[Elizabeth Dunk] Ô Release [ghana PDF] Read Online ✓ Four fun stories I loved reading them I do wish we had of a background to the four spirits though.
Or that each of the stories was a full length novel I say this because I enjoyed the stories so much that I just want of them Find this review and at Lusty Penguin Reviews Release is a thoroughly entertaining collection of interconnected short stories by Elizabeth Dunk.
Four spirits have spent centuries helping others to atone for the sins committed during their lifetimes In order to finally be freed, the spirits discover that they need to help women discover and explore their hidden sexual desires and, in turn, become the women they are truly meant to be Believing, the first story, centers around Luisa who is down to the last two things on her freedom list 1 buy a house, 2 find a lover and have great sex The spirit of the house that Luisa bought looks an awful lot like her first boyfriend, Paul The spirit helps Luisa realize that she is a passionate woman who deserves to be happy and desired The tricky spirit sets Luisa up to be reunited with Paul and when they meet again, the sparks fly Their bedroom play is spontaneous, spicy, and fun.
In, Love and Let Go, Anna, a widow, has all but forgotten to take care of herself while raising her two children and working While on vacation, Anna meets up with a spirit of the beach who awakens her sexual desires Anna grasps that she wants to be the one in charge in the bedroom, something her late husband denied her Knowing what she really wants, Anna decides to go after the man she always desired and loved, Rik, her best friend since high school Rik is perfectly happy to let Anna be in charge in the bedroom Anna and Rik s bedroom play, with light BDSM elements, is downright steamy Truth in Action tells the story of Cara, who sets out to prove to her ex boyfriend that she isn t fat or boring in bed The spirit of the field wastes no time proving to Cara that she is none of the things she thinks she is When Cara lets go of her hang ups, she shares with the spirit of her fantasy of being with a man and a woman Lucky for Cara, the spirit knows the perfect woman to add to the equation and make Cara s fantasy a scorching hot reality.
The tables get turned in Forgiven and Freed because the spirit of the office needs help with his reluctance to have sex Jan has heard stories about the spirit of the office and is surprised when he appears to her But, it doesn t take Jan long to figure out that she is the one that needs to help the spirit Through poignant and heartfelt conversations, Jan helps the spirit put into context what happened to him as a teenager and how it affects his actions as an adult The sexual tension between Jan and the spirit sizzles and when they finally succumb to desire, their bedroom play is hot, hot, hot.
I really enjoyed all of the stories in this collection It was delightful to see all of these women come into their own with the help of their spirits Dunk has a graceful writing style and is a wonderful storyteller I m definitely looking forward to reading from her in the future If you are looking for a fun, entertaining, and spicy read, Release should be in your to be read pile I received an eBook copy of the book for the purpose of an honest review I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Sometimes we re not what we could be not the best we could be This novel by Elizabeth Dunk introduces four women, who influence and are influenced by what they could be Release is a wonderful collection of four stories that interconnect for a purpose Be prepared to delve into the erotic world of each of the women these stories are not for those with vanilla tastes in sensually erotic literature.
I loved this story the storyline was sweet and unexpected I am a lil disappointed that each spirit doesnt have a full length story but I enjoyed it anyway.

Quick read, this is 4 short paranormal erotic storiesthe sex is smoking hot but you don t get much else Just go into it not expecting much and you will enjoy it.
Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickRelease is the first book that I have read by Elizabeth Dunk and I have never read anything like it before I have been reading a lot of NA and Contemporaries lately, so when I saw that this was Erotica but with a paranormal twist I had to read it I can honestly say that this book was completely unique, and I really enjoyed reading it I am so glad that I took the chance on this one, and I think that this book will appeal to paranormal readers as well as fans of erotica.
Release is the compilation of four different stories, detailing the four ladies and four spirits that help them on their way to sexual satisfaction Cursed after death to live in a gray world of nothing, the four spirits must atone for their sins in order to move on The four brothers quickly find that simply helping is not enough and that they need to ensure the women s happiness by allowing them to fully embrace their sexual natures In the first story Believing, Luisa has just moved into her new house and uses the spirit of the house to help her realize her sensual nature She quickly makes plans for her house and goes about making her new home an environment to achieve the passion and desire she dreams about In Live and Let Go, Anna is grieving for the husband that she lost but also the only person that has ever satisfied her physically The spirit of the beach helps her realize that she can find satisfaction with another if she is open to the possibility of it Truth in Action is the story of Cara and begins with her wanting revenge after her ex told her she was fat and boring in bed The spirit of the field helps her see that she is anything but boring and that she should take the chance on living out her greatest fantasy With his help, she embraces her bisexuality and finally sees what it is like to be with a woman as well as a man In the final story, Forgiven and Freed, the spirit of the office gets some help of his own from Jan He finally is able to help his brothers move on after Jan is able to show him that he is different from who he was in the past With all the brothers having helped the women, they are finally able to move forward and continue the help that they have been giving to those in need.
I really liked these characters They were each different and had their own issues to deal with It was great to see the spirits moving forward all while helping the women that needed to deal with issues of their own I liked all the spirits and thought that they did a great job at making the women feel beautiful and desired The women were easy to like and relate to, and it was good to see them leave their pasts behind and embrace their futures I thought that this book was filled with steam and heat, and the chemistry between the characters was really well done This one was sexy without being over the top, and I really felt the feelings and attraction between each of them.
Overall, this book was really good I liked that it was so different from anything that I have read before, and it was a great erotic read with a bit of paranormal I liked that it wasn t the normal paranormal shifters, vampires, or werewolves It was interesting to see real characters interacting with spirits and then reintegrating themselves into real life with their new found confidence I really liked all four stories, but I think Luisa and Anna s were my favorites I really loved their spirits and the women themselves I would definitely recommend that you give this one a shot if you are looking for something different The four novellas come together really well, and I loved how cohesive everything was Elizabeth Dunk did a fantastic job of tying everything together and I cannot wait to read from her in the future ARC Provided by Escape Publishing Four Stories Of Eroticism, Strength, Experimentation, And Ultimate SalvationCursed After Death To Live In Grey Nothingness Until They Atone For Their Sins, Four Spirits Have Spent Centuries Doing Good For Others Finally They Stumble Upon The True Key To Their Salvation Because They Hurt Women In Their Lives, They Ll Only Find Release By Now Helping Women To Become All They Should BeOne By One, The Spirits Meet A Woman And As Each Sexual Delight Unfurls, The Grey Nothingness Disappears A Little As The Women Find Their Happily Ever After, They Grant The Spirits A Chance At Peace For EternityFollow The Journey Of Four Remarkable Women Luisa, Anna, Cara, And Jan And The Four Spirits That Set Them On A New Path To Sexual Freedom And Boundless Pleasure