Õ Fling à Download by Ö Sara Fawkes Welcome To Fetish WeekUnleash Your Kinky Side With Three Tales Of BDSM Romance In An Exclusive Mediterranean Sex Resort From Three Hot Erotica Writers, Including New York Times Bestselling Author, Sara FawkesTAKE ME By Sara FawkesThe Minute Sexy Hotel Manager Alexander Stavros Spots Shy, Sweet Kate Swansea At The Mancusi Resort, He Can Tell She S Begging For Release This Dom Is The Perfect Man To Help Her If She S Willing To Let Go Of Her Inhibitions And Enjoy The RideTEACH ME By Cathryn FoxThere S Nothing Luca Mancusi Loves Than Lingerie So Much So, He S Made It His Business Fashion Design Intern Josie Pelletier Is Supposed To Be Negotiating A Deal With Him, But As Talks Heat Up, He Can T Wait To Teach Her The Ways Of Business And BDSM TAME ME By Lauren HawkeyeCEO Marco Kennedy Can T Help Being Drawn To Ariel Monroe When He Follows The Pop Star Abroad To The Mancusi Resort, She Agrees To A Deal He Ll Win Her As A Sub Through Pleasure Or He Ll Disappear From Her Life Ariel S Game Just As Long As She Doesn T Lose Her Heart TooAnd The Bios I typically enjoy a good novella collection especially when it s with new authors because it gives me a chance to discover someone new, without having to commit to a full novel I really enjoyed the chance to discover Sara Fawkes, Cathryn Fox, and Lauren Hawkeye in Fling A BDSM Erotica Anthology Each of these authors, even though their stories were all set in the same fictional Mediterranean resort during Fetish Week, had their own flavor and spice And because each story was only 6 8 chapters long, it was a great quick introduction to each author My only issue with the stories were that I find it hard to see a D S relationship, and the trust needed for a D S relationship, being able to build as quick as each story portrayed especially since each of the heroines were being introduced to this lifestyle Outside of that I enjoyed the overall sexiness of the stories, one being a little hotter than others, and how well the authors were able to blend their stories Fun read and a good introduction to erotica if you haven t tried it yet.
Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickFling is an anthology comprised of three different novellas.
Take Me Sara FawkesAfter being dumped by text message days before her wedding, Kate decides to go ahead and take the vacation that should have been her honeymoon She shows up at the hotel that her fiance had booked only to discover that her room has been given to someone else and that the hotel is currently hosting a fetish week The sexy manager of the hotel Alexander is immediately attracted to Kate and goes out of his way to make sure that she stays Alexander thinks Kate will be the perfect sub to get him back in the action after losing the sub he thought that he would spend his life with As Kate and Alexander go through the different scenes and activities at the hotel they begin to feel a strong connection to each other that goes beyond just sex I really liked both Kate and Alexander They had great chemistry and their scenes together were hot The author did a great job of showing the attraction they felt to each other I was hoping to get a little to their story though It would have been nice to see them not just during the quick falling for each other phase, but also see some of their relationship as it was really starting to grow Their falling in love felt pretty rushed to me considering only a week had passed during the story and they had been complete strangers before meeting at the hotel But overall I enjoyed Kate and Alexander s story I really enjoy the heat that Sara Fawkes always brings to her stories, and this one was no exception.
