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Emprego dos Sonhos Chefe dos Borgs Born on a Rotten Day takes traditional astrology a bit further and gives insight on how to survive coexisting with each sun sign The general descriptions made me laugh the quality of my sign, Gemini, is described as Mutable Gemini is the human version of the revolving door Each sign is divided into different categories If You Love One Man Woman, If You Are One Born Rotten, It s All Relative The Sign Family, Office Party each sign in the workplace , and Can t We All Get Along Basically, how to deal However, I had to disagree with some of the generalizations Born on a Rotten Day makes about my sign this, of course, caused me to doubt the accuracy of the other sign descriptions One worries that to keep the rotten, snarky tone of the book, Dixon Cooper decided to forgo accuracy Keep this in mind as you re reading and try a little cross referencing I d recommend Darkside Zodiac if you appreciate the bitchy, cynical tone in Born on a Rotten Day as I did I think the thing that bothered me the most, and is consequentially the reason I didn t give it 4 stars, is this each sign supposedly has a back up weapon of sorts against the other signs, EXCEPT for the other signs that have a shared element Example for Gemini, You and the other Air signs, Aquarius and Libra, understand each other on a soul level, and therefore, rarely have serious confrontations This is a load of bull There has to be a way to get under Aquarius and Libra s skin, because despite having the shared element of Air, the qualities are all different It is described this way for each sign, with the exact same phrasing the only difference being the signs Understanding each other on a soul level, my ass If every sign understood each other, well, we wouldn t be reading this, now would we Mostly, I d recommend Born on a Rotten Day to anyone looking for a good laugh, not for someone who wants serious, accurate advice on how to live with someone born under a certain sign.

This book review is for Born on a Rotten Day Illuminating and Coping with the Dark Side of the Zodiac by Hazel Dixon CooperThere are probably just a handful of books that I refer to often enough that the pages have become tattered, the covers bent and worn This is one of them I find excuses to bring it down from the shelf, all too frequently, that I ve ended up building a smaller shelf to keep it closer at hand What makes this book so special Well, let s start with the author Hazel Dixon Cooper She is a professional Astrologer, with over 25 years of characterizing folks based on their humble birth charts She s the author of the best selling series, of which this book was the first of The Rotten Day Series , and she is the woman responsible for me recognizing an Aquarius man as the one holding the other piece of my soul.
As the title suggests, or at least, would lead one to assume, the book is written in a sarcastic but informative tone I will sadly admit, that her vocabulary far exceeds my own, and I embarrassingly have to say that I had to look up one too many words But that is obviously my own issue, and definitely not a complaint.
A friend of mine, years ago, turned me onto this book, after knowing how I felt about Zodiac signs and compatibilities etc I m pretty sure I ve loved this bookthan even she could have expected Every time a friend or family member thinks about a potential mate, I grab this book and review qualifications, so to speak And now, with me progressing in my writing career, I am referring to this book for characteristic inspiration for my countless created cast members.
Ms Dixon Cooper skips over any jawing introduction and gets right down to business She shows each sign as the not so gentle or perfect person, other astrologers would have you believe they are Then she breaks it down further and givesunderstanding of the rotten man or the rotten woman what to expect if you love one of them Also, if you are the rotten one, you get to learn about you the whys to you being you And then finally she covers briefly, how to deal with the rotten one in other relationships, such as a sibling, a boss, a coworker etc Hazel then ties each section up nicely with a recap of what you should remember, plus a small list of famous rotten ones.
As I said earlier, she is responsible for my marriage My choices, as I understood them, were a Gemini or an Aquarius Upon reading about both, I decided I could handle crazy conspiracy thinking mad scientist versus a double faced cheating Swagga muffin 10 years in, and not enough fights to count, on one hand, says I chose right and she led me there.
I haven t picked up and read her other books in the series Mostly because I feel that everything I need to know, to make an informed decision, or to understand someone better, is already in here I have many Scorpio women and Virgos in my life I know, poor me These are two VERY contrasting personalities Me, being the middle lady the Libra wants to naturally balance the behaviors and interactions of these folks whenever we all get together With Hazel s expert guidance, I ve been able to handle them with my perfected Libra esque diplomacy This is an excellent resource for would be astrologers, zodiac curiositors, and of course, writers Thank you, Ms Dixon Cooper, great book And yes, I enjoyed making up some words Hey, baby what s your sign I could tell you how hysterical this caustic, kicky little astrological guide is, but I would much rather show you Here s some quoted gems about each sign THAT ARE TOTALLY TRUE, DO NOT DENY THEM that ll make ya wanna deny the Sun you were born under You a Leo In romance you have all the finesse of a sailor returning from a twelve month cruise, and secretly everyone had hoped you d gotten eaten by a crocodile Or maybe just disfiguringly bitten Libra You re so easy, you don t care whether someone s an in law, out law, married or on parole So long as they re cute and know how to dance I know many Libras This is spot on Sagittarius You are engaged to three unlucky lovers simultaneously, while making wedding plans with a fourth And you ll leave them all in the rain at the train station while you elope with the Leo in the gold jumpsuit you just met at the liquor store Sex booze, baby Sags love their sex booze Capricorn Ah, the uptight tightwad Dream job Scrooge s financial planner Oh I see you found that stick Aries the most obnoxious sign in the Zodiac, you are genuinely perplexed when rooms empty at your appearance and your friends get Caller ID then refuse to answer the phone Pisces the Pisces male, in particular He loves sex games Buy a dog collar and he will bark Oh, dear Virgo You pride yourself on being a discriminating perfectionist, but everyone else sees that you re just a royal pain in the ass And a critical one at that Aquarius Next to Scorpio, note that this reviewer, for the record, resembles er RESENTS this remark There was NO NEED to drag the noble Scorpion into Aquarian s lunacy Aquarians check in and out of the nut farmthan any other sign Gemini Being with a Gemini is like being a permanent guest at the Mad Hatter s Tea Party I ve SO been to that party Taurus In romance you have the approach of a dentist s drill You can knock anyone s socks off but after the deed you re snoring before your partner has stopped breathing hard There s really nothingto say here, is there Cancer Favorite pastime Whining Role Model Eeyore My daughter had her picture taken with Eeyore at Disneyworld in order to give it as a gift to my brother loooong before I ever tripped over this book His birthday is July 15th And, lastly, Scorpio The Scorpion Kindly described as still waters run deep youclosely resemble a boiling cesspool of hydrochloric acid Your dream job Judge, Jury, and Lord High Executioner Why.
