[ Read Online Bit Palas ✓ legal-thriller PDF ] by Elif Shafak Æ This was a very fanciful book about many colorful characters living in an apartment block in Istanbul which is plagued with a horrible garbage stench problem It almost read like a series of short stories about a bunch of different people who all live in the same place The story revolves around who keeps dumping garbage in front of the building and how to stop it.
OK I have to say this book s writing style did not appeal to me at all, but I think that s just my taste I don t think it was bad writing and I think for the right reader, it would be very enjoyable There s something about me that dislikes stories that feel like myths and I don t know why it has something to do with it not being real enough, despite the fact that I love fiction and fiction is by definition about people and events that are not real It s hard to describe, but I ve given up on other books before because of this like Neil Gaiman s American Gods this too just felt too myth like Some of the stories felt almost cartoony in a way, like the characters were almost too fanciful or farfetched to be worth the effort of trying to invest myself in The parts I like the best were the ones told from the narrator s point of view these felt the most real, and to me contained the most richly realized characters.
I also found the writing way too wordy and descriptive pages and pages to describe something that could ve taken a paragraph , but again, I think for the right reader it might be considered rich and descriptive writing.
Unfortunately I realize this review is useless you might like it, you might not Good luck.
Set Within A Once Stately Apartment Block In Istanbul, The Flea Palace Tells The Story Of Bonbon Palace, Built By Russian Noble Migr Pavel Antipov For His Wife Agripina At The End Of The Tsarist Reign It Is Now Sadly Dilapidated, Flea Infested, And Home To Ten Very Different Individuals And Their Families Elif Shafak Gives Us A Bird S Eye Insight Into Each Apartment, And We See Their Comic And Tragic Lives Unfold This is a very cinematic book with the narrator acting like a camera, each chapter taking place in a different apartment inside this decrepit Instanbul building, plagued by bugs and the overpowering smell of garbage The novel is a succession of quick chapters sweeping through all the tenants lives times and again, including that of the narrator, a divorced professor with a fondness for raki Of course, there are surprises throughout the book, and of course at the very end I was really impressed by Shafak s caring portrayals of women, the corner stones of the book and the building It was also a very interesting window into Turkish society full of contrasts religious fervor, marxist intellectuals, beauty and squalor, tradition and modernity I will read books by Shafak as soon as possible.
This is a timeless and amazingly touching story one of Shafak s earlier and nicer novels Set in a multi story building of apartments, with plenty of interesting residents, a must read novel presenting a slice of Istanbul, a bridge between oriental middle east and modern Europe skillfully reflected through characters and their stories.
this was the best book i ever read why it s like real life it has no center story all the events are shallow and not important for other people but the charecters who are living the storythere are no heroes or villans just peoplethe mood of the book is amazing whenever i read it i feel like i m sitting in a dark humid basment and it s amazingelif is the best director i ve ever seen the way she takes you from one apartmet to another is amazing like when she uses the TV or sothere re alot of tiny details in this book that will take you to a whole different worldthe way the first two and last pages are connected are amazingno story has a specific ending like it has no beginning every thing is perfecti can re read this book any time anywhere and still enjoy it like it s the first time its just sublime ,superb and great.

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