Teach Me Cathryn FoxAfter her entire office gets food poisoning, Josie is the only person left to try and convince Luca Mancusi that he should carry her boss s lingerie in his resort She arrives at his yacht and the attraction between the two is instant Luca knows that he wants to take this business meeting with Josie and make it personal He whisks her off to his resort, which is currently hosting fetish week Luca knows that Josie would make a great sub to his Dom, but convincing her of that will take a little time and he knows he needs to ease her into it As the two of them begin to negotiate the terms of a business contract, things get steamy Luca and his business partner best friend show Josie just how pleasurable they can make this experience But soon Luca no longer wants to share Josie and decides that he needs to make Antonio and Josie see that what started out as a quick Fling is actually the relationship and family he didn t know he was looking for Because this is a novella and it is so short, everything about this story felt a bit rushed to me Especially since it started as a Fling and was a threesome with Luca s friend Antonio Josie and Luca were enjoyable to read about and they had amazing chemistry But I just thought that their connection would have been believable had it just been about the two of them I really didn t feel their connection so much as the attraction between them The scenes between Luca and Josie are really hot, and I found myself wanting of them Tame Me Lauren HawkeyeEver since they shared a moment at a party, Marco cannot get Ariel out of his mind He knows that she would be the perfect front woman for his new line of malls as well as a perfect sub to his Dom After trying to meet with her several different times, and her no showing for them all he decides its time to track her down Ariel has just hopped a flight to Rome and ends up at the Mancusi resort rather than the hotel she had originally planned to stay at After Marco shows up and tells her that they will be having their meeting, she agrees to stay and discuss his proposal about the malls and nothing else As the meeting goes on things quickly turn from business to personal Ariel is not used to people telling her what to do, but with Marco she discovers that she enjoys giving up control when it comes to her personal life I thought that Marco and Ariel were both great Marco was confident and sexy I loved that he wanted to take care of Ariel to the point that he would deny himself to show her that he was about than just being with her because of her high profile career in the music industry Ariel was feisty and fun, often times being sassy before submitting Even though their relationship progressed quickly due to this being a novella, I really felt the connection between the two of them Not only was the emotion there, but the physical action was scorching hot These two really burned up the pages, and I loved the chemistry between them OverallOverall, this anthology was a quick and hot read for me I loved that even though these were all separate stories they went together It was nice to catch little glimpses of the characters throughout all three stories All of these stories center around fetish week and submitting, but I felt like these were about than just the typical BDSM stories you usually find and the characters were really enjoyable I would recommend this book if you enjoy dominating males and steamy scenes ARC provided by Publisher For this review and visit my blogFling is an anthology featuring 3 stories All the stories feature a couple during fetish week at a luxury resort and they all feature a heavy dose of BDSM so this book will not be for everyone but if you are a fan of the genre then there is bound to be something here to satisfy you The book starts with Take me by Sara Fawkes I really enjoyed this story it had likable characters and a decent storyline Both Alexander and Kate went on a journey in this and it was a shame that wasn t a little bit longer What I also really liked about this story was the relationship between Alexander and Kate, it was the type of BDSM I like It was only in the bedroom where that aspect of their relationship came through the rest of the time when not partaking in the treats fetish week has to offer they were a normal couple.
The second book in this collection was Teach Me by Cathryn Fox I liked the relationship less in this one but the characters The reason that the relationship was not as great for me was because there was some sharing and I am of a one man at a time kind of woman I really liked Luca and Josie, especially Luca he was a little overbearing but there was something really attractive about him.
My least favourite of the anthology was Tame me by Lauren Hawkeye There was nothing wrong with it and the characters were fine but it was not my kind of relationship I don t mind men who are dominating in the bedroom but I am not a fan of it out of it Marco was just to interfering when it came to Ariel Before he even knew her he has met her once for all of five minutes he re arranged her hotel reservation and transport without her knowledge so he could get her where he wanted her He tells her what to do, what to wear and that is just not for me at all There is nothing wrong here but it just wasn t to my taste.
Fling is a fun, saucy read that I enjoyed I would recommend it if you are a fan of the genre.
The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review originally reviewed at herding cats burning soupAhhh a kinky fetish resort getaway filled with oh so sexy Doms and feisty women who accidentally ended up at the resort for the week and are surrounded by all sorts of kinkery goodness Seriously Where can I find a resort like this LOL Love it Fling is on the lighter side of BDSM and actually made me smile quite a bit because it was so muchsimpler than the ones I m used to It s not like Cherise Sinclair, Candace Blevins or Kallypso Masters It s , I don t really even know, contemporary romancified BDSM Light, easy, kinky fetish fun than lifestyle I guess.
