[Deborah Hale] ç Scandal on His Doorstep (A Most Peculiar Season, #2) [zombies PDF] Read Online Ï I Really enjoyed this book It was sweet, with just a bit of intrigue And very entertaining.
read in 2014I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
It s a good book, but it reminded me of the French film Trois et un couffin translated to Three men and a baby It was fun reading Three Noblemen And A Baby A Baby Is Left On Jack Warwick S Doorstep And The Notorious Rake Doesn T Know If The Child Is His Jack Shares A Mayfair Town House With Two Friends, And A Note Left With The Baby Suggests One Of The Three Bachelors Is The Father But Which One And Who Will Care For The Child Until They Can Locate Her Mother Jack Can Think Of Only One Woman He Would Trust With Such A Delicate Task Annabelle Robb, The Penniless Widow Of His Cousin, Has Been Too Proud To Accept His Financial Support Enlisting Her Help With The Baby Is The Perfect Excuse To Provide For The Woman Who Was Once His Dearest FriendAnnabelle Agrees, With Great Reluctance She Cannot Turn Her Back On An Abandoned Child, For Both She And Jack Know The Pain Of Being Unwanted Yet She Fears Rekindling Her Old Feelings For Him, Which Were Once Far Than Friendly Until He Broke Her HeartThough Jack Cannot Be Certain He Is The Baby S Father, His Growing Affection For The Child Makes Him Vow To Reform His Ways Yet The Time He Spends With Annabelle, The He Is Torn Between A Sense Of Duty To Find And Marry The Child S Mother And His Growing Desire For Annabelle F ck you jack and f ck you Clarissa Are you fucking kidding me Wtf did i just read i was enjoying this book until at 95% this asshole has the nerve to propose to Annabelle at the church he was just 5 minutes ago about to marry some other bitch in WTF I m so pissed right now Like i want to crawl into this book and punch jack in the face First he uses Annabelle as a nanny for Sarah Then he proposes to her because it s conviene for him But then when the supposed mother shows up he decides to marry that hoe with complete disregarded for Annabelle s feelings and reputation At First he was all i have to marry you to save your reputation but as soon as that hoe bag arrives claiming to be Sarah s mother , Annabelle stops being human to him To top it off he kicks her out of his house because he s marring Clarissa now and it not fair to her, but what about the fact that he made Annabelle give up her loggings because it was a waste of money fuck you asshole The whole book was all about making his life easier Then poor Annabelle gets the boot when he no longer needs her Finally once the truth comes out now he wants Annabelle as his wife And she fucken said yes WTF I would have been like NO, NOPE, NOT toooddddayyyy If the author would have given us a few chapters making him suffer for his decisions then i would have probably given this book 5 stars As it is now it doesn t even deserve the 2 that I m giving it.
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Jack and his friends live in Jack s house Upon returning to their home one day they hear a baby crying There on the doorstep is a baby in a basket with a note stating that he is the father and he must take care of the child now Problem is, which one of them is he Annabelle, Jack s cousins widow reluctantly agrees to help with the baby until they find a wetnurse while they search for the mother She has been in love with Jack for years He is clueless I thoroughly enjoyed this book 3 Men and a Baby set in Historical England I cannot recommend it enough Deborah Hale writes a fun and moving tale of growth for these 3 men as they learn that actions have consequences.
I really, really wanted to like this book But could not I am sorry to say that I was really disappointed First off Annabelle moves in with Jack and his two friends to help them care for a baby that has been left on their doorstep with a note saying it could be anyone of the three s baby Annabelle is a recent widow who is in love with Jack The part that I couldn t handle was, she moves in with three single men who have sworn off marriage That would never have been accepted for any reason She then goes to a ball and can t figure out why one of the men wants her to be his mistress The story just was not believable and seamed to drag on for me.
I received a free copy of this book for an Honest review I am sorry that I just couldn t like it, I am glad that isn t so for the other reviewers.
Scandal On His DoorstepI received a free copy of this book for an honest review.
I have been a fan of Deborah Hale for some time Her recency romances combine sensuality with drama Her descriptions are vivid enough that you can see the people and places in your mind You root for Jack and Annabelle to find their way together, especially for baby Sarah This is a book that I had on my list to read, and I was happy to get it free, even better, I loved the story and can t wait to see what happens with the other bachelor roommates This is a must for any fan of recency romances.
Received a copy of this book for an honest opinion I am a sucker for a story like this one Love lost and rekindled at a time that is least convenient Jack and Ann were portrayed in a way that you not just read about their frustrations and longings The words on the page drew me in I could not wait to read the next chapter Am not an individual who likes to ruin the story for others who may want to read it I will say that this book is worth reading.

2 out of 5 stars Three bachelors find a baby on their doorstep stating that one of them is the little girl s father While trying to find out who actually fathered the child, Jack brings in Annabelle his childhood friend and his cousin s penniless widow to care for little Sarah Yet as the search goes on Jack finds himself loosing his heart to both Annabelle and Sarah, will they ever learn the truth I read the description of this novel and was instantly hooked since I m a big fan of the Three Men and a Little Baby which is the film this novel was based However, as it progresses Jack somehow turns into a cowardly idiot and I grew bored with the rest of the plot Basically it didn t meet my expectations as I had hoped Yet I will say I liked seeing Annabelle Jack together.
Overall, I don t recommend this novel but if you are still interested in it then it s for those who enjoy historical romances.
This book came in a collection of five books for free on This was a different take on the movie 3 men and a baby This book was very funny and an enjoyable read The main characters just needed to talk to each other.