Download Epub Format ¿ The Lawman's Oklahoma Sweetheart PDF by ë Allie Pleiter I liked the characters quite a bit, and I liked the plot of Clint trying to infiltrate the bandit gang But I was really disappointed that we weren t shown view spoiler the conversation between Clint and Katrine about their subsequent issues I can forgive them not talking about Clint s inability to become a father which I knew was going to be fixed in the epilogue because that s pretty predictable , because Katrine found out from Evelyn before hand But Katrine spent the ENTIRE book worried about what Clint would do when he found out she didn t tell anyone about the murder she d seen And he d been portrayed as completely black and white before hand I wanted to see him realize that maybe things weren t so simple, and show her compassion Instead of the one or two throw away lines we got It just felt rushed and the emotional payoff wasn t there for how much Katrine was bothered by her experience as a young girl hide spoiler I enjoyed reading this book It s a sweet love story with just a little bit of suspense thrown in.
Spoiler alert Four bad men The Black Four are terrorizing the small town of Brave Rock trying to gain land and therefore unlimited power Katrine Brinkerhoff almost becomes a victim when The Black Four set fire to her cabin The Black Four suspects that her brother, Lars, has found out all of their identities, and the group of robbers plan to kill him by setting fire to the cabin with him inside They have no way of knowing it is Katrine inside the windowless cabin and not Lars Clint Thornton, the town sheriff, finds out about their plans and races to save Katrine He talks her into pretending that Lars died in the fire to protect Lars while he remains hidden in a secret location By infiltrating The Black Four gang, Clint is able to prove the identities of each of the outlaws and bring them to justice What I liked I loved the way Ms Hatfield built the characters and infused them with care and concern for each other Katrine had a pleasing personality, and the fact that she came from another country and speaks with a Danish accent only adds to her charm Also, each family member cares strongly for the other members of the family and rush into danger to help them.
What I didn t like Sometimes the plot seemed to crawl, then something exciting would happen, and I would be off again Even though it was a rare occasion, I did find myself skimming certain chapters for short intervals at a time.
Over all, I give this book five stars Ms Hatfield did a wonderful job, and I would recommend this book to anyone loving historical fiction.
Bound By A Secret When Katrine Brinkerhoff S Cabin Is Attacked, Only Sheriff Clint Thornton S Heroism Saves Her She Owes Clint Her Life And Her Help Catching The Men Responsible All She Has To Do Is Trust In Clint S Plan To Protect Her Family But She Can T Let Herself Care Too Deeply, Not When Her Past Carries Secrets That Would Drive Him Away Infiltrating The Murderous Gang Is A Dirty Job, Yet Clint Is Determined To See It Through The Brigands Will Face Justice And They Will Never Harm Katrine Again Clint Would Give His Life To Keep The Beautiful Settler Safe But Will He Be Willing To Risk His Heart I m a big fan of the Love Inspired Contemporary and Suspense lines of books, I have read several of both and really enjoyed all of them But this was my first time reading a Love Inspired Historical, and this was a new to me author so I didn t really know what to expect But I m very happy to say that I enjoyed every moment of this book This book had a great cast of characters and I really liked them all I read a lot of historical romances but so many things in this book struck me as unique, I will list a few of them 1 The page count, at 278 pages this book was long for a Love Inspired title which really showed in the level of depth and character development the author wrote into the story, I was also impressed that even though the story does take place in a short timeframe it never felt rushed at all 2 I don t want to give anything away but you know the secret that both the hero and heroine have that keep them apart in books like these Well let me just say the secrets in this book were by far the most unique and original I have ever read about Thank you to the author for her fresh take on that and not just doing the same old, same old 3 I love it when my two favorite sub genres Historical and Suspense come together in a book The suspense aspect of this book is what drew me to it in the first place, and that part of the story was so beautifully written that I felt like I was there, loved that I have not read the first two books in this series, so I don t think it s necessary to read them in order.
Overall, I loved every minute of this book, it kept me turning pages and I hated to put it down I m so glad that I got the chance to read and review The Lawman s Oklahoma Sweetheart I highly recommend this book Love Inspired really knocked my socks off with this one I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via CFBA in exchange for an honest review The above is my honest opinion All thoughts and opinions are one hundred percent my own.
