✓ Keysha's Drama Ì Download by ☆ Earl Sewell Sixteen Year Old Keysha Kendall Is A Judge S Signature Away From Foster Care When She S Sent To Live With The Father She Never Knew Suddenly She Has Her Own Room In His Big Fancy House, A High Powered Stepmother And A Popular Half Brother Who Can Introduce Her To All The Right People At Her New SchoolBut Keysha Can T Forget Where She Came From And She Won T Let Anyone Else, Either Why Should Her Father And His Perfect Family Have It So Easy When She And Her Mother Had It So Hard And So Keysha Hooks Up With A Rough Crowd And Does Whatever She Wants Until What She Wants Changes Real Fast I LOVE THIS BOOK I KINDA WITH THROUGH THE SAME THING KESHIA WITH THOUGH.
It was an ok book I don t think it was that good because it wasn t up to date enough and the ending left questions unanswered The climax and some events in the book were interesting but the conflict didn t come to a resolution at the end of the book I could relate to the main character Keysha in some ways and I think that s what made the book not bad The author wasn t detailed enough in some parts of the book and he didn t fully capture the essence of what he was writing about I don t think grown men should write books about teenage girls because they ve never been a teenage girl, so they ve never thought like a teenage girl or can fully understand teenage girls Female authors who write about teenage girls aredetailed and raw But the book was decent.
Do you ever just feel like you connect to a book so much you call it your soul mate Well I did in the book Keysha s Drama Keysha is 17 year old girl that has been through a lot in her life Her mother went to jail because of drug use And Keysha found herself in a foster home of teenage girls But one day her dad shows up with his family and takes her home Keysha never met her father until the day he took her home with him When she start to live with her dad her world changes because she start to hang out with the wrong group and she feels like the only one who likes her in that house is her dad But at the end of all she finds herself and people that love her as well.
Keysha was pretty a good character I felt kind of bad for her cause her mother left her in a dirty filthy house She had to go live with her dad.
The next book im reading is Decision Time and her dad takes good care of her i really liked that book cause of the ending.
Personally, I didn t like the fact that Keysha was friends with a lesbian, but it s understandable because at the beginning she didn t know, and then they end up not being friends at the end of the story Other than that, the storyline was pretty good.
Keysha s Drama is about a young girl who is 16 years old who is having a very hard life She grew up with a troubled mom who doesn t takes good care of her Keysha learned how to deal with her mother all her life There were times when her mother couldn t feed her and Keysha still had found a way to eat Her mother didn t buy her any clothes, school supplies or anything that she needed Keysha had a friend close to her age who lived in her apartment building and she kept her Keysha motivated Her name was Toya and her and Keysha done everything together Toya didn t have much either just as well as keysha Toya was really the only person keysha had They both looked out for each other so when they parents couldn t afford for anything, Toya and Keysha made a way to steal some clothes and other things they needed that their parents couldn t give When keysha was living with her mom, she didn t have anyone else there with her Her mom was out all night at clubs and out with men She never came home to see Keysha and to take care of her or spend any time with her Keysha stayed up all night looking and waiting for her mom Keysha then had founded out her mom was a prostitute and she was taken to jail She stayed by herself for at least two days without knowing Then later a social worker stopped by Keysha s house to come and get her Keysha was so confuse and didn t know what was going on.
The lady told keysha she was coming to get her because her mother is gone and keysha needs to go to a group home because she is under age When the social came and got keysha, she took her to a group home with a lot of other girls Keysha stayed their until the lady could find her real father Keysha felt scared and she was missing her mother The social worker search and search for her father and ended up getting in touch with him Her father was one of her mother s guy friend cousin Keysha was glad to leave the group home but she also didn t want to go because it felt weird to her She met her father and stepmother and they took her home with them She didn t like her step mom cause she thought she would be jealous of her and her father s relationship She also had a stepbrother who was younger than her who she didn t like as well Keysha transferred to a new school near her father new home Keysha met new friends that ended her up in a lot of trouble One day, keysha s new friend at her new school handed her a bag to put it her locker The bag seemed to had drugs in them Keysha got caught and ended up out of school Keysha was trying to tell everyone that she didn t put them drugs in her bag at school Her father believed in her but at the end she was fought guilty Her father paid for her jail prices because she was sent their because of the drugs She is now back living with a father having a happier life than it was.
This book has been very surprising to me and it slike a very common book I highly recommend this book and rate it a 5 star because it s a life story about a teen who struggles with an un fit mom at first and went through some trouble in a foster care But then she ended up meeting her father for the first time which sort of changes her life The reason I recommend this book is because the situation this book represents is what most teens nowadays are going through Some of them should read this book so they can realize they aren t the only ones going through it and others can understand Everyone needs to realize at some points there is a better opportunity for each of us.
Wow this book was very bad, parts were just creepy and why would a man write about that club part She seemed ghetto and it was hard to finish this book I really wasnt to fond of it and it made Chicago look bad and I live in Chicago and it s really not that bad At some parts it reminded me of Sarah Dessen s Lock and Key , similar theme about a girl whose mom doesnt support and take care of her and the girl goes to a rich house but it definitely was not as well written, lots of grammatical errors, so I wouldnt recommend this one.
Keysha s Drama is a compelling story of a young 17 year old on the cuffs of adulthood, wantingfor herself then her mother Justine who became pregnant as a teen.
Keysha s mother Justine lived a life of prostitution and whatever fun she could get into , not wanting to be a parent but to just live her live.
On the other hand Keysha Kendall has a minds view that maybe , just Maybe her father Is somewhere rooting to rescue her from her moms antics and lack of parental responsibility ESP Presents 5 stars