↠´ The Solomon Curse é Download by ↠´ Clive Cussler A pretty good read although the ending felt like it left you hanging and was sudden It followed the standard course of Cussler s book and I liked that it allowed me to read without much thought and escape for a few hours each night while I read.
Goodbut I ve read better from this author.
The Outstanding New Fargo Adventure From The New York Times Bestselling AuthorThere Are Many Rumors About The Bay Off Guadalcanal In The Solomon Islands Some Say It Was The Site Of The Lost Empire Of The Solomon King And That Great Treasure Lies Beneath The Waters Others Say Terrible Things Happened Here, Atrocities And Disappearances At The Hands Of Cannibal Giants, And Those Who Venture There Do Not Return It Is Cursed Which Is Exactly What Attracts The Attention Of Husband And Wife Treasure Hunting Team Sam And Remi Fargo How Could They Resist Clues And Whispers Lead Them On A Hunt From The Solomons To Australia To Japan, And What They Find At The End Of The Trail Is Both Wonderful And Monstrous And Like Nothing They Have Ever Seen Before This has a different feel to it than most of Cussler s stories Instead of Sam Remy having a fantastic discovery or getting involved in a megalomaniac s dream to take over or something, it remains quiet and almost too peaceful though the first half Lulling us into sleep Even the archaeology part was just background Then later when the danger started happening, Sam seemed awfully calm in spite of all the bad stuff going on around him It s like he was in denial I think the Fargo s are getting too blas about everything Both Leonid and Lazlo were boring with barely any real importance to the story I knew off the bat who the real bad guy was and who the story s scape goat was And it was a very odd ending Felt like there should be chapters And what happened with the underwater buildings For being the whole start of the book, they don t have a very big role in the story They re just mentioned now and then as they check up on its progress Maybe we ll see them in a future book All and all, not as satisfying as it could have been Quick Thoughts 1 You d think Sam Remi would have brought their own dive equipment They re rich enough 2 After all the buildup, does Leonid ever dive Fave Scenes trip to see Nauru, barricading the hospital, following the river clues, Manchester Rollin s meeting.
The basic Clive Cussler formula 1 Protagonist s arrive on scene, rescue someone in distress.
2 Protagonist s meet foxy lady, either in distress, or involved in rescue.
3 Dinner between 124 Problem in the area discovered, usually ecological in nature plundering the earth Treasure may or not be involved.
5 Bad guys discover protagonist s on scene a threat attempt to get rid of opposition.
6 5 piques interest of protagonist s further investigation further attempts to eliminate.
7 Action, adventure, twists and turns.
8 Situation resolved humanity saved bad guys defeated.
The Sam Remi Fargo novels are almost cookie cutter They get involved in a problem in an inaccessible, out of the way location They manage to get all of the material and equipment needed to get out of the situation The prime mover in this series is really Selma, their office research manager Selma is able to arrange for anything, including air travel, fully equipped diving and research ships, and ex Seal security people, on a moments notice, with almost immediate delivery THE SOLOMOM CURSE is no exception Set on the island of Guadalcanal, the Fargo s decimate the island rental car fleet in their search for a possible treasure trove Cussler appears to have made one change in his writing style which I will not elaborate on because it would be a spoiler Unfortunately, the Fargo series does not match up to Cussler s NUMA series Dirk Pitt, Kurt Austin company or the OREGON series Juan Cabrillo company.
For me I normally give 5 stars for all of Clive Cussler s novels But with this new author s writing of Russell Blake, I am not overly impressed with.
For those who have been on hand at the beginning of the Fargo s adventures, they have always had good bantering amongst themselves, but while I did enjoy the mystery, suspense and action, it just fell a little short for me I will continue buying all of Clive Cusslers novels, because after reading them for 15 years, you are sort of hooked on the characters that have been established.
Great Adventure StoryI give this story five stars for having a great story line It is not your typical Fargo story However, it makes the characters stand out as three dimensional people.

Another non stop ACTION thriller featuring the Fargo s Kept me interested from start to finish From the time I read Inca Gold, I was hooked on Clive Cussler I played catch up with all his books before that one, and then waited impatiently for each book after However, I was disappointed in The Solomon Curse Never in any of Cussler s books have people been graphically hacked to death with machetes, or children kidnapped and used for medical experimentation while chained to the wall of a cave Until this one Really This is not classic Cussler This is not what I waited two months on a library waiting list for I truly hope this is not a sign of things to come.