☆ The Dangerous Days of Daniel X Þ Download by ✓ James Patterson This book was, wellstrange, to say the least It wasn t what I was expecting at all This is my first James Patterson family book, but really, no one over twelve would find this very interesting It s like the authors are writing for eight year olds, at most Some of my main concerns with this novel are 1 The Short Chapters In his adult thrillers, the two or three page chapters are used very nicely They re all like mini cliffhangers, and make you want to read on In this book, though, the chapters end at the most awkward places Here s an example on page 31 Daniel s Mom is speaking Oh, I m sorry, officers My husband is a jokester sometimes And slow to get to the point Daniel doesn t need to go to school any NEXT CHAPTER Was that supposed to be a dramatic cutoff point It s almost as if JP is using the blank spaces between the chapters to take up space, so he can put a 20 price tag on this already very short book.
2 The Bad Guy The alien antagonist named Seth Seriously really got on my nerves For one, he is terribly immature and bland in his comebacks And really, what was his point There wasn t really any suspenseful buildup of his character before the climax if you can call it that of the novel.
3 The Pop Culture Remarks I hope JP and ML aren t throwing in these awkwardly placed blurbs about famous electronics, movie stars, etc to sound with it Let s reference page 156 Daniel is narrarating I should have listened to you, I moaned, crying Shia LaBeouf couldn t have done a better acting job, not even with Steven Spielberg directing Bravo, guys That paragraph made such a great visual image and made the book that much cooler.
4 Daniel Himself I didn t feel one bit of sympathy for him throughout this book Neither does anyone else in his world, since he needs to create his own friends And he probably has superpowers than any other character created Did I mention I can read minds Flip through books in my head and ace every single test Easily overcome a blow to the stomach Create humans based on my memory of them Talk telepathically with elephants Oh yeah, he definitely has some in depth conversations with elephants Enough said.
So, all in all, this book was a train wreck Hopefully the Maximum Ride series is better, because I ve purchased the first three books in that series already Oh yeah, and since I bought both Daniel X books at the same time, I guess I m going to have to read one volume in his oh so interesting life Let s hope it gets better.
EDIT For the record, I ve decided I m definitely not continuing on with this series.
An amazingly quick read It felt like a saturday morning cartoon than a novel It was light and teen friendly without worrying about anything inappropriate It deals with Daniel, an alien hunter and his exploits in hunting a particular alien It has short, choppy chapters and I read the whole thing 200 pages waiting for a plane in about 2 hours It has a Men in Black kind of feel to it almost comic like, rather than serious But I can t get over how fast it reads I am disappointed in that aspect I don t buy a 20 hardback to have it done in a couple hours However, it was entertaining, so I will stick with 4 stars It is distinctly teen oriented than a lot of other teen fiction I like to read.
Daniel X is one badass dude He has almost every power you d want Telepathy, The instantaneous temporary creation and manipulation of animate and inanimate objects, Super Human Durability, Strength, and SpeedUnfortunately for Daniel, all that s moot because Daniel s book Yeah, pretty shitty The powers Danny s without ANY SORT of character depth building Well constructed, interesting story line The ability to make it rain throw some Ds on that, throw some Ds What pisses me off about James Patterson is that he thinks he can start using Ghost Writers for everything, and still make tons of money off itwhich maybe has been working for him, I don t know But if you check, almost every book in this series is written by a different author, just with James Patterson s plastered over it So ridiculous.
And no, I didn t re read this book I just thought about it recently one of my masochistic thoughts and decided to warn my fellow GRs.
James Patterson has teamed up with Michael Ledwidge to write another young adult novel James Patterson has already been successful in the young adult world with his wildly popular Maximum Ride series James and Michael have worked together on two recent adult bestsellers THE QUICKIE and STEP ON A CRACK.
The Dangerous Days of Daniel X is an extremely fast read Patterson s traditional short chapters make you feel like your are flying through the pages The story is fun to read, but it doesn t have a lot of meat.
Daniel X is the son of two Alien Hunters from the planet Alpar Nok They came to Earth to protect humans from the Outer Ones When Daniel was three years old down in his basement building replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World out of Play Doh you can already see that he isn t like a typical toddler , his parents were both killed by an alien named The Prayer Daniel narrowly escapes and takes up his parents mission and begins to hunt down the most dangerous aliens on Earth.
