↠´ The Wapshot Scandal Ñ Download by è John Cheever In This Companion Volume To The Wapshot Chronicle, The Members Of The Wapshot Family Of St Botolphs Drift Far From Their New England Village Into The Demented Caprices Of The Mighty, The Bad Graces Of The IRS, And The Humiliating Abyss Of Adulterous PassionA Novel Of Large And Tender Vision, The Wapshot Scandal Is Filled With Pungent Characters And Outrageous Twists Of Fate, And, Above All, With Cheever S Luminous Compassion For All His Hapless Fellow Prisoners Of Human Nature This much sustained quirkiness is oppressive, and even the darkness that descended over several plotlines didn t lighten my mood.
En mi comentario a Cr nica de los Wapshot hablaba del talento narrativo de Cheever, capaz de hacer grande una novela algo irregular y descompensada, aqu doy fe de que el milagro no se repiti Los problemas que ya se apreciaban en su anterior novela se hacen aqu m s evidentes sin que los aciertos consigan en esta ocasi n levantar la novela Siguen existiendo partes que constituyen magn ficos relatos, otras que, sin llegar a tanto, tienen toda su fuerza y su genio de ah las tres estrellas , pero la sensaci n general es de batiburrillo, de una escandalosa falta de unidad de ah que solo hayan sido tres generosas estrellas No parece que el autor pasase por sus mejores momentos durante la redacci n de la novela el alcohol, su matrimonio, recelos homosexuales , quiz s por ello de la impresi n de estar pose do por una rabia que le empujaba a vomitar todos sus demonios sin importarle lo m s m nimo cuestiones relacionadas con la estructura o la tensi n narrativa El propio autor, comentando sobre lo que supuso para l su escritura, llego a decirNunca llegu a sentir simpat a por el libro y para cuando escrib la ltima p gina, yo no estaba pasando por mi mejor momento Quise quemar el libro Me despertaba por las noches oyendo la voz de Hemingway Yo nunca hab a o do la voz de Hemingway pero no ten a duda alguna de que se trataba de la suya, dici ndome una y otra vez sta no es m s que la peque a agon a La gran agon a llegar m s adelanteUna rabia que le lleva a arremeter sin matizaciones con un mundo en el que las mujeres se escapan con los encargados de los supermercados o se l an con los chicos que hacen los repartos o lloran porque se les queda fr o el t y la tostada o arrancan todos los botones de las camisas de sus maridos, en el que, ay Dios, te obligan a pagar impuestos, en el que todo el mundo anda preocupado por el c ncer y la homosexualidad, en el que j venes desaprensivos intentan enga ar a solitarias mujeres maduras y mujeres descaradas explotan la lujuria de hombres adinerados, donde bandas secuestran aviones, donde unos gamberros pueden torturarte simplemente porque no les gusta tu geta Una lista de rechazos que se van acumulando uno tras otro tras el retrato interesado de una Noche Buena nevada en el pueblecito de Saint Botolphs la felicidad de las compras de navidad, los j venes patinando en el lago helado, el p rroco dirigiendo el coro de villancicos de casa en casa donde son agasajados con una taza de t o una copita de licor Bien es cierto que el p rroco se emborracha a veces y que sigue soltero, lo que ofende a las mujeres en su amor propio, pero de qu forma tan maravillosa se transforman las caras de los componentes del coro apenas entonan las primeras notas Bien es cierto que a veces se producen accidentes como la desaparici n de aquel viejo que se call al r o cuando iba a desprenderse de la camada de gatitos que no pod a mantener y al que tardaron varias semanas en echar de menos, pero qu felicidad la de las familias reunidas alrededor del rbol.
Aun as , hay momentos, algunos muy muy buenos, en los que la novela est a la altura del autor.
Let us just say that William Faulkner is not the only middle aged white man who can expertly craft a sentence while keeping the reader engaged and perplexed at the same time This book was like reading a simplier version of As I Lay Dying with out the Southern charm and sophistication It was a good read I liked some of the elegance of the prose Those main characters were not that well developed but their interactions with others drove the story along in a manner where you really don t mind I ll probably dive into some of his literature I mean any author who correctly uses the phrase what had happened was is alright with me.
