[ Read Online The Mistress Files (The Original Sinners, #3.2) Ê star-trek-deep-space-nine PDF ] by Tiffany Reisz ✓ I swear whenever I read one of Ms.
Reisz s book this is exactly me Ugh I just love this kinky series so much Ps I m not faking just like Meg LOL this series literally make me hot wet Kingsley Edge, King Of Kink Himself, Wants Mistress Nora To Write A Training Manual To Instruct His Other Professional Dominants How To Take Better Care Of Their Clients But Mistress Nora Can T Put Pen To Paper Without Churning Out A Sexy Short Story And Kingsley S Training Manual Quickly Turns Into True Tales Of Her Adventures With Her Favorite Clients A Female Submissive Who Can T Orgasm A Male Dominant Too Scared To Do Kink With His Blind Wife A Rock Star With A Secret A Vanilla Gay Woman With An Embarrassing Little Problem A Male Switch With An Itch For Than Just Pain These Are Their Stories 5 OUT OF 5 STARS Do you have a fetish Do you need that specific something for finding sexual gratification If the anwer is yes, then that s where Nora a.
a The Mistress comes in Nora is a trained master dominatrix where she deals with fetishes that may be considered unusal and very bizarreI m here because I want this I m here because I need thisThe Mistress Files contains five short stories where Nora deals with their specific kinks.
My favorite file case is The Case of the Secret Switch One word Kingsley need I say sigh F.
I He s no S ren but I still love himOnze I hurt you all the way to eleven I m pretty damn proud of myself right now, I have to sayI FUCKING LOVE TIFFANY REISZ Their really isn t much to say Everything she writes is beyond fucking brilliant If you haven t read The Siren seires yet then you should immediately begin the wickedly erotic underground trip to The 8th Circle Until then I m going to endure the pain of patiently waiting for the next installment, The Mistress The original Sinners 4 I ve had the inkling to re read Tiffany Reisz s amazing original Sinners series again some of the books for the third time but then realized there are a ton of novellas out there just waiting to be read so The Mistress Files is one of them Actually it s five of them Lucky, lucky me.
Tiffany Reisz has combined five scenes in total between Nora in her role of dominatrix and five different clients To help with story flow, the reason these scenes fictionally exist is because Kingsley gave Nora the task to write client profiles as a way of providing insight to other dommes about various clients I have listed the titles of each scene along with a brief review Ratings are ALL 5 stars baby Recommended for fans of this amazing series or the BDSM genre in general Check it out The Case of the Acting Actress Very sexy, innocent, and sexy Did I say sexy The Case of the Diffident Dom My absolute favorite of the bunch I can t say a word about it except that it s a husband and wife scenario and it shows how love and protectiveness can be at the very center of BDSM play Such a beautiful read The Case of the Reluctant Rock Star Exploring the world of kink with a newbie Sexy while still being cute The Case of the Secret Switch Bring out the talons, floggers, and canes baby Nora is not playing around in this one and you won t blame her when you learn the secret switch s identity The Case of the Brokenhearted Bartender An exploration of sexual identity Funny, insightful, and a glimpse of Nora being gentle with a client.
My favorite quoteIt s the scariest thing you can do walk into a room where you know you re going to meet your real self Would you do that If there was a mirror out there and you knew if you looked into it, you d see the real youwould you look Please, I m begging you read this series if you haven t You are totally missing out on something amazing This isn t just a series of novels, Its a collection of art.
I keep saying this and I will say it again If Nora was real, I d go lesbian for her.
My whole book is highlighted I swear every line which comes out of Tiffany s brain and Nora s mouth makes me fall in love with this series.
I didn t expect anything less I mean c mon Its TOS It only deserves 5 stars and wet panties been thrown at the laptop screen after each file.
THIS IS THE BEST SERIES I HAVE EVER READDo you know how hard it is to concentrate with you breathing in my goddamn ear I can hear your erectionLOL A female submissive who can t orgasmHe owned me with that thrust God, I d love to read a whole effing novel on Nora, Sheridan and of their amazing encounters A male Dominant too scared to do kink with his blind wifeTurn that white girl red, I cried and I laughed LOVED this file It was just magnificent A rock star with a secretNowwelcome to my Wonderland She took him to her Wonderland and unravelled him just the way Nora could A male switch with an itch for than just pain Love everything that happened in this file, looking forward to of them in the White Years prequel series D A vanilla gay woman with an embarrassing little problem I didn t enjoy this file it was ok compared to the rest But as always the writing was AMAZING.
And at the end of this novel I sobbed my eyes out because there was NO S renTell her you love her and that she s your prized possession Tell her that a lot Every day even The Mistress said and heard those words ringing in her earsCannot wait for The Mistress 3 4 stars The Mistress Files is a novella based on The original Sinners series Chronologically, this installment is number 3.