I think this would be good for those wanting to venture into BDSM writing that isn t heavy or intense and just want a touch of kinky fun And for those that love BDSM it s a fun little romp if you want something beginner ish I had a good time with it and will be giving each of these ladies another read at some point Take Me by Sara Fawkes was a nice easy read that was steamy and fun I enjoyed Alexander and Kate He s got some sexy going on and loves control And Kate s a bit hurt and shy after a failed engagement but adventurous and a bit of an exhibitionist which Alexander loved bringing out in her It was a nice mix and even though things move very quickly, whew boy do they there s a little good natured voyeurism going on and then BAM we re having sex in an alcove, I still enjoyed the steamy scenes and how things ended up with them.
There were some kinda predictable moments, a little too much reliance on people s hair color when indicating people the redhead instead of names or using her and a some issues I wish had been fleshed out or even mentioned, like protection, but all in all it was a fun read that left me curious to see how Fawkes handles a full length story So, yeah, in real life Teach Me by Cathryn Fox would so be a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen but on paper, yeah, it was pretty damn hot as designer Josie tries to get Luca to sign a contract with her fashion house to sell their lingerie and does whatever it takes I really liked the writing in this one It was well thought out, sexy, surprising and even though it moved a little quicker at the end than I was ready for it was a nice satisfying read.
Luca and Josie were both great characters Very dedicated and loyal and had great chemistry Things delve a little deeper between them with glimpses into his past and her present which I really liked Josie was fairly naive but she s bold and sassy and pretty daring The sex scenes were a little spicier than I was expecting with some nice exhibitionism and surprise, um, partners joining in It wasgood Tame Me by Lauren Hawkeye was my favorite of the trio and a lot had to do with the heroine who was a celebrity and being or less hunted down by Marco The two had a brief encounter where sparks flew and Marco knew he needed to get to know her better but oh she so wasn t making it easy on him at all and I loved her bratty spitfire attitude Ariel had a nice bite to her that really worked well when meshed with Marco.
There were some nice steamy scenes that were pretty intense and were nicely done I really liked Hawkeye s voice and how fleshed out she managed to make her novella.
DNF 50%.
I have found most BDSM books featuring Dominate hero that bordered on being presumptuous, rude, arrogant and it annoys the crap out of me.
Not really the book s fault, it is purely my prejudice If you don t mind, instant lust, if you don t mind story plots involving unprotected sex with strangers, if you don t mind domineering male that I considered as being jerks, then this might be the book for you.
This is a lighter BDSM anthology It was very much a breath of fresh air for me There is a slight category romance feel to it, with all the men being exceptionally handsome and filthy rich, and the women accidentally showing up at the resort during Fetish Week, but yet it works All three stories are light, fun and incredibly sexy Perfect those who may have just been introduced to BDSM romance and the heavier stuff still frightens them As for people like me, who ve read it all, this is a nice break from some of the hardcore BDSM romance out there This is still erotic and explicit, but it s a lot kink play and a lot less strict protocol.
TAKE ME by Sarah Fawkes was great The idea of sweet Kate Swansea going on her honeymoon anyways when her fianc leaves her and it being Fetish Week amused me Throw in sexy hotel manager Alexander Stavros and his fast moves and this was a fast paced, sexy love story They jump into bed, and while it has a feel of a rebound, I just know that they re going to be happy forever, that s how the author leaves me feeling Before that she throws in an interesting twist, that I suspected early on but when it was executed it pushed this story into the great category.
Then comes TEACH ME by Cathryn Fox, this is a boss seduces new employee story, which I really liked I love Luca Mancusi, and the way he handles Josie and pushes her boundaries, just plain did it for me This one added the new kink of an additional partner for a few scenes, which really worked with the story I would gladly read Ms Fox again if she can give me hot scenes like this again.
