¿ The Italian Girl Ñ Download by ¶ Lucinda Riley Lucinda Riley really is the Queen of sumptuous locations and settings and this is set in the world of opera and quite simply should be on the stage or screen itself Glorious we see the backstreets of Naples and the glittering stages of Milan and everything in between.
Imagine yourself in a grand theatre near the canal in Naples, sitting in the darkened auditorium, scared to breath as you don t want to break the silence of anticipation What awaits you is a musical spectacle with some of the greatest performers of their age.
The curtain rises, you shiver with excitement.
What must it feel like for those performing right in front of so many expecting eyes, focused and just waiting to capture every single moment of the spectacular that unfolds.
Lucinda Riley allows us to go behind the curtain of the most glittering opera houses in Italy and those of Convent Garden and New York to meet two great performers whose story behind the scenes was as operatic if not so than that on the stage.
Rosanna totally captures you through her journey from Naples to standing on the stages of the opera houses of New York and Covent Garden this world and the palatial homes she lived in a result This is like catching a glimpse of the large personalities that we imagine the opera world to be famous for Roberto was portrayed as this great maestro in the opera world who despite being quite odious at times, certainly self absorbed, prone to acting like a drama queen, was still capable of sympathy and understanding to some degree.
The setting of the opera scene was not one that I had ever been immersed in before I m not an opera fan and have never even been to a performance but that didn t matter reading this as now I feel as if I was right beside Rosanna every step of the way and that I felt the tension of what it meant to want to be on that stage so badly, and to sing so that the silence afterwards was deafening.
All growing dreams but as the scenery gets sumptuous and glittering, Rosanna finds that the old cliche is true and that all that glitters is certainly not gold For her obsessive love for Roberto is not nurtured in the way that it should be by him and she finds out secrets from the past are always waiting in the wings.
A glorious epic story of two singers crackling with the passion and the prima donna mood swings that we might associate with huge stars at times.
But it s the story behind the wings of how they got there and the sacrifices they made along the way which is the most thrilling story of them all.
Take a whirlwind tour of the worlds most stunning opera houses and enter in to the musically crafted world of Lucinda Riley Rapturous applause This story follows Rosanna, a young girl growing up in Naples One night at a party being thrown by her parents, she gets asked to sing a song for the guests Her beautiful voice blows everyone away, and catches the ear of Roberto, a soon to be famous opera singer, and womaniser Roberto insists that Rosanna be sent for training to make singing her career Rosanna falls in love with Roberto at first sight, and never forgets him.
Years later, after Rosanna comes out of her musical training, her path crosses once again with Roberto s and the two begin a tumultuous love affair, one which will turn Rosanna s life upside down It poses the question is love enough This is one of Lucinda Riley s very early novels, written long before her Seven Sisters series, and unfortunately it shows She hadn t yet fine tuned her incredible story telling abilities when she wrote this one The dialogue is completely stilted for the most part, and Rosanna is one of the dumbest characters I ve come across in a long time Despite its shortcomings, it was an enjoyable story and an easy read However, don t let this be the only book you read by this author, it won t give you a good indication of her talent Rosanna Menici Is Just A Girl When She Meets Roberto Rossini, The Man Who Will Change Her Life In The Years To Come, Their Destinies Are Bound Together By Their Extraordinary Talents As Opera Singers And By Their Enduring But Obsessive Love For Each Other A Love That Will Ultimately Affect The Lives Of All Those Closest To Them For, As Rosanna Slowly Discovers, Their Unison Is Haunted By Irreversible Events From The PastRosanna S Journey Takes Her From Humble Beginnings In The Back Streets Of Naples To The Glittering Stages Of The World S Most Prestigious Opera Houses Set Against A Memorable Backdrop Of Lucinda Riley S Trademark Evocative Locations, The Italian Girl Unfolds Into A Poignant And Unforgettable Tale Of Love, Betrayal And Self Discovery Note to self must stop reading terrible books and waste time reviewing them.
But I have no one to blame but myself, I wanted an easy read and this definitely is a beach read one that you should actually leave at the beach and not bother taking home in the bin, please.
I could have lived with the fact that the novel is full of clich s and characters that are caricatures instead of resembling real people We have the young damsel in distress who is naive and, to be honest, dumb as a rock I get that the novel is set in the 1960s 1980s, so a certain amount of naivety would be acceptable, but I refuse to believe that someone can be that stupid Then there s the handsome and rich hero who is sleeping is way through all the female population and remember, this one s supposed to be our romantic lead we are supposed to root for him Of course, to top that off we have the jealous lover think of a sexy Italian version of Cruella de Vil And let s add a small army of Lucas, Luigis, Paolos, Marcos and so on who are so flat and unremarkable that there s no reason to try and remember who is who Also, the national stereotypes are just epic If you wanted to learn something about Italy based on this book, well, sucks for you because all you were left was the impression that they use mamma miain every situation Your wife finds out you were cheating mamma miadeath in the family mamma miayou are in love mamma miaSee, no need to learn Italian, mamma mia will do on all occasions Oh, and the British They just drink tea and eat scones All of this would have been or less ok not a masterpiece, but there are worse books except for the fact that the writing was actually horrible We were told what the characters did as if this was a play she sat down he stood up the reader threw the book in the fire And the dialogues felt so fake I don t think I know anyone who speaks in long monologues And why on earth this need to mention personal names all the time even when there are only two people speaking If someone would mention my name after every sentence I would feel pretty intimidated But perhaps after that monologue, you need to remind the reader that there s actually another character there Fun fact this is a book that the 13 year old Liene would have liked I m happy to say that I have come a long way since then.
