[ Pdf Modern Indian Interpreters of the Bhagavadgita (Suny Series in Religious Studies) ¾ library-science PDF ] by Robert N. Minor à This Is A Collection Of Careful, Objective, Historically Sensitive Studies Of Modern Commentators On The Bhagavadgita, One Of The Basic Scriptures Of Hinduism, And One Which Has Been Widely read In The Modern West Experts On Modern Indian Religious Thought Show How Ghandi, Vivekananda, Radhakrishnan, Bhaktivedanta, Aurobindo, Tilak, Bhave, Sivananda, The Theosophists, And Bhankim Read, Used And Interpreted The Gita Collectively, The Essays Display The Different Backgrounds And Orientations Of The Major Indian Thinkers Of Our Time An Introduction And A Conclusion Provide A Perspective On The Thinkers And Identify Common Themes Which Are Part Of Modern Emphases