Download Epub Format ✓ The Armies of Heaven (The House of Arkhangelsk, #3) PDF by ✓ Jane Kindred A fitting ending to a heavenly series I would never have imagined capturing my interest I was happy to see the.
relationship between Beli, Hazily, Nenny, and Kae became a lasting one.
Jane Kindred has written a wonderful novel that completes the trilogy of The House of Arkhangel sk The characters are compelling and complex Each of them gives a different prospective of the power struggle for the throne of heaven Anazakia makes many sacrifices to follow her destiny Heartbreak and danger surround her as she leads her troops into battle She is conflicted between duty to her people and her role as a mother She has endured much suffering and loss Her family is gone and her daughter, Ola, has been kidnapped The people of Heaven are split in their loyalty As the story unfolds we see Angels and Demons battle for supremacy All are touched by death, treachery and loss Who will be the victor and at what cost To fully understand what is happening and why, the reader might want to start with The Fallen Queen and then The Midnight Court This series is an epic fantasy of romance and war that should not be missed.
Full Scale War Has Broken Out In Heaven, And Anazakia Must Embrace Her Destiny, Leading An Army Of Virtues Into Battle Against A Host Of Enemies To Restore The House Of Arkhangel Sk Furious With Her For Putting Her Trust In The Angel Who Has Done Them All Irreparable Harm, Vasily Tries To Ignore His Growing Resentment, While Belphagor Returns To The World Of Man With A Cadre Of Beautiful Androgynous Virtues To Restore The Sundered Alliance Between The Fallen And The Gypsy Underground Without Their Help In Enlisting The Terrestrial Forces Of Grigori And Nephilim, Anazakia S Virtues Are Hopelessly Outnumbered But There Are Things In Heaven And Earth Than Any Of Them Have Dreamt Of, And Those They Cannot See Will Mean The Difference Between Victory And Losing Everything I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
The Armies of Heaven is the third book in the House of Arkhangel sk series I had not read the other two books previously and though I think it would have clarified some things in the story, I didn t have any problems following the plot and getting acquainted with the characters.
There is war in the heavens Murder, manipulation and betrayal nearly obliterated the ruling family and only now is the true heir to the throne, Anazakia able to move toward the goal of removing the woman from the throne who was responsible for most of her family s deaths She also is seeking her own daughter who was kidnapped and carried away from her by Anazakia s former nanny Helga who also desires to take the throne Working with the allies that she has, Anazakia s armies are woefully undermanned, but it seems that there are still things in Heaven than are known and that may just tip the scales in one way or another.
The story of war among the angels and demons resident in heaven is detailed and well written The characters were all well rounded some were appealing, some were not, as was appropriate to their function I found the tale to be unique in its presentation of angels and war between them and even in its portrayal of heaven itself It also uses the realms of the angels to explain other myths that have passed down through folk in the real world, for example the fae There was both love and sex in the story and some involved dominance and submission There was also graphic violence and slavery.
I found this an interesting tale that kept me engrossed for a goodly time.
For a full review, see beginning of the book seemed a bit slow to me, but the pacing picked up, and I read the last two thirds of the book in one sitting, frantic to see how the story would be resolved There are so many things about this series that make me happy, and this book did not disappoint I love the way that Jane Kindred intersperses her writing with Russian phrases, especially when describing Belphagor s relationships with his various submissive friends Rather than play with tired love triangles, the author creates characters who are okay with having unconventional and somewhat deviant relationships, preferring to all be one happy family rather than fight over each other.
I can t praise this book enough It comes as the end of a trilogy, and I highly suggest reading them all I ve rarely delved to the fantasy genre, but I love fiction I found the characters to be remarkably developed and pushed throughout the series The book showcases good vs evil, and through true to life twists in perspective the black and white notions break down and challenge the reader to question their own feelings Revolution is portrayed like the violent chaos it is without losing the reader Friendship and love drive the characters through the story flailing with how close failure and heartbreak really are in the quest for trust The desperate cling to power for its own sake ruins us Genuine strength is defined for us by those who question how sweet power really tastes, shining brighter than they realize.
I absolutely LOVE this series Each book had a satisfying conclusion even though the greater arch was yet to be resolved And something that many fantasy writers miss, but Jane does exceptionally well when something fantastic has to happen to save the day, you truly believe that it IS a fantastic thing, not an easy thing that they could have done all alone.
Read it You ll see what I mean.
