ë I denna ljuva sommartid Ò Download by ↠´ Mari Jungstedt Couldn t stop reading it So thrilling, a real page turner I enjoyed the feminine focus that is kind of rare in other crime novels I m not a hard core crime lover so this book was really something for me since it had both the thrilling crime plot as well as the relational drama This was the first book I read by Mari Jungstedt and I will definitely read her other books.
Murder comes to a peaceful campsite, a body is discovered in the sea, the Summer is tainted and Knutas cancels his holiday to resume control of the investigation.
This is now the 5th episode of crimes on and around Gotland that are available in the UK We meet familiar characters, their stories are advanced but the crime fails to be solved.
The mystery seems to be linked to events some 20 years before, it is one of the oldest motives for murder, revenge, but what horrors occurred in the past and why have they now erupted with such violence in the present One Of Scandinavia S Best Crime Writers The London TimesWhile Vacationing On The Swedish Island Gotland, A Young Father Of Two Is Shot On The Beach While Jogging Assistant Commissioner Karin Jacobsson, Who Must Lead The Investigation While Anders Knutas Is On Vacation, Is At A Loss Until Another Horrific Crime Is Committed Mari Jungstedt Successfully Combines A Thrilling, Raw Crime Novel With A Multilayered Relational Drama This was an excellent read It is the first book I have read by this author, but I will of her books.
The book opens with murder of a man in a seemingly random, motiveless killing The police seem to be getting nowhere with their investigation and though there are many false leads it is not till much later that the loose ends are tied up.
Alongside the main story we are allowed glimpses into the past One of the qualities I liked about Mari s writing is her feminine insight into a brutal world As said earlier I will be looking for by this author.
If you like Scandinavian crime, this is an author to look out for and invest a few hours in her company.
I love Swedish mysteries and this one by Mari Jungstedt does not disappoint I loved reading it and hated to put it down.
Karin Jacobsson is the acting deputy superintendent of the Gotland Police department because her boss, Anders Knutas, is on vacation in Denmark While she is in charge, a murder takes place on Faro Island A man by the name of Peter Bovide is shot once in the head and several times in the abdomen while out for an early morning jog Interestingly, the weapon used is an old Russian army pistol from the 1920 s For a few weeks prior to the murder, he had the feeling that he was being followed and had also received anonymous phone calls and threats The murder is very vicious and appears personal However, the police have no leads and don t know where to turn for answers Will the killer strike again Johan Berg is a regional journalist who is struggling with his personal life as he tries to report on the murder He and his ex fiancee have been estranged for a few years and Johan wants nothing than to get back with Emma They have a child together but Emma blames him for a situation that occurred in a previous novel when she felt that he put their daughter, Elin, at too much risk The back story about Johan is very interesting.
Shortly after the murder, Anders Knutas cuts short his vacation and returns to work Karin than a little upset about this because she wanted to handle this investigation on her own Anders return makes her feel like he doesn t trust her not to mess up However, they try to resolve things Anders confides a lot in Karin but Karin keeps her personal life close to her chest and does not share anything with others.
Is the murder a result of something to do with Peter s work, his hiring of illegal workers, or is their to his life that the police just are not privy to yet The book professes very well in short chapters that follow different characters as it leads to a riveting denouement.
The book provides a wonderful peak at a country that I hope to visit one day, especially the rural areas of Faro Island and Gotska Sandon.
Not entirely convinced by this despite my scanlit crime passion I keep seeing Scandinavian etc novels on the shelves The blurbs keep telling me in breathless prose how wonderful and arresting and glorious these books are I keep falling for it.
I think it s the translations, not the books themselves, but they are just so clumsy Look, the quality of writing means a lot to me I appreciate that other people don t think it s that big a deal, but I can t enjoy a book if the writing doesn t appeal to me.
The way these books are written translated robs them of flow, poetry, beauty and anything else I might look for It even heads out of dull and workmanlike prose, which I can ignore Instead it s clumsy and overly formal.
It s such a shame I love crime novels, especially moody and atmospheric ones But if you re going for moody and atmospheric the writing really sells it.
I think publishers need to invest in translators who are also writers.

A man, Peter Bovide, is viciously shot from close range on a remote beach on a remote island in Sweden The new assistant superintendent, Karin Jacobsson, is in charge because the superintendent, Anders Knutas is on vacation Karin calls in help from Stockholm a news reporter finds some information the ferry captain describes the three cars on the ferry early the morning of the killer, but the occupants appear to check out Bovide is found to have hired some illegal Russians in his construction business, and they are chased down, but similar murder takes place while they are in jail Knutas returns from his vacation The story chapters move between the participants, and time, giving a lot of background information The plot weaves together nicely with a few exciting moments I m not totally happy with the end which to me is a little distracting from the main story, but probably explains the final action.
A typical Scandinavian crime novel Imaginative settings on the island Gotland that lays in the Baltic sea outside of Sweden This is a book I would recommend Fast paced, original in its genre and with unexpected twists I also think the translator did a good job with this one and that is very important to me There are so many bad translations out there, honestly I almost stopped reading books in translation for this reason and that is a true shame I think that the Scandinavian crime novels are worth reading and that they add something new to a rather traditional genre For example I would recommend Mari Jungstedt for those who have read and appreciate Norwegian Karin Fossum.
Imagine the scene You re on the most isolated island in the Baltic Sea, Gotska Sand n, which is north of Gotland, Sweden The perfect place for a holiday The ideal beach for a morning jog Until a body is found, a man murdered in cold blood Why on earth would a family man be killed in this way Assistant commissioner Karin Jacobsson is assigned to the case and as boss Anders Knutas is away on holiday, she has her work cut out TV reporter Johan Berg is also on the story but he has personal issues he s trying to work through.
Just what or who has come to this peaceful island and why The island of Gotland is remote but the island of Gotska Sand n is remoter still A small island to the north of Gotland, it s captive to the elements from every angle The Baltic Sea surrounds it on all of its jagged sides and it s a long way from the mainland A long way from life itself For some, this should be a nice place to relax, get away from it all and spend time in the real life camping site of sudersandD.
S Anders Knutas, head of the criminal division of the Visby police force has both the age and the experience to match As well as Karin in his team, there s a few other characters such as Wittberg known as the Casanova of the force.
On such a small island, the community is alive and well what with the police and the local media both recounting events of one dreadful summer The island is awash with death and someone is watching People have the feeling that they are being watched.
This is Swedish crime novel with a difference the sense of isolation, the unique island mentality and the relationships between locals, outsiders and foreigners is examined The role and methodology of the island police is also revealed to be complex that first thought.
The murders and the dual time period reveal an historical time line that reveals a culture and an interesting take on events which happened long ago.