The story is entertaining but it lacks character development You get a glimpse into Daniel s life, but even with him it is just surface and what is happening in the present We never get to see how he survived from the age of three to his current age of fifteen This is clearly meant to be the first in a series of stories about Daniel X In the back of the book there are two BRIEF previews of two stories Also, in December 2008 there is supposed to be a graphic novel version of The Dangerous Days of Daniel X released For a book that is 238 pages and takes such a short time to read my suggestion would be to borrow it from a school or public library It definately doesn t fall in my Needs To Be read Again pile.
Here is my nice review for our library s blog Daniel was born with the power to create His abilities include being able to manipulate objects and animals with his mind and to re create himself in any shape he chooses His mission he is an Alien Hunter From the day that his parents were murdered before him, he has used his unique gifts to hunt down villainous aliens on earth until he can close in on their killer.
This book combines the humorous quips of Spiderman with the repellant bad guy aliens of Men In Black It will probably appeal most to young adult guys, and the short chapters each one was 2 3 pages make it a quick read.
Here is the truth The 2 page chapters gave me imaginary ulcers It was such a disconnecting, disjointed way to put a book together Is he trying to cater to today s short attention span Aren t books supposed to be combating short attention spans He would cut off the action right in the middle of a scene and start again in a new chapter WHY I tried to think of some reasons It s supposed to be a Young Adult book It caters directly to boys who supposedly read less Ok, I can see how you re trying for that But is this really what we have to do to get our children to read I am depressed about our future.
As a librarian, really, I should be okay with any efforts to get people to read Anything we can do to draw people in to read is a good thing, right So should I be ok with this on principle Steve Jobs, who you hope would be knowledgeable of general public interests, recently said in an interview about s Kindle, It doesn t matter how good or bad the product is, the fact is that people don t read any Another reason for depression, I think People still read To think otherwise, as the heated response to Jobs comment has shown, is erroneous Do we really need to chop down every chapter in a young adult book just to draw someone in, to make it easier for their fragile attention spans to handle I don t think so As my own personal response, I hated it There were 92 chapters in this 238 page book I will save you getting out your calculator it s an average of 2.
6 pages per chapter Aside from that, there were some other obnoxious elements His quips weren t charming, and got old very quickly The aliens were grotesque for the sake of being grotesque Cliche developments kidnapped children oh no And the reader sees things coming dozens of chapters before Daniel did.
The good stuff his powers were pretty cool And the opening scene was pretty cool And some character development toward the end of the book was interesting And that s about it So sorry, James Patterson I promise to read of your books so that I don t form an opinion of your work based on this one.
Wow, I feel guilty givinganybook 1 star, but God, this was pathetic Sorry, Daniel X fans I ve actually read up to the third until now, and I have NO idea why Well, no, I do these books are just SO FUN to critique I ve actually written commentary in the margins of the third book shouldn t have bought it, waste of money Yeah, well.
On the actual review of the first book It was really, really stupid So basically, Daniel s parents are brutally murdered by the universe s most evil and powerful alien, so Daniel who is amazingly strong, intelligent, and can pretty much do or make anything literally, so as long as he is very, very calm and focuses a lot Which of course isn t true because throughout the ENTIRE BOOK he can just materialize anything, INSTANTLY, when, say, being in battle surrounded by hundreds of aliens Yeah And he totally sounds calm when doing so coughs decides to nobly hunt down and try to destroy all evil aliens on Earth Which are conveniently listed on a supersupersuper high tech magical computer on THE LIST of magical rainbows and fluffy, fluffy unicorns He has been eaten alive, chased, stabbed, and traumatized multiple times and yet still manages to be an idiot He can also materialize dead PEOPLE like his friends that he can t remember were ever alive and his parents That totally destroys the scope and trauma of the thing, and yet James Patterson is constantly reminding us how terrible and sad and dramatic it is AND DANIEL S CHARACTER HAS NEVER BEEN AFFECTED EVER what gif Okay, I ll try to give y all an example of this madness.