3,5 Sterne DNF I abandoned this at 34%, I just couldn t take any of the simplistic storytelling and simpering conversations As an added argh, the conversations are full of my major bug bear where characters constantly refer to each other by name even if there are only two of them talking Blah blah blah, Rosanna Yes, blah blah blah, Roberto But Rosanna, blah blah blah Oh Roberto, blah blah blah Just No I ve read four other Riley books, rating them either 3 or 4 stars Her style has grated before, but the stories themselves have mainly still managed to hold my attention with their poignancy, but at the point of giving up on The Italian Girl it had meandered into a bland nothingness, which only served to accentuate the conversational ARRGGHH even.
I devoured The Italian Girl I read it whilst I was on holiday in Corfu, with lots of time to devote to it It s huge at almost 600 pages, but they seemed to fly by so quickly I was completely swept away by the story, the characters and the wonderful locations.
The story opens with the beginning of a letter, written from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York and is addressed to My Dearest Nico The author of the letter is telling Nico how the events of the past have influenced the present and is a wonderful way to set up for the enchanting story that follows.
In 1966 Rosanna Menici is an eleven year old girl living in Naples Her family run a cafe and are hard working people When Rosanna meets Roberto Rossini, a young opera singer, she falls instantly in love The Italian Girl is Rosanna and Roberto s love story, it rarely runs smoothly but it is long lasting and often very painful Rosanna and Roberto s singing talent enable them to see things and to travel to parts of the world that they had never dreamt of It will also expose them to betrayals and lies and incredible heart break.
Lucinda Riley never fails to disappoint me She creates the most amazing characters and vividly described locations with apparent ease The reader is whisked away to the stages of the most wondrous opera houses, in the most beautiful places, accompanied by characters who begin to feel like real friends and who are often flawed, yet so lifelike.
I ve never really had an interest in opera, but Lucinda Riley writes with so much passion about the music, the players, the stage that readers cannot help but be pulled in She makes the opera world accessible, yet glamorous and full of intrigue and passion.
I enjoyed The Italian Girl very much, perfectly paced and expertly written.
http randomthingsthroughmyletterbox I normally enjoy books by Lucinda Riley as a mental break after reading something emotionally draining I do not expect some deep literally tale, but rather a fun or touching story So it saddens me to say that this book was just all kinds of bad She may have been going for a Thorn Birds Persuasion combo Instead she came up with a sappy, rambling book of one dimensional characters who are nothing than selfish children Even when they accept responsibility, it is done so as a martyr Oh, how will I ever forgive myself Focusing on one poor choice as the pinnacle of failure when there were nothing but but poor choices up until that point The worst part was the writing The over the top attempt to make people seem so deeply in love when their relationship comes across as nothing than an unhealthy obsession There was so much sweet talk , nick names, calling them by name in reverence as an attempt to make it sound like a love story It fails Ugh It took a lot to finish this one.

This is exactly my kind of book full of emotion and passion and hearts aching with need The relationship between Roberto and Rosanna had me utterly gripped throughout, as I swung between wishing they would find a happy ever after together, and feeling unsettled by the obsessive quality of their love.
I loved the honesty of this conflict that the protagonists are flawed that their love is not perfect.
But while Roberto and Rosanna are the focal point of the book, there are so many other poignant stories interwoven through the narrative the pious man torn between his love for God and his love for a woman the gentle and honourable soul who longs for Rosanna in the background the aging father, wanting to hold on to his children the desperate mistress and the depths to which she will go to manipulate and control and for me, most moving of all, the mother who must let go of her daughter, and the daughter who never knew her father I can t tell you how many times I had tears in my eyes as I read, and how many cups of tea went cold, so lost did I get in the story I love the settings for the book Naples and London and how the author describes them so vividly I felt I was there But most of all I love the importance of opera throughout the story As I read, I felt I could almost hear Roberto and Rosanna sing, could picture them on the greatest stages of the world, bringing the audience to their feet I so love opera for its drama and ability to stir emotion, and I think in this book Lucinda Riley has managed to create an opera on paper Heavenly The writing style is exquisite realistic dialogue, beautiful descriptions and just the right measure of pace, slow enough to allow the reader to really comprehend the characters and their emotions, but fluid enough to make me keep wanting to turn the pages I especially love how the author s use of the third person narrator allows the reader free access to the story from all characters perspectives, so we are all knowing and can make connections that the individual characters cannot That means being privy to explosive secrets, and I spent a good part of the book questioning in my own heart whether I thought such secrets were best left alone or exposed, to the point that I was relieved when the author made the decision for me In all, this is a captivating, beautifully written, moving book Romance as it should be written Sheer bliss in the reading.
I romanzi come quelli della Riley non sono proprio il mio genere, ma questo me lo sono ritrovato tra capo e collo come direbbe zia Petunia raccontando di Harry Potter e quindi ho deciso di dargli una possibilit.
La storia raccontata in La ragazza italiana intricata, piena di segreti e di emozioni rivelate e nascoste Non mi dispiace leggere di elementi simili, soprattutto quando sono accompagnati da una bella scrittura scorrevole.
Oggettivamente, lasciando fuori il mio gusto personale e la mia preferenza per altri generi, il nuovo libro di Lucinda assolutamente ben fatto Un romanzo carino e perfetto per l estate, da leggere sotto all ombrellone prendendo la tintarella Una mia carissima amica pazza di questa donna e non fatico a capirne il motivo, ma io come al solito verso questi romanzi non provo mai un attrazione speciale.
Abbiamo tutti i nostri autori del cuore, giusto Consiglio questa lettura a chi ama i romanzi corposi che raccontano le storie di famiglie, di amori tormentati, di figli nascosti un po alla Beautiful e soprattutto a tutti gli amanti di Lucinda perch so che siete in tanti.