ã I Hate Zombies ☆ Download by ã Shantnu Tiwari DNF At chapter 2 too much curse words, characters dumb and ignorant, too much stupidity generally speaking.
Abbandonato al secondo capitolo, quindi pagina 12 pi o meno troppe parolacce, personaggi incredibilmente stupidi e volgari.
My Name Is Blue, And I Hate Zombies No, ReallyFor One, They Killed My Friends Then They Kidnapped My Mother And They Have Scared All The Hot Girls AwayMy Best Friend Shake Hates Them Too, Because They Killed Our Pizza Delivery Guy, And We Didn T Even Get A RefundOur Dog Gandhi Also Hates Zombies Because Well, I Don T Know He S A Dog, And Who Knows Why They Do Anything A Secret Government Agency Is Determined To Use Our Town As An Experimenting Stage For Zombies But They Have Crossed A LineThey Should Not Have Killed Our Pizza Delivery Guy A bit rambling, but fun read no the less.
The plot of this book was a great idea, but the writing leaves something to be desired The book tends to ramble between some supreme being controlling zombies, to two stoner type heroes, to corrupt politicians, and to parallel dimensions, and it does get confusing sometimes.
Oh my god, they killed Kenny Who you might ask Well zombies, obviously I started this book expecting just another zombie story, the usual boy meets zombie, boy kills zombie, and boy meets girl along the way, and hopefully doesn t kill the girl Instead I get Blue and Shake, the two most unlikely heroes you could find In it for the hot girls and deleted makes total sense if you read the book, I promise It all starts at a party, when they are simply trying to get some hot food and girls, in no particular order Then Kenny s dead grandmother turns up and totally kills the party.
literally This then sends them on a journey of zombie killing, army fighting, spooky forest wandering, and much You can see why they really hate zombies The book throws all seriousness out the window and just takes you on a trip of fun and laughs, and makes you feel like you are really being told the story, even if by two of the least believable stoners out there Described as a horror comedy, I would say it is comedy than horror The two bumbling heroes keep you entertained, and there are enough plot twists to keep you guessing along the way, this book is certainly not your typical predictable zombie story If you want a good and entertaining zombie read then this book is for you, it is a refreshing and very entertaining zombie read.
5 stars Well I love the 2 main characters of this series They are pot smoking losers out to save the world from zombies aliens I love when authors throws in some laughs when I m reading about zombies I will definitely be reading the next part Nazis and zombies

This story is narrated in the first person as a rough draft manuscript, mostly by the protagonist but interrupted every now and then by his friend They detail events that take place in the U.
K but the town is given a fictitious name because their Government has threatened to make them disappear permanently if the actual name is used.
The story is light hearted for the most part, feeling comedic than oppressive There s a small bit of evolution in the story for the zombies but the characters for the most part stay relatively unchanged with a few exceptions brought on by circumstance The story also becomes a bit dynamic leading up to and into the climax.
I found this story to be both familiar with regards to the narration style, humor, and the antagonists but also new as the different elements within the story were brought forward I would best describe it as being introduced to something different in a familiar way.
Zombies have a way of interrupting your day, and life, in a most inconvenient manner, making it easy to declare a universal opinion of dislike, as in I Hate Zombies by Shantnu Tiwari.
To read this, and other book reviews, visit my website and his best friend Shake hate zombies, for a variety of good reasons zombies killed their friends, kidnapped Blue s mom, and killed their pizza delivery guy, ruining their pizza and their chances of getting a refund As the friends try to make the best of their lives in this odd situation they unexpectedly find themselves in the center of a larger conspiracy With their town as the chosen testing grounds for zombies, there are forces at work against them that they work to combat, but at their own pace and in their own way.
Written in a style that is accessible and conversational, the retrospective telling of the story with Blue and Shake writing what took place was reminiscent of various movies that frame themselves using in media res however, the writing itself could benefit from some further refinement as there were a lot of repetition and tangents Though a relatively quick read with plenty of pop culture references they killed Kenny and fairly mindlessly entertaining premise as a whole, there were portions that were frustratingly bro y and problematic, including Blue lamenting his lack of a girlfriend and the boys talking frequently about hot girls or lack thereof in their town, making it difficult to enjoy the various potentially intriguing premises that never quite came together cohesively.
Overall, I d give it a 2.
5 out of 5 stars.