So we re towards the back half of the book, and this idiot that we must listen to our brave hero looks like he s doomed because he has been captured by the main baddy of the book number 6 on The List of Fluffy Fluffy Unicorns , named Ergent Seth SETH AN ALIEN NAMED SETH OKAY THEN um ok gif Anyways, he s in this cell and is so disoriented that for a long period of time he can barely sit up And when he can sit up and barely materialize some FREAKING FOOD for himself, you want to know what TYPE of food he makes Snow cones image error Best E Book, The Dangerous Days of Daniel X Author James Patterson This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Dangerous Days of Daniel X, Essay By James Patterson Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You At first this book was kinda dull, kinda interesting for me I have to admit that i started out with no expectations at all because my book buddy Maggie said that it was disappointing, and usually our book reviews are alike This book was a bit disappointing, but not completely It was confusing at first, but slowly got clearer I didn t like how it seemed so Men in Black i mean seriously, it was almost copying it But the part that made me really start liking it is when they went to Daniel s home planet I thought that was awesome, and it reminded me a bit of Ender s Game because it was science fictiony The aliens were gross, but i liked the book better and better towards the end I was going to actually rate it a 5, but decided it wasn t that good and gave it a four.
One of the reasons i think that i gave it such a high rating is because when somebody starts outw ith no expectations, it can only go uphill from there When i read the small section at the end from the next book, IT SUCKED i can tell the next book is gonna be horrible, because all of the ideas were already used up in thr first book all in all, i liked this book it was nothing compared to maximum ride, but it was a good effort i think maybe it sucked a little because of the other author s writing, not james patterson s LONG LIFE ELEPHANTS or as i like to say,efalants This book started off really strong, particularly as the audio version is very animated with sound effects etc But the plot twist and ending kind of went down hill It did not feel like a young adult book, of a middle grade I do admit it was fun, and I will continue with book 2 to see if it improves I liked the whole super powers that Daniel had and the way he was able to create things I was also shocked when we found out he was an alien The concept was enjoyable, but I think when Daniel was in Seth s ear was the point where my rating dropped.
Every so often a book makes me angry because it is so poorly written The Dangerous Days of Daniel X is one of these books I read this book to screen it for my classroom library In particular, one of my fourth grade boys we ll call him Tom refuses to read anything but action books At the beginning of the school year, Tom unabashedly exclaimed that he hated to read I made it my personal quest to change him and asked him what kinds of video games he likes He said, I like violent games Quite cheerfully, I might add So, I started him with Alex Rider, a recommendation from my son, which is basically James Bond for kids.
Tom quickly took on to Alex Rider and tore through the whole series After that, I was stuck he wanted action, but he didn t want anything with magic or fantasy involved Sadly, that left out a whole sub genre of some great young adult fiction But then I figured, maybe he should try The Hunger Games Right now, he is gobbling up the second of the trilogy But now, with summer drawing near, I ve been frantically looking for a book that has all the action this kid craves with none of the magic I googled books like Alex Rider and had to skip over great books like The Lightning Thief and The Warrior Heir What popped up most often The Daniel X series I reluctantly cracked open the book I have found James Patterson to be the most overrated writer currently around His books actually irritate me because they are so poorly written.
and he is so popular But Daniel X ended up on a lot of librarians lists, so I decided to give it a try.
Here s the hook in a nutshell Daniel X is an alien hunter End of story I won t waste any time on the plot I m sure you can read summaries elsewhere It s basically a Men in Black knock off for teens.
I just want to ask who put these books on the same list as Percy Jackson It s shameful There is no coherent world view apparently Daniel X has any power that will conveniently solve his problems Unless the writers need to put him into a life or death situation, in which case they conveniently fail to mention his alien superpowers The descriptions are completely void of any detail Oh let me quote an example The inside of Seth s cochlea was even grosser than his earwax situation It was filled with this fluid that wasugh, I don t even want to get into it Pleeeease get into it I WANT to hear about the fluid But James Patterson and his co author pass up EVERY SINGLE CHANCE to give the reader an enjoyable reading experience.
This book has two things going for it 1 aliens are, in general, fun to read about, and 2 it s a very fast read I wavered between giving it one and two stars but this book is so horribly disappointing that I m punishing it for letting me down.
So next time I am tempted to read another James Patterson book, would somebody please stop me