Trailer Ä The Simple Life PDF by Ü Rhonda Hetzel Rhonda Hetzel Feels Passionately That Living Simply Leads To A Richer, Fulfilling Existence Having Made The Decision To Live Frugally, Embrace Sustainability And Opt Out Of The Capitalist Consumerist Mindset, She Set About Working Out How To Achieve Her Goal, Learning Traditional Skills, Reducing Her Spending And Environmental Impact And Focusing On The Simple Things That Make Life Worth Living Family, Friends, And A Home Cooked MealThis Is The Story Of Her Journey And The Lessons She Has Learned Along The Way Rhonda Relates Why She Wanted To Change Her Lifestyle, What Simple Living Means To Her, And Offers Guidance To Those Thinking About Taking The Same Path Simply putRated for its simplicity Not an earth shaker but states the obvious well by using her own life and home More about motives and results from changing lifestyle to the Good LifeIt is culturally referenced but this is not so much it removes anything For me it added interest A slight shift to the rest of minimal living out there I ve read, hence the Wanted informationThis book got me fired up to get back to what I envision for myself on my own scale She talks about making soap but never says how Simple life is just a cheerleading paper about getting back to basics and living off the land If that s what you re looking for then it s a great read, if not then I say skip it.

A wonderful little read, I took this one off of my girlfriend s To read pile and was pleasantly surprised at Rhonda Hetzel s homemaker s guide to sustainable simple living It is a lifestyle that has seemed to have gathered significant followers in recent years and one that I too would one day like to subscribe in a larger way, especially in terms of opting out of the capitalist consumerist mindset and focus on local resilence but Hetzel gives a much appreciated pat on the back for those of us who are still taking the baby steps in our youth towards the ultimate goal Though I would definitely love to explore these brushed over homemaking ideas and perhaps have seen some recipes I thoroughly enjoyed this book From discovering the importance of choosing a comfortable mattress to instilling a genuine interest in making my own soap there is much to learn and take note on here, it is a gorgeous read.
This little book is an uplifting read especially as I am about to do exactly what this book is about Rhonda has both inspired me, and helped confirmed that I have made the right decision to move towards a simpler life I look forward to reading her other book 4.
5 stars I feel like there should be a little to this book than there is.