yes That is my dream job And any of you who don t think I d ROCK that gig regards the masses Do I have an electric chair for YOU.
5 BAHAHAHA, this would be a great stocking stuffer OR birthday gift, Stars for Born On A Rotten Day Loved it If you re looking for a fresh, sarcastic, and blunt take on astrology, look no further The last thing Dixon Cooper does is sugarcoat the personalities of each astrological sun sign while offering a hilarious perspective on the dirty truth For example, whereas Sagittarians are typically described as gregarious and outgoing travelers, Dixon Cooper makes it clear that they talk about travellingthan actually going anywhere In fact, according to Dixon Cooper, a Sagittarian s idea of adventure, at best, boils down to exploring their basement at night Learn how to deal with the dysfunctional sides of each sign in the universe including how to contain a Leo s over sized ego, calm a raging Taurus, and keep a fickle Gemini faithful Dixon Cooper puts a new spin on the age old question what s your sign I found this fantastic book at Borders this week Call it kismet, destiny, or fate, Born on a Rotten Day drew me in, across the floor of my local Borders, and had me laughing out loud in seconds I m serious, people it s a good thing I was in a book store and not a library, cause the noise I was making was totally shush worthy The idea behind this off the wall book is that we ve been lied to by astrologists for years If you ve ever read your horoscope or seen a report detailing your astrological traits, you know this is true A conventional ha that s a laugh astrology book gives you a touchy feely, happy go lucky overview of your traits Well, Born on a Rotten Day tells it like it really is.
Reading this entertaining and easy to read guide will answer burning questions such as Which astrological sign is most likely to abducted by aliens Which sign makes the world s best serial killer Which sign checks into the local nut farmthan any other Who is the loser magnet of the zodiac Hanging out with which sign is like being a permanent guest at the Mad Hatter s tea party I know you re dying to have these questions answered, and to find out if gulp a meeting with little green men is in your future, so check out Hazel Dixon Cooper s diverting book Born on a Rotten Day Illuminating and Coping with the Dark Side of the Zodiac you won t be disappointed.
Ok this book was hilarious Most astrology paints most signs is favorable lights but this book let it all hang out there It called a spade a slade The Virgo was not depicted as it usually is as organized, and self assured it called me a cheap fuzzbudget who is anal and hard to please that sounds muchlike me It wasnt kind to any sign but it was fun to read and share alike.
I study astrology, and most books are always given the positive info on each sign This book was different it gives the negative things on a persons sign, in which gives you a better perspective of the good and bad traits Love this bookstill use it to this day In This Wickedly Funny Guide, Professional Astrologer Hazel Dixon Cooper Casts Off Sugar Coated Astrology In Favor Of Exploring The Maladjusted Side Of The Universe If You Want The Inside Scoop, The Real Deal, The Lowdown On Each Sun Sign, Then Look No Further It S Time To Forget Those Traditional Astrology books Where Sagittarians Are Gregarious, Capricorns Are Ambitious, And Pisceans Are Dreamers Instead, Enter A World Where Archers Are Loud Mouthed Bores, Goats Are Pompous Social Climbers, And Fish Are Chronically Helpless Dixon Cooper Debunks The Myths, Reveals The Flaws, And Examines The Dubious Virtues Of Each Sun Sign Discover How To Use Your Own Inner Brat To Outwit Bullies, Outmaneuver Manipulators, And Win Those Endless Games That Lovers Play Learn How To Deal With Those Dysfunctional People You Encounter Every Day, Including How To Contain A Ram S Oversized Egocalm A Raging Bullkeep A Fickle Twin FaithfulIrreverent, Biting, And Laugh Out Loud Funny, Born On A Rotten Day Exaggerates The Bad, Exorcises The Good, And Puts A New Spin On The Age Old Question What S Your Sign Very insightful as to the dark side of astrology, but most of all hilarious