[Margaret Millar] Á Ask For Me Tomorrow [x-men PDF] Read Online ô Somebody really ought to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Margaret Millar At one point, she was a successful and celebrated author than her husband, Kenneth Millar, aka Ross MacDonald That s correct he chose a pseudonym to avoid being confused with and overshadowed by her Now, her books are mostly out of print, and very few but the most diehard mystery suspense crime fiction readers are familiar with her work.
That s a shame, because in many respects Millar s work stands toe to toe, and at times seems to surpass her husband s Like MacDonald, Millar excels at painting psychologically complex portraits of her characters Unlike MacDonald, Millar tends to write in the third person, and varies her point of view, allowing us to get inside of her characters twisted motivations It seems unfair to continually compare her work to her husband s But having read both of their works, one can tell they had a tremendous influence on one another.
And the most obvious comparison between this work and his is with The Fergusson Affair both feature somewhat idealistic young lawyers from a medium sized Southern California city a stand in for the Millars home of Santa Barbara who end up shedding light on the soured relationships and hidden misdeeds of the towns upper crust Although I felt both were good, rather than great books, I ll give a slight leg up on Ask For Me Tomorrow Though both feel necessary to saddle their protagonist with a spouse to make him appear well rounded , at least Aragon s wife doesn t develop into a full fledged unnecessary subplot, as Bill Gunnarson s in Ferguson In fact, one of my favorite aspects of Millar s style is that there is very little unnecessary anything She s capable of effectively moving the plot along in a chapter that s one or two pages long, yet none of it ever feels rushed or perfunctory Again, this is a trait she shared with her husband, but her skill in this area exceeds even his Again, this book is not a true masterpiece, but it s definitely worth seeking out.
Gilly s husband, Marco, had a stroke on their honeymoon His health is deteriorating and his death is coming soon Gilly hires a young Spanish speaking lawyer to go to Mexico and track down her ex husband B.
J left her with a young Mexican woman who was pregnant with her child Tomas goes to Mexico to try to locate B.
J but his trail is hard to find Soon people related to the search end up dead Tomas returns home and learns the real truth from Gilly.
There is a reason Kenneth Millar had to change his name to Ross MacDonaldhis wife had published before him, and her books sold better than his at the time Margaret Millar may be somewhat of a footnote now, but having just finished Ask For Me Tomorrow , I finally realize why she was so successful, and the Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America Previously I had read Fiend and The Listening Walls but finally, when reading this book, the beauty of her structure, her descriptions, and her character development appeared Her book built to an ending not foreshadowed which RARELY happens in mystery stories , yet perfectly logical I won t spoil it, but I must say if you can find this book somewhereanywhere I found it in a used bookstore called Ballards in Saratoga Springs NYworth a visit do so and read it Maybe I can just end by quoting part of the foreward she wrote in 1984 first published in 1976 I knit my books I unravel, change yarns, drop a few stiches here and there, until the garment is finished Ask For Me Tomorrow is the only book of mine that was truly made of whole cloth The plot came to mind in its entirety Sticking to one s knitting can be tedious The writer presented with a whole piece of cloth is lucky indeed So is the reader She did not exaggerate.
I was lucky to read this book

Wonderfully entertaining with a likable, sympathetic main character surrounded by quite a few unsympathetic ones, this novel is thoroughly enjoyable Then, to top it off, the book serves up a shocking surprise two pages before its end I had no idea what was coming I love it when an author can do that Millar creates a time and place so well, another reason why I enjoy her writing so much This is the kind of book that moves me to whisper things like, don t do that, don t go in there as if I could save someone from the fate the author has already written Can t wait to continue my exploration of all her books.
One of the few women of noir, and she can write a good dark storyI was liking it much , with a few quibbles on the purported Mexican dialogue, until I hit the end and then you realize it s all a bit contrived That always annoys me a bit, but worth a read.
Having read several of her other works, I was disappointed in this one Part of what I like about her writing is an acute focus on character It feels like a book that was never really finished it does not have the level of detail I expected from her It reads like she didn t go back in and fatten up the skeleton of the story and it was easy to see where the action was headed before I got too far into it.
Not as compelling as the other Margaret Millar mysteries I have read The central character of Gilly never quite jells, and her search for BJ seems equally uninvolving But ending is great.
Gilly Decker Is Rich, Fifty And Married To A Human Vegetable Cut Down By A Stroke On Their Honeymoon, Marco Has Given Up He Hungers Only For Pills And Thirsts Only For The Fluid In The Hypodermic NeedleGilly Decker Has Lost One Husband And Is About To Lose Another Why, Then, Should She Send The Bright Young Lawyer, Tom Aragon, To The Wastes Of Mexico To Look For Her First Husband It Must Be All Of Eight Years Since BJ Lockwood Took Off With One Of The Servants So Is She After BJ S Money, BJ S Son, Or Sweet Revenge And Can She Foresee The Deadly Future Her mysteries are good, but somehow very depressing.
yay for freaky twists