Summary This is a Christian Romance taking place in the wild west of Oklahoma It is the story of how Clint Thornton, a gloomy Gus, and Katrine, a self loathing baker, face the danger of confronting a local gang while falling in love I think my biggest complaint with the book is the way that the characters view themselves They find obstacles, and go out of their way to look for reasons why they shouldn t be together, instead of just being happy They are quick to be happy for other people who find love, but feel that they themselves are unworthy Why I mean really, why Isn t it a big enough miracle to find that someone you are attracted to is equally attracted to you The faith based portions are well done, and I definitely want to credit the author with just enough religious input It in no way drives the story, it is simply part of who the characters are, and how they view their world It doesn t feel like the story is a thinly veiled agenda I took away a star for characterization, and a star for predictability I wouldn t read it again but I will probably pass it on to others.
This was the first book I ve sat and read in quite awhile It was a nice welcome back to the world of reading Set in Oklahoma, siblings Lars and Katrine have finally settled down in a cabin They are making friends and learning of the language while retaining their native Dutch One horrible night, their cabin is purposely caught on fire Katrine is trapped inside and her saving grace is the town sheriff, Clint Is it fate that he saved her What of Lars Clint becomes entangled in the Black Four, the gang that burnt down Katrine and Lars s home Can he bring them to justice before it s too late Can he put out the fire in his heart that is burning for Katrine at the same time This is the third book in the Bridegroom Brothers series I ve not read the other stories of Clint s brothers, Elijah and Gideon, but after reading this, I will be looking for those titles to read Allie Pleiter writes this in a way that you are on the edge of your seat and don t see some things coming This is my first read by her and surely not my last Check out the preview that I posted on my blog a few weeks ago and be sure to check this great read out I did receive a complimentary signed copy from the author and publisher in return for my honest opinion of this book.
My Review Must Katrine pay for her brother s sin Apparently, the Black Four gang think so, so much so that her family s cabin is added to the long line of homes that have been destroyed Clint was trying his hardest and fastest to get to the Brinkerhoff homestead before everyone inside lost their lives He had to find a way to befriend these loons so that he could save his love Katrine He was able to convince them that the law was hot on their tail and he managed to save Katrine but barely Together with her brother, Lars and Clint, Katrine agreed to a far fetched story in efforts to keep them all safe from any persecution from the very revengeful men But also to bring this band of brigades down Clint will need every one s cooperation He isn t only looking out for her welfare for the sake of the situation but also because of his feelings for her Soon he will no longer to be able to keep his feelings to himself Disclosure This book was sent to me free of charge for my honest review from CFBA.

An amazing ending to the Bridegroom Brothers continuity series These three authors did such an amazing job of creating these characters that I kept forgetting they were written by different people They should do another set Clint Thornton spent his life knowing he would never have a family and it was heartbreaking to him But especially now as his brothers have found new lives in their lives and a child even He s going to learn to be content being single if it kills him There s crime in his new town and he s also determined to discover who it is and get it taken care of.
Katrine Brinkerhoff also has dreamed of a large family all her life When things got tough, she and her brother would dream up what their lives and homes would be like Now she has lost her brother to a murderous gang and she s not sure what to do with her life.
Together, Clint and Katrine work to bring the bad guys to justice Old family feuds are put to rest And on numerous occasions they discover that God is fond of surprises.