The Wapshot Scandal is a sequel to the Wapshot Chronicles I have not read the latter and I do not think I will be interested in it after what I have expreienced with the current novel John Cheever writes almost always about the American life His characters are troubled in their marriages, house, or with the law Their struggles are what some of us go through in real life The Wapshot Scandal was not different It focuses on the Wapshot family as they struggle to live We all have sorrows which if given a choice we would rather do without To some of us we find that the only means of dealing with our troubles is to escape from them That is what most characters in this book tend to do And, in the process we get to learn, symoathise, and mostly wish we never fall on the same lane as them But, life is unpredictable If we do, we must pray to have the inner strength to overcome our problems.
I realized why I was having difficulty with this elegantly written book when I was about 40% of the way through there is no protagonist Unless you consider an entire family as one.
After a brilliantly written first chapter, in which we get a tour around the town of St Botolph s and its inhabitants, with the writer passing the POV like a baton from one character to the other, the story settles on the widely dispersed Family Wapshot Coverley, the scientist, married to man hating and frigid Betsy, lives in Talifer, a scientific research town Moses, the brother is an alcoholic and lives with his cheating wife Melisa in Proxmire Manor and rich cousin Honore who has not paid her taxes lives in the family homestead town of St Botolph s.
After this fact is established, the novel circles in episodic fashion around the lives of these characters, following each and their spouses for awhile, then jumping off to the next, until it comes full circle to the first and so on In between we get exposed to a few offbeat characters Dr Cameron, Coverley s psychotic boss, who is brought to heel at a senate hearing when his abandoned and handicapped son arrives and asks only for love, nothing Emile, the mercenery young man who is having an affair with Melisa, a woman recognized as his mother in the various hotels they hide out for their assignations and Norman, the polite but relentless tax investigator who pursues Honora to Italy and explains the process of extradition to her with elan The descriptions are oblique and hilarious when Coverley is granted sex by Betsy, it s an ascent up the rockwall, the chimney, the flume, the long traverse over the last ridge until one has a view of the whole world Dr Cameron s hard on aboard a plane is a venerial reverie with a painful inflamation Some scenes appear contrived and caricateurish the repeated breakdown of Getrude Lockhart s appliances leading to her catastrophic life choice is a bit overdone Even Honore has the honour of plugging in her curling iron and knocking out the power in an entire ship All families evolve through triumph and tragedy and this one, with it s foibles, is no different When the remnants of the Family Wapshot gather to celebrate Christmas in the old homestead, they are all scarred from their individual acts of commission No one is saved but everyone is changed, a bit poorer in the pocket book perhaps, but richer in the soul.
The style is very direct, like reportage in some places and yet lyrical in others Cheever s mastery of the short story comes out in this book, intended as a novel no doubt, but coming across as a string of linked stories.
A wonderful, perceptive, poetic, and honest book about the American Dream, in all its guises a Christmas morning in New England, a perfectly clean, upper middle class house where groceries are delivered by attractive young men, a government job with housing provided, to be so rich as to be a benefactress, golden eggs buried for Easter Sunday This is also a book about flights, continental flights, trans Atlantic flights, flights of fancy, ski run flights For the Wapshots, their family, and the others who are ensnared in their world, the American Dream is not a privilege, but a right, a kind of standing in society which elevates them from depressing and sordid things Cheever s writing is both empathetic yet firm, and the book has balances a satisfying narrative with well written observations on human nature, frailty, and hunger.
To me, satisfactory than I will try to delineate Perhaps it s the engagement of a 1970s America In any case, the second novel works for me far better than did the first.
In John Cheever s first novel 1957 , Moses and Coverly Wapshot, sons of Leander the fisherman, grow up in little St Botolphs, Massachusetts, a port so small that, like pumpkin pie, it has no upper crust that last mot per their elderly cousin Honora But the boys must leave their stagnant little home place and make their way in the world, a sometimes alarming proposition since the boys have been handsomely equipped with the airs and attitudes of 19th Century New England and not much beyond that.
In this well received sequel, The Wapshot Scandal 1964 , SPOILERS that same cousin Honora decides to flee for Italy because it turns out, ca 1960, that she has never paid an income tax Just never got around to it The Italian scenes and interludes were inspired by Cheever s own sojourn in Rome with wife and child, and another on the way I don t know about the curling iron, but I do know they are both fine and funny books Moses and Coverly and father Leander well, they do have a time of things Both are funny books, yet shot through with Cheever s very real anguish at times The Wapshot Chronicle The Wapshot Scandal.
I found this book unbearably moving by the end Cheever has an astonishing ability to oscillate between the ribald or the lewd, the surreal and the lyrical This is also gentle social satire underpinned by a real fondness for those he satirises and sympathy for their weaknesses and caprices.