Er read the first two first This book kept my attention the entire time It is about a war among the angels and demons It was extremely well written The characters were easy to follow and they all seemed to have a purpose in the story Defiantly recommended

25 starsTHE ARMIES OF HEAVEN is the third installment in Jane Kindred s The House of Arkhangel sk series I cannot stress how highly I recommend you read this particular series in order as the character and world building are intricately detailed throughout the books, layering jeweled information, bitter rivalries and political infighting between the demons, angels and arkangels of Heaven There is betrayal between friends and family the powerful and the elite the slave and master To which I will also add, no one is safe from the pain, sorrow and heartbreaking death of those they love and hate Much of the storyline is a reflection and interpretation of the Russian Revolution and of the Russian Imperial House of Romanov that is applied to the political infrastructure of Heaven s Royal House of Arkhangel sk The storyline vacillates between our heroine Anazakia s POV and third person as many of the novel s characters and plotlines occur simultaneously and in various parts of Heaven and the world between Heaven and Earth Jane Kindred blends the beauty and power of the angel in a world that is embattled in a fight for the right to rule Heaven Anazakia is a strong heroine but one who knows sorrow and heartbreaking loss first hand With her daughter still missing and in the hands of the woman hoping to destroy Heaven and its rulers, Anazakia sets out to command an army of Virtues whose only sin is to be loyal to the rightful Queen Although strong, Anazakia is also a mother, a sister and a daughter who has lost much than many and those losses fuel the fires and the burning push to claim what is hers but finding her daughter may put everyone in jeopardy as those loyal to Anazakia will meet evil and betrayal at every turn They will risk their lives for the rightful heir and the woman to whom they have pledged their loyalty and their love.
Many of the characters from the previous storylines have integral roles in The Armies of Heaven and at times the betrayer became the betrayee when the ultimate goal was hidden behind a mask of evil and revenge Trust is an issue that is not gained lightly and in many cases is the ultimate act of betrayal The battle for Heaven s throne is awash in political intrigue and betrayal, torture and mutilation, love and hate And the overall residing drive for Anazakia is her determination to find her daughter before she is irrevocably lost forever But a few unexpected revelations will force Anazakia to look closely at what happened the night her entire life was destroyed and in doing so, will see that not is all is at is seems.
THE ARMIES OF HEAVENS is a fascinating and detailed storyline Jane Kindred s world of The House of Arkhangel sk is a modern and colorful fantasy storyline adaptation blending the contemporary with the past and, the result is an amazing series that should not be passed up Every nuance and minute detail of the story serves a purpose Nothing and no one is safe in The House of Arkhangel sk.
The House of Arkhangel sk series is not a study in theology but a story that uses the power of Heaven and the angels blending fantasy with the reality of the 20th and 21st century world Reading Order1 The Fallen Queen2 The Midnight Court3 The Armies of Heavensee all of my reviews at www.
com 3.
5 starsAnazakia has accepted the role that s been thrust on her as the Fallen Queen and now seeks the throne of Heaven However, she is not the only one vying for power, and the people of Heaven are split amongst the various factions In order to restore the House of Arkhangel sk, Anazakia must make bitter decisions as a queen leading her forces into battle.
I really enjoyed watching Anazakia grow over the course of the series Initially a sheltered princess blind to the growing dissent of the people, Anazakia matures into a kind queen understanding of the wishes and needs of the people At times, Anazakia does forget the importance of her role in the battle, becoming blind to her duties when her duties as a mother and person conflict with her duties as a leader, but her behavior is understandable In fact, these vulnerabilities make her all the real and believable She s gone through so much, it d be strange if she didn t crack at some point Fortunately, Anazakia is surrounded by loyal friends who support and advise her, providing her the strength to keep going, and I enjoyed getting to know them better through the various narrators.
The multiple POVs were done better in this book than the previous book It was easier to see the chronological order of events in relation to each character, and it didn t feel as if the story was being told to me as much It did help that there were battle scenes in this book, which I really enjoyed A lot of the brutalities of war are clearly detailed for us enough that I could see the sacrifices made, but not in such graphic detail that I had to put the book down For example, I might know that someone is beat or tortured, but I wouldn t be able to paint a picture of the scene provided that I had the artistic talent.
If there s anything that surprised me me, it s how the romantic relationships played out Given the complex relationships of the characters, it shouldn t have surprised me what Anazakia ends up doing However, I didn t see the romance coming between her and this other angel though they may have had history together, she never really showed present romantic inclinations towards him until late in the story when it suddenly comes to the surface It may be that she never had time to think about it, and she certainly had to reason to love him Nevertheless, there is no single form of love, and if a companion novel is released, I d be interested in seeing how the relationships amongst Anazakia s group play out in the future Anazakia s reign as queen is looking pretty unconventional.
The Armies of Heaven delivers a solid conclusion to an enjoyable romantic fantasy trilogy Fans of paranormal romance and epic fantasy alike can find common ground in the series.