[ Read Online The Bond Book: Everything Investors Need to Know About Treasuries, Municipals, GNMAs, Corporates, Zeros, Bond Funds, Money Market Funds, and More Ò m-m-horror PDF ] by Annette Thau ✓ Even than you wanted to know Comprehensive book on bonds Not overly deep but clear enough Ideal for the beginner intermediate level.
For some reason the author seems to have some problem with decimal numbers, using confusing and unnecessary fractional representations.
As almost every other investment book, it was written from the perspective of an American investor.
The Bestselling Guide Updated To Meet Therenewed Public Interest In BondsThis New Edition Of The Bond Book Will Attract Thelegions Of Investors Fleeing The Stock Market In Searchof Safer Ground The Financial Crisis Of Causedmajor Disruptions To Every Sector Of The Bond Market, But Treasuries Have Since Experienced Major RalliesThis Edition Will Discuss The Lessons Of The Crisis, As Wellas The Risks And Opportunities It CreatedProviding The Most Up To Date Information Available Formaking The Best Bond Investing Decisions, This Third Editionexplains How To Assess Risks And Opportunities Inthis Sector, Buy Treasuries Without Paying A Commission, Decide Whether To Purchase Bond Funds Or Individualbonds, And Choose Among The Various High Yield Savingsbonds Now Available Good map with directionsI decided to read this book because I m in cash in my IRA My advisor recommended ladders This book gave excellent information on the different types of bonds and how to select a portfolio and strategy I now have the information and confidence to setup my own ladder.
The best introduction to bond investing in print right now, especially for individual investors.
Best book on the Bond markets i ve come across Clearly written, with calmness of plain woman character Excellent book about bonds.
Exactly what is says on the tin Very clear.

Very good introduction and overview of most popular bond debt fixed income instruments It covers not only Treasuries, Munis but also Fannie Mae Freddie Mac backed mortgage bonds or CDs it goes even further to instruments like CMOs etc Even if you know roughly how bonds work you will still learn a lot from this book my impression is that many people think bonds treasuries I felt that from individual, part time investor it covers most of the ground that you may need I do have somewhat extensive experience with financial instruments relatively, as for someone who is not professionally in the finance industry so it is hard to judge for me how easy it would be to digest all all this information for someone without or with short prior investment experience I felt some chapters are easier to grasp than other, but then again, so are the related financial instruments e.
g CMOs are necessarily complicated than treasuries Lat but not least I think this book does a truly terrific job with fighting the common preconception that bond instruments are by definition a safe harbor in the investment landscape like stocks are risky, bonds are safe If you are into investment and share above opinion read this book now.
A fine starter for the layman It requires a good knowledge of basic arithmetic and recommends the use of a good financial calculator e.
g HP 12CP Financial Calculator This edition c 2011 is dated but the lessons given are fundamental and remain useful The current 2017 debate on active vs passive management of bond portfolios is briefly covered Strategies on emerging from a long, long period of low, low interest rates isn t a topic The Bond Book is valuable for its seasoned approach to building a long term bond portfolio not including alternative fixed income investments like dividend paying stocks Well worth the read.