in detention continues he decides to befriend and pursue her even though her family has an aura of danger around them This socially challenged young man does not really care As Pazuzu enters the meeting hall for the HOA meeting he addresses the dais and claims that he is in compliance with the way his lawn appears and shrubs look But, what appears manicured to him looks withered, dead and definitely infested with pests to others insisting that he control the problem since most people would not want to be plagued with these cockroaches, bedbugs and other insects in their homes But, Pazuzu is not really human and as he enters his home he envisions his deceased wife and things about his ex wife who has taken many victims including Morpho s mother, Etain The anger that he emits is quite compelling and shakes up not only the real world but he dark world too The sight you would behold might startle some but not others When Morpho returns after skateboarding with her new friend JD she realizes what happened when she enters the house and sees the Lugal sweeping up the glass and her father s wrath But, most parents tend to over react when they think their children are in danger or sometimes mixed up with the wrong young man When Lugal tells Pazuzu about a phone call received from school and he is requested to attend a meeting with the Principal about Morpho s changed and challenging behaviors his world will definitely not be the same The author shares his background with the reader as we learn why he is on Earth, the quest that cost him much of his power and the one person who was the reason for losing the sacred Tablet Master Enlil and Anzu, which is his real name, battle it out in a unique and icy fashion with the Tablet of Destiny as the coveted prize Would you want to control the destiny of others Would you use it for good or for evil Holding the tablet he becomes distracted and does not see Ninurta, the plough god giving him chase until it is too late What happens will definitely mystify the reader and keep you spellbound to the page to see what happens next As Anzu comes back to the present he decides to deal with the poor object of Morpho s transgressions like any out of control parent by using violence What he sees when he gets there makes him rethink his actions for about a second as he realizes that JD is a victim of a different kind of abuse from his own father JD and Anzu s encounter is quite compelling as JD tries to explain in a respectful manner what really happened and Anzu, does not hear a word he says Next the author reflects back to the one reason, his ex wife and explains her powers and why he is so overprotective You decide what you would do if someone so dangerous wanted to destroy all that really matters to you as she has done before When Pazuzu arrives at the school and enters the Principal s office the connection comes through and he realizes just whom this Principal really is and now has to deal with him up close and in person Added to that the author throws in some comic relief as this administrator has a definite touch of OCD and what Pazuzu does is really quite funny A meeting that would give Pazuzu much pause for thought, as he does not reveal how or when he might have met this man before Explaining the circumstances around his daughter s danger without causing any suspicion to him or create an alarm that would cause the man to call protective services, as you hear the inner thoughts of the principal regarding school safety the that of Pazuzu too But, procedures must be followed, as you will learn by the Principal s actions following their meeting.
How far will a father go to protect his daughter and to what length will a young man go to protect a friend When JD sees that Morpho is in danger what he does will endear him to the reader, open his eyes wide to the world of demons and the God Of Plague as Pazuzu is known in his world And help the reader understand the true meaning of love, friendship, loyalty and protection at all costs Just what happens to two young men that attack Morpho What role does her stepmother, Lititu play Why is she called the Shifter of Seven Faces Some of the answers will be revealed others the reader will have to read and search for when you read this unique, creative and definitely original novel Pazuzu z Girl Watch out for the grasshoppers Just how close was the demon s mistress Can you feel her presence So, why does JD defend her father Then, she begins to understand as she hears the words of her mother, sees her image in the form of a butterfly and understands why she must be careful and trust no one as she explains what happened to her, where she is and why he first husband is a slave to Lititu Can you see the moth s silk wings and hear her voice Why doesn t Morpho heed her warning Taking Morpho back to where it all began and what happened to her brother and much As the story flashes back you understand what Pazuzu really is and why he is called the demon of plagues and how Etain thought he could save her son whose problem stemmed from something he was doing to himself As the moths lifted off and floated away she learned than she ever expected.