If you look at my reviews, it s no secret that I ve read several of ALLIE PLEITER s books And yes, I have a few of my favorites And yes, I prefer her historical over her contemporary I have yet to read an author who has the ability to change her voice with each genre she writes, the way MS PLEITER, can I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was when I spotted the upcoming cover for THE LAWMAN S OKLAHOMA SWEETHEART LOVE INSPIRE HISTORICAL BRIDEGROOM BROTHERS by ALLIE PLEITER My heart started to race, not just from the choice of the picture, but the title You see, I am a cowboy western ranch, freak Yes, I will admit to it As I began to read THE LAWMAN S OKLAHOMA SWEETHEART, I was immediately drawn in Not just drawn in to the first paragraph, or even the first chapter, but from the first page to the last Sheriff Clint Thornton is all about the law When a team of bad guys attempt to harm his good friends sister, Clint will stop at nothing to insure Katrine s and her brothers safety Katrine Brinkerhoff will never forget what the good Sherfiff did for her But the lie he insist they keep to protect her brother, is nothing short of heart wrenching Clint and Katrine s growing attraction is left unspoken After all, they both have secrets that won t allow their feelings for one another to take root MS PLEITER did an amazing job with THE LAWMAN S OKLAHOMA SWEETHEART I didn t think her writing could get any better or different then what I ve read in the past, but was I wrong Being a HUGE fan of western settings, I tend to be judgmental I place THE LAWMAN S OKLAHOMA SWEETHEART right at the top of my list of beloved cowboy stories Up until now, two others of MS PLEITER S novels were my favorite PLEITER books They have just moved down a notch, being replaced with this amazing novel as number one MS PLEITER did an remarkable job with the plot, incorporating her typical witty lines that will leave you in wonder The characters are distinct and three dimensional From start to ending I was captivated Some books start out great, then fade a bit, then pick up speed in the end THE LAWMAN S OKLAHOMA SWEETHEART continued on a steady up climb, not stopping until the very last word Every aspect of the writing process in a novel is important However, the wrong ending can ruin all the good efforts one puts into a story, literally going from becoming a great book, to leaving a sour taste in your mouth It s a shame that the last few pages of a story can hold the power to destroy a book Sadly, something I ve experienced firsthand However, that was not the case in THE LAWMAN S OKLAHOMA SWEETHEART As the story ended, I was a bit surprised the author chose that route, but not in an unpleasant way I was satisfied with the way it ended But then I started the prologue MS PLEITER spared nothing in taking her story to a whole other level It s done beautifully, with believability that brought me to tears It warmed my heart, and made me want to cheer, and love the story all the Truly one of the best endings I ve ever read So taken I was by the story, I desire to purchase the other books in the series to read about the other men I encountered in THE LAWMAN S OKLAHOMA SWEETHEART Looking forward to any future what I like to call cowboy books by MS PLEITER.
During the Oklahoma Land Rush in the late 1800 s, people can from all over the country hoping to grab a slice of land and begin to live the American dream Folks would do just about anything and head in any direction to gain the slice of prosperity just ripe for the picking to begin a family and a future But there were also those who ventured to make a bit of profit from those innocent enough and weak enough not to put up a fight, when so called accidents began to happen Four men simply known as the Black Four were helping things along by ensuring certain weaker settlers met with bad luck than others Worst of all some of these men were of the local Security Patrol which led to people not suspecting them of any wrong doing As the Black Four, these calvarymen had done exactly where they were out here charged to prevent cut fences, set fires, let livestock loose and a whole host of other crimes Acts designed to intimate folks out of their land As a result, the scared settlers had sold their stakes at cheap prices and to the right convenient buyers Now all Sheriff Clint Thornton had to do was prove that the Black Four were behind all these events and the only was he will be able to do that is to convince them, he is truly on their side I mean it doesn t hurt the group of men to have the law in your back pocket How convenient when people begin to grow suspicious But when the band of men targets Lars Brinkerhoff and his sister Katrine, they are about to go too far in order to get him to sell his land This time the group has murder on their minds and they won t stop until they get what they want I received The Lawman s Oklahoma Sweetheart by Allie Pleiter compliments of Harlequin Love Inspired Publishers and Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for my honest review I did not receive any monetary compensation and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own For anyone who loves a great Christian Western Romance, you will want to snatch this one up It s a small enough paperback to tuck it in anywhere for a great adventure, and perfect for a summer read I give this one a 4 out of 5 stars and this is book 3 in the Bridegroom Brother Series It teaches us all that in the midst of difficult family feuds, resolution and forgiveness are all that is needed for a restoration to occur No damage is ever too deep that God can t heal the rift that keeps you apart There is even a sneak peek at Her Montana Cowboy, a new six part series in the Big Sky Centennial guaranteed to wet your appetite.