[Meera Nanda] ☆ The God Market: How Globalization is Making India More Hindu [chick-lit PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ Although the book itself reads like a research paper for most parts , it does throw up interesting facts, information and of course thoughts to consider.
A most vital read for today Conventional Wisdom Says That Integration Into The Global Marketplace Tends To Weaken The Power Of Traditional Faith In Developing Countries But, As Meera Nanda Argues In This Path Breaking Book, This Is Hardly The Case In Today S India Against Expectations Of Growing Secularism, India Has Instead Seen A Remarkable Intertwining Of Hinduism And Neoliberal Ideology, Spurred On By A Growing Capitalist Class It Is This State Temple Corporate Complex, She Claims, That Now Wields Decisive Political And Economic Power, And Provides Ideological Cover For The Dismantling Of The Nehru Era State Dominated Economy According To This New Logic, India S Rapid Economic Growth Is Attributable To A Special Hindu Mind, And It Is What Separates The Nation S Hindu Population From Muslims And Others Deemed To Be Anti Modern As A Result, Hindu Institutions Are Replacing Public Ones, And The Hindu Revival Itself Has Become Big Business, A Major Source Of Capital Accumulation Nanda Explores The Roots Of This Development And Its Possible Future, As Well As The Struggle For Secularism And Socialism In The World S Second Most Populous Country The author says all other religions are growing all over the world, but she will highlight only Hinduism A totally bizarre and biased book.
Highly recommended reading Written before the current Hindu government came into power this book is prophetic in its predictions of the direction India is heading in and why.
The book is an interesting read It proposes that with neo liberal economic regime India and even many other countries like US are becoming and religious In short, with globalization India is becoming religious Hindu The book tries to build on the hypothesis of temple state corporate complex that has developed in India post 1991 reforms by quoting results of various surveys It also shows how the Indian State is colluding with the temple and the corporate sector to promote Hinduism in India, in terms of land donations and religious tourism.
A good introduction to the temple state business complex This book focuses on the increasingly Hindu stance being taken by the state and our sense of false pride in being the most cultured place on Earth The book itself is well written However, I would have liked it if the author had considered some specific cases and described them in detail I would ideally give this 4 stars and not 5 But I gave an extra star only because of the issue it has focused on This is not an issue that has been looked at by many people.

Several insights offered but not persuasively taken to completion Some of the key points seem inconclusive at the end of the argument The fresh perspective on several facets of hinduism and the challenges they pose is valuable and thought provoking.
Nothing new to offer Just rant, rant and rant We already knew all these stuff It is becoming a fashion nowadays among today s writers to mock Hinduism and most of its beliefs.
Author is so biased.
Blame every damn party for everything Just a pathetic book.
The author had something to say but she doesn t seem to know How to present it, in a palatable manner.
This book is divided into 5 chapters But, reading it seemed to be a waste of my time But somehow I managed to complete it It was of a rant, rather than a book If that makes sense to you.