5 out of the 7 full novels that are currently available Kingsley Edge has appointed Nora Sutherlin s writing skills to tell about some of her experiences as a Domme in order to improve upon the tactics his other Dominants can use for the future Sort of a sexual reference manual Included are 5 certain cases where the Mistress helps her clients determine what their needs areand fulfills them All the scenarios are different in some way, but together they are all about the keen expertise know how that Nora has in able to read people and her sexual ingenuity The clients came from everywhere They were everyone And every last one of them told them a different reason for coming to the Underground For being totally caught up with the series finishing The Virgin mere days ago , I was still in need for a little extra Tiffany Reisz She s one of those go to authors that does not disappoint I have to say that I am glad I read this one when I did, and not in order Some of the things that were told in The White Years, were mentioned in this book I had a better understanding of some of the things that were discussed based on reading all of the books By all means, you can still read this in order, I m just personally happy with the fact that I had a greater insight ie when Sam was mentioned Since this was basically written by Nora, we are able to see of her cheeky side We ve had small snippets about what she was like as a Domme, but all of that took a back seat to all the wonderful characters and bigger storyline in the full novels This novella was about what her life entailed when she was away from S ren, and the things she did I liked the diversity of each case One was about a former Dom, now married to a blind woman, who was afraid to top his wife that so desperately craved it Where another was showing a rockstar that he was not so vanilla after all Each case shows Nora s big heart and her abilities as a true master of the craft to put people at ease and help them out An insightful read if you re a fan of the series.
I m holding a squeaky toy duck in a dungeon while two women fuck me and a Dominatrix supervises Dante said as he stared at the ducky in his hand This is not how I imagined my day ending Really The Mistress asked It s exactly how I imagined my day ending Carry onI d sworn off reading Mistress Files because I didn t think I d care to read about how another 50 new people were hopelessly infatuated with Nora.
However, I came to realize that I d read through all of the OS backlist, including the shorts, and this was all I had left, so I couldn t punk out after getting this far Surprisingly, I think only one person proclaimed love for Nora in the entire read from what I recall That might be a new record low Hah I m in such a good mood, I won t dock points for the obligatory Nora worship.
This is a collection of short tales in the life of Nora the Dominatrix I quite liked them all the last one was a bit odd, but still entertaining Mistress Files reads exactly like the quickie romps they were intended to be, so this is not going to be the same heavy hitting story format that the OS books tend to follow, but the format worked as its own, separate thing I liked that the focus was on Nora just doing her job She comes to work, she does whatever crazy stuff the clients need most of the time it s not even sex , and gets paid It was kind of a trip to see the things her clients paid the big bucks for They don t call it a fetish for nothingI d recommend this side companion book for OS fans Save the read if you re not familiar with the OS world yet But once you arethis is the perfect little late night quickie or set of quickies if you want to break up the stories when you re missing the sinners and need a fix before the next full length book comes out.

5 STARS To many, Nora Sutherlin is an enigma You tell her to do one thing, she does the other She s fierce, sarcastic and follows nobody s orders but her own Well, occacsionally she does follow someone elses orders like now fore example, when her boss Kingsley has ordered her to write down of few of her most memorable encounters as a Dominatrix In The Mistress Files tells the stories of five of her most unique clients.
That way, we get to know a lot about Nora s life during the days she was working for Kingsley The two most common reasons why people go to the underground for a session with the city s most notorious DominatrixI m here because I want this.
I m here because I need thisThe Mistress Files 1 The Case of the Acting Actress 2 The Case of the Different Dom 3 The Case of the Reluctant Rock Star 4 The Case of the Secret Switch 5 The Case of the Brokenhearted Bartender.
Each of these cases holds a special meaning to Nora and every single one of them is unique and entertaining to read Since Nora decided to write the files at Kingsley s townhouse they re forced to spent a lot of time together I could never get enough of the banter between the two of them They are two of my favorite characters of the series and when they re together in a room, it can go two ways Either they re best friends who have each others back or they re each other s number one enemy Either way, conversations between these two are never boring, that s for sureJesus H Christ, Kingsley Stop reading over my shoulder Do you know how hard it is to concentrate with you breathing in my goddamn ear I can hear your erection The Mistress loved awkward silences She d create them on purpose sometimes just to see who would break them firstMy personal favorite The Case of the Secret Switch I won t spoil it for you and tell you who this secret client is, but I think most of you who ve read the rest of the series, will probably have figured his identity out alreadyOne a scale of one to ten, what was that Onze Onze I hurt you all the way to eleven I m pretty damn proud of myself now, I have to sayMost people in their world aren t a fan of Switches because they re so unpredictable, but that s exactly why these two have such a special bondThat little stunt you pulled just now That s why normal kinky people don t trust us I like us You don t No, I don t like us I fucking love usOverall, this turned out to be another 5 star read by Tiffany Reisz for me She never ceases to amaze me with her brilliant writing style and Nora never cease to amaze me with her sarcacstic sense of humor and her ever present confidence For fans of the original Sinners series these five short stories are an absolute MUST read 5 Stars Tiffany Reisz is a genius with a pen EVERYTHING she writes is just fabulous Her books and characters are fantastic, this novella was no exception Loved getting Nora and Kingsley Nora Sutherland Nora has to be my favorite heroine of all time I love this woman No one tops her in my book D This novella was broken apart to 5 chapters files stories of 5 different clients She is doing this per Kingsley s request And of course King s there while she is writingJesus H Christ, Kingsley Stop reading over my shoulder Do you know how hard it is to concentrate with you breathing in my goddamn ear I can hear your erection1 The Case of the Acting Actress 2 The Case of the Diffident Dom 3 The Case of the Reluctant Rockstar 4 The Case of the Secret Switch 5 The Case of the Brokenhearted Bartender A short, erotic read Loved getting back into Nora s head for an hour or two This was a HOT one I especially liked story 4 view spoiler Kingsley s story YUM hide spoiler