Last but not least is TAME ME by Lauren Hawkeye, this one was a bit different, or so it seemed to me Ariel and Marco didn t meet at the resort for the first time, in fact Marco has been pursuing her for awhile until he manages to get her on the island I liked the extra layer, Ms.
Hawkeye really does know how to make a novella feel like a full length novel The characters were great and I would easily read anything else she wanted to put out there.
Overall this anthology is seamless in it s execution, all three stories happen simultaneously and yet they don t seem contrived or rushed I felt like it was almost just one long book with each story focusing on two new characters I enjoy when anthologies flow so well together, these three authors writing styles meshed beautifully and I hope they do anthologies together in the future I can t recommend these stories enough, pick it up, it s a must read.
It s always tough for me to review anthologies because it seems a little unfair for the stories I really enjoyed.
I don t know why all submissives lately don t seem to know they are but I m assuming this is just run off from Fifty Shades I do wish, however, that the fad would pass There s a fine line between innocence naivety and just knowing zero information about yourself.
But to the stories Usually I go in order of the books but not this time I m going in the order of loved to meh.
Tame Me by Lauren Hawkeye to me this seemed the most BDSM book out of the three There was no mistaking he was a dom and they actually did stuff Lauren Hawkeye was also able to pack a helluva lot of emotion into her story I m always impressed when that can be done in an anthology story 4 stars Tease Me by Kathryn Fox okay while I found the whole premise a little eye rolling, rookie employee is the only one who didn t get food poisoning so she s off to see the billionaire Why not just reschedule I did enjoy the storyfor the most part I m still a bit bummed I never got to see any of the threesome stuff It was brushed over And the dominant submissive aspect was a little lacking I did enjoy the characters in this story 3 stars Take Me by Sara Fawkes drove me NUTS All of the little redhead and the large man references drove me to the point that I started to count them out in the scenes Kind of a where s the descriptive tag Waldo I get it she s a redhead and he s a big dude It got a little tiresome As did the perpetual pounding of poor Kate No wonder she was so soreI m pretty sure it wasn t the yoga It was like a battering ram had been taken to her lady bits 2 stars I ll be honest I started this book with some trepidation since erotica really isn t my genre of choice, and I haven t really read BDSM before In particular, I really had a tough time with Luca and Josie s story where Luca shares her with his friend Antonio Didn t work for me AT ALL Nevertheless, I m glad I read it as it helped broaden my horizons Though I doubt I ll be actively seeking out BDSM books in the future I also appreciated that all three novellas interconnected, and characters from one novella appeared in others.
Book definitely intended for those age 18 This book contains three separate stories, although they all happen in the same place at the Mancusi Resortduring Fetish Week.
I enjoyed the stories Take Me by Sara Fawkes, Teach Me by Cathryn Fox and Tame Me by Lauren Hawkeye They were each different and unique.
I ve given this book 3 stars for several reasons 1 I hated the formatting The paragraphs are separated, sure, but just barely There s maybe a space or two at the beginning of each, giving the feel of them all running together Also, this ended up sometimes giving the impression of there BEING no separation between two different things, like him talking and then the woman talking because his part would end and barely a space would separate her part beginning This bugged me.
2 The overuse of some words Referring to the woman as The redhead in his head even after he knew her name Yes, we got it, she has red hair Dom such moments as The Dom in him etc repeatedly This might just be personal preference.
3 Not one of these women seemed to know about BDSM, it was all the men They all came off as innocent and naive I m not all gung ho about women being superamazinglytastic, but really The last story I could see she was raised in a very uptight house that seemed like it didn t mention sex, let alone people having fetishes The other two thoughit s like they d never seen nor heard of it I guess I was bothered by ALL of them being so clueless.
Overall, it was still a good read I felt the authors all covered the topic really well and with taste It is definitely a hot and sexy read.