The eyes of an intern seeing a black stone snake while on an archeological expedition will take his life and bring to light the Curse of Ereshkigal The Principal of the school looking for the two boys that tormented Morpho as the news brings to light what happened in Bagdad to the archeologist will it all blend together as one The Underworld Would you want to be a part of it Just how far will these archeologists dig Then Etain appears on the Principal s screen as the moths vanished from his computer and she entered him Once upon a time Ninurta had the tablet that was to be returned to the Gods Why was she there and what will happen next As the Queen of the Underworld exhibits her wrath on the innocent and Anzu learns that the Tablet is gone and only small traces of its power remain to lure the demoness to them Just how Lugal does this you will not get from me We all promised to protect Morpho and besides who needs the wrath of her father Then the truth rears its ugly head as Anzu learns something from Lugal that would change it all JD proves to really care about Morpho and when she transforms wait and see what he does to protect her When Etain enlists the help of Ninurta to go to the underworld to meet with the Queen why does he agree and what will the next step be Her goal is to destroy the world and everything in it and much Imagine a tablet that will allow the owner to control the fate of everything and everyone on Earth What role will he play in helping his students, protecting Morpho and seeking vengeance for the dead From the Middle East to the battle grounds of the gods to the present where Morpho lives what happens will remind everyone what evil does to not just humans, how far will two men go to protect those they care about What will happen to Morpho Lamashtu s deadly grasped encompassed many Throughout the Middle East she spread her reign of death and destruction How would Morpho deal with her new form Would she ever return to her human form How would Anzu find Lugal and what happened to him when he finally returns home As both worlds begin to blend and Morpho, Lugal, Anzu learn the truth behind the demoneess and Ninhab s real goal, will anything ever become the way it was before and who or what will survive What really happened to cost Pazuzu being a god and who was responsible As JD faces his new world, deals with the demons can Morpho, Anzu, and the rest finally finish off Lamashtu Lamashtu is the demoness of plague and corruption can they beat her or will Morpho and her brother fall prey to her in the underworld Just how far will a father go to protect his daughter and how will she go to protect others too One family fights for their survival One young girl named Morpho learns the true meaning of love, loyalty and forgiveness Who lives What is their fate What happens when the dust settles, the battles end and the death and destruction are finally over An ending that you will never expect with surprises and twists so unique and creatively crafted that author Rachel Coles is definitely up there with the best in her genre Graphically depicted scenes and characters although some not human have the same failings we do Who lives What finally happens Pazuzu a Girl read it to find out which portal each one enters This book gets FIVE BUTTERFLIES Fran Lewis Reviewer 3.
5 5 starsMesopotamian mythology Why the last time I read a book inspired by that, before Pazuzu s Girl, of course was well, never So when I was offered the opportunity to read and review this book, I jumped at the chance Mythology has always interested me It s simultaneously enchanting and horrifying, beautiful yet unapologetically cruel the gods being immortal, incredibly powerful, interested in the adoration of man, yet apathetic to mankind s individual fates They re typically petty, vindictive, selfish, fallible, power hungry, and yet sometimes they can be surprisingly benevolent It s the unpredictability of the gods, the romance, the tragedy, and mankind s continual attempts to defy fate that keep me coming back to mythology time and time again.
Pazuzu s Girl had all of this in spades, and while I have certain reservations about the book and the story as a whole, it was a pretty original story The way Coles wove the mythology through this book was fascinating, the ancient meeting the modern Her characters and descriptions are as dichotomous as the gods themselves poetic and alluring, horrific and ghastly At times her word choices and descriptions do stretch above the vocabulary range of the average teenager and perhaps, me but cracking a dictionary has never hurt anyone, I suppose.
One main point I appreciated in Pazuzu s Girl is the sheer scale on which the story happens Though the story largely focuses on a small group of people in the Denver area, Coles makes sure the reader knows the devastation and atrocities are also being committed on a global scale, making it extremely clear that the fate of the world is, in fact, at stake It gives the book a necessary level of gravity, that a story such as this one most certainly needs Coles does an excellent job of making the world go to hell in a hand basket, and because of her scientific background, it s all very convincing and a little frightening In fact, after reading this, I think I need to go buy a Hazmat suit, purchase stock in Purell, and steer clear of all jealously enraged Sumerian goddesses.
When I started Pazuzu s Girl, I have to admit that I expected the novel to be Morpho s story the blue haired girl on the cover and one of the aforementioned Pazuzu s Girls Not so Well, not really Pazuzu s once ambitious, god like pursuits have diminished down into one all encompassing goal to keep his beloved daughter safe from his crazy, murderous shrew of an ex wife who also happens to be a demoness of pestilence and has a taste for killing pregnant mothers and their children So, in that sense, the book is about Morpho the never ending attempts to keep her safe It s about her, but it s not really her story Morpho definitely felt like a secondary character Though she does get chances at narration, they are somewhat infrequent She s the object of the book instead of it s subject, and quickly became a one dimensional, rebellious teenager that showed little to no maturation over the course of the novel.
The story is accurately Pazuzu s story, which I guess shouldn t surprise me since he is the titular character The book is mainly narrated by him, two other adult males, and Morpho s boyfriend it s a rather male dominated book overall Though I found this to be rather interesting as Pazuzu s Girl defies the normally accepted parameters of what makes a YA book a YA book, the adult narrators outnumbering the teenagers in addition to some rather mature scenes and references, caused me to place this book firmly in the ADULT category.
Despite this, I find Pazuzu to be fascinating Mesopotamian gods, or fallen gods, definitely have a different moral code than a 21st century, western Judeo Christian society, and this is one of the things I had to keep reminding myself of while I read Pazuzu is a loving father though he may not entirely be sure how to connect with his teenage daughter , loves his deceased wife with a consuming passion, his intentions with the Tablet of Destiny were originally noble, but he s also responsible for countless deaths and plagues which he sometimes inflicts upon humanity on a whim We get multiple flashbacks of Pazuzu s history over the millennia, and it s interesting to see how his priorities and principles evolve as he lives among humanity in his exile from Heaven.
