Download Epub Format ☆ Dangerous Melody (Treasure Seekers #2) PDF by ò Dana Mentink Stephanie Gage S Father Has Been Kidnapped By A Dangerous Man Who Wants To Make A Trade Her Beloved Dad For A Multimillion Dollar Family Heirloom That S Gone Missing Either Stephanie Finds The Valuable Violin Or Her Father Dies But To Track It Down, She Must Rely On Tate Fuego The Man Who Broke Her Heart Years Ago Stephanie Knows That Tate S Reasons For Helping Have Nothing To Do With HerAnd That The Handsome Demolitions Expert Knows About Destroying Things Than Saving Lives But Trusting Tate Is All That Stands Between Stephanie And A Madman S Ultimate Revenge Gimmicky Short and predictable This is like a comic book than a novel Good choice for when you are in an airplane or at the beach.
Not bad of a story I started it not knowing it was like the second book so it was good the writer recapped things, but I was like uhhh maybe I should have looked for the first one I had picked up this copy from my library s book sale, we don t have the others in this series typical and have to run a search later Love the tension and issues between the two former lovers Thats a hard thing to beat, addiction, especially when you take a painkiller that s supposed to help but you get addicted to it.
I see it as less of the person s fault than the fact pharmaceuticals can be very addicting I ve watched House so I think of Vicodin But the stalker of Stephanie is basically addicted to her, a super creepy way His mind was really twisted He had no sense of boundaries of other people and believed he was entitled to everything, but you feel sort of bad because the story goes back to where it might have started This would make a great Christian Book club discussion book.
Another fun story in the treasure seekers series This time it features Stephanie, the daring sister, and a missing violin But who actually owns the violin, and who will find it first This one had plenty of twists.
Note read this series in order The sibling relationship is explained in book 1.
I would not recommend this book to anyone I have read LOTS of these love inspired novels, and this is the worst so far It is part of a series which is fine, other books have done the same but this plunks us down in the middle of about three or four different plot lines, and we are left to figure out what is going on by hints dropped in the narrative The action is started so quickly we do not get to know the characters, and, when, almost immediately, a bad thing happens, the logical response is, Well, OK, but why would we care A lot of the action is solved by a mysterious detective to whom we are never introduced, and a mysterious they who pick up a bad guy at the airport, without an explanation how they knew to do so Finally, it is poorly written At one point, a man is putting on a t shirt, and he is said to pull it up over his jeans That would make it a little hard to walk, and somewhat ungainly I should hope he pulled it down over his head ARE THERE NO EDITORS FOR THESE books , he asks once again Avoid this book it is a waste of time.
This was a very interesting book to read.
In the first book of the series, Brooke Ramsey meets Victor Gage in the second book, Brooke and Victor are making big plans, but he gets involved in an auto accident along with his dad, who is kidnapped Somehow, Victor s sister Stephanie has gotten involved with an unscrupulous man who s demanding the Treasure Seekers find a family heirloom or their father will die This is Stephanie s story Dana Mentink outdid herself when creating ruthless, annoying, and dangerous characters in this series I love readingI ll stop now, so I don t give away any spoilers but this is another great mystery if you are reading the series, you can read any of the books in any order but it ll be much better in my opinion if you start at the beginning, with Lost Legacy, then continue with Dangerous Melody.
Don t miss this awesome suspense series A story of murder, stalking, forgiveness, danger and It has twists and turns that will keep you pressing to end of story.
Stephanie is in danger because of a man she worked for He kidnaps her Dad to blackmail her and her family to find a treasure for him They are forced to look for a valuable violin Not only has her Dad been kidnapped but her brother lays in hospital fighting for his life.
Her ex boy is involved too because of his sister missing too Tate battles drug addiction and had almost cost Stephanie her life at one point He pushed her away.
In the end when they find the violin, a new twist in story surfaces.
Stephanie and tate are both strong and refuse to give up Faith brings us to a great closin.
A word of caution you won t want to lay the book down.
Fantastic for readers who love a twisted mystery where you follow the clues and try to guess how it s going to end Lots of tension and high stakes.
A wide cast of characters who stand out as individuals I loved the angst between the two main characters and their regret over what happened to their relationship.
In the beginning it starts out somewhat fast paced but as you read on the book starts slowing down and it is both good and bad I say this because you get to know the characters a little but at the same time it starts to drag in certain areas And while she get a little into the characters it still wasn t as in depth as it could have been The ending was rushed though and the characters didn t really get to the root of the problems presented between themselves which just leaves a disappointing taste in your mouth And while the plot was there it wasn t fully fleshed out.