Ninhab is a character I did not see coming, and I m not going to reveal too much about him than to say that he was probably my favorite character He s also Morpho s high school principal Yeah You ll just have to read the book to figure out how he fits in.
JD originally, I wasn t so sure about him A druggie high school waste of space Being a mom myself, I have to admit that I was somewhat on Pazuzu s side when JD is first introduced However, JD shows himself to be sweet, so earnest, innovative, dependable, and, when it counts, he s got your back By the end of this novel, I really came to enjoy his character.
Overall, though I believe this book has been misclassified as YA, and though I wish Morpho had been a stronger character, I think Coles Pazuzu s Girl is a compellingly original concept that has been approached in a very unique way.
I will say this should be of a 3.
5 for personal thoughts on reading the story and a 4.
5 for the flow of writing and the amount of research about the Gods that would have had to go into this book.
The StoryPazuzu is a Mesopotamian God and at one point he made an error in judgement and got kicked out of their Heaven Then he ended up hooking up with a psycho Goddesshe then got away from her and married another woman with whom he had a daughter, Morpho Morpho is now a teenager and her mother is dead because of the psycho ex Now this psycho ex is trying to find and kill Morpho, while Pazuzu is trying to keep her safe and raise an angsty teenager These things don t always work out the way they should There are multitudes of Gods and ghosts and there is even an elf Likes and Dislikes These are combined because they go hand in hand I liked that Pazuzu had the same problems raising a teenager that most parents would have However, some of his funny comments just didn t seem to make sense for me If he has been in the mortal world raising a kid for 16 17 years I didn t exactly catch the actual age of the character, just in high school , then I would think that he would know about different technologies and the like I liked that Morpho had a love interest in JD, however that moved so freaking fast that it was not even funny One day they hang out, then he doesn t talk to her the next day, then a couple days later helps rescue her from stupid ass dudes, then the next day they are in love and can t live without each other Liked that JD knew so much about Pazuzu and it was because of Dungeons and Dragonshahaha I did end up liking most of the characters by the end, but not to the point that I cared about the story a whole lot while reading it It seemed like too much switching and a bit too much, but that s just me.
ConclusionI think this book is going to be up to the reader The research was good, the writing was good, personally I couldn t get into it as much as I would have liked free copy provided for an honest review via Shut Up read group.
Pazuzu s GirlBy Rachel ColesISBN 9781936564361Expected Publication February 10, 2012 by JournalStoneAvailable format Hardcover, paperback, ebookMy Rating I love working with JournalStone because I have been fortunate enough to get an early look at so many amazing novels Pazuzu s Girl is definitely in those ranks It has such an interesting, unique plot and is so well written I continue to be impressed by the caliber of writers who are being discovered or re discovered by this company.
One thing that always snags me is when the seemingly bad characters, Pazuzu in this case, turn out to really be the good guys Pazuzu is almost like any other normal, single father, trying to raise his rebellious teenage daughter right Sure, he can dissipate into a swarm of locusts, and he s been known to spread a plague or two A guy has to make a living, right Deep down, Pazuzu has real heart, and the author does such an amazing job developing his character, keeping in his scary side and melding it with his humanity We all have a scary side admit it.
Another great thing about this novel is Morpho s character We get to see her grow and come into herself, much like the butterfly she is named after We get to see her in the normal, angsty teenage life of an outcast Our heartstrings are tugged as she finds love, and then we are crushed when her whole world comes apart around her Morpho is able to find her strength, cling to her morality, and stand up to the evil that plagues her life and the world as a whole There are so many familiar yet revamped ideas included in this novel along with a lot of great, new aspects and characters I love anything that has to do with gods and goddesses Heck, you might even find a zombie or two in this one as well or are those ghosts or demons or Hmmm guess you ll have to read to find out Morpho Wilson Thought Her Life Was Difficult Enough Her Father Is Pazuzu, The Mesopotamian Demon Of Plague And The Southwest Wind As A Teenager Morpho Struggles Against Her Father, While Trying To Adjust To High School In A New Neighborhood The Family Is Constantly Moving In An Attempt To Elude Pazuzu S Murderous Ex Wife, A Demoness Known For Killing Children Then Something Unique Happens A Socially Impaired Classmate Becomes So Intrigued By Morpho That He Pursues Her, Despite The Mystery Surrounding Her Family And The Danger That Accompanies ItBut Before Their Romance Can Grow The Demoness Tracks Morpho Down, And Now Only Needs An Ancient Artifact Called The Tablet Of Destiny To Complete The Destruction Of The World The Tablet Confers On Its Owner The Ability To Control The Fate Of Everything And Everyone On EarthOnce The Tablet Is Discovered In The Middle East, The Oldest And Most Powerful Gods Begin A Battle For Its Possession, With The Human Population Caught In The Middle Morpho, Her Family, And Her New Friend Must Decide, Do They Escape From The Horrifying Demoness Or Fight For Their Own Destiny How Far Will Pazuzu Go To Save His Daughter From A Hellish Fate Will His Banishment From Heaven So Many Millennia Ago End Up Being A Curseor A Blessing