Download Epub Format ☆ The True Bride and the Shoemaker (The Pippington Tales, #1) PDF by ï L. Palmer There Is Magic In The Streets Of Pippington, But Most People Are Too Busy To Notice Shoemaker Peter Talbot Needs A Little Magic Cheap, Factory Made, Shoes Are Putting Him Out Of Business, His Nagging Sisters Will Never Let Him Rest, And His Efforts To Find True Love Are Constantly Thwarted By Worldly Fickleness However, The Gift Of A Wild Primrose And A Shipment Of Rare Griffin Skin Are About To Change EverythingWhen Beautiful Handmade Shoes Begin Appearing In His Shop Every Morning, Peter Is Determined To Find The Source What He Finds Instead Will Be Far Exciting And Wondrous Than He Could Ever Imagine The True Bride And The Shoemaker Is The First Of The Pippington Tales, Introducing A City Full Of Magic And Everyday Fairy Tales For Those Willing To See Them I liked this a lot It s a fantasy romance with a classic feeling Riffs off The Shoemaker and the Elves, but it goes its own direction I look forward to from this author.
Oh, what a sweet tale I very much enjoyed it and loved Peter as the MC He was such a great guy and had to laugh at some of his antics or things that happen to him The author did a great job of throwing in a few twists, especially with how intense a certain story was near the end I definitely was glued to my Kindle and had some o o o faces going on Learning about shoemaking was fun and the romance was certainly sweet, though I was slightly surprised how quickly the book ended.
Can t wait to read book two

The True Bride and the Shoemaker starts out as a fairytale retelling But it doesn t take very long after you begin reading to see that L Palmer has put her own very unique twist on the classic tale of the cobbler who is assisted by unseen elves in his shop.
Peter Talbot is a shoemaker in the town of Pippington, a town that feels like any other turn of the century town might, if you discount the fact that instead of horse races, people in Pippington gamble on dragon races Peter s business is struggling thanks to competition from cheaper priced, factory made shoes But one day he receives a gift of rare blue griffin leather to make shoes out of Within a few days, a pair of shoes made from the rare leather mysteriously appear in his workshop Not knowing who else could have made them, since his employees say they didn t do it, Peter assumes he has a squad of helpful elves and begins leaving pastries out at closing time to thank them for their help.
The pastries make a good excuse for Peter to visit the local bakery and the lovely Miss Caroline Durbin, daughter of the bakery owner With some prodding from his nosy sisters, Peter begins courting Caroline But his relationship with Caroline is thrown into jeopardy when he discovers the real source of the mysterious help in his shoe shop the flower he potted and set in his shop is actually a girl under an enchantment Peter, of course, feels obligated to take care of the flower girl whom he names Flora, fittingly who has done such wonders for his business, but all Caroline sees is Flora s improper behavior e.
, falling into the stream and dragging Peter in with her and the way men gawk at her So she gives Peter an ultimatum either Flora goes, or Caroline will break off her engagement with Peter.
I don t want to spoil the story any further than that, but suffice it to say that Peter has some very difficult choices to make One thing I love about The True Bride and the Shoemaker is its main character Peter Talbot has some awful luck over the course of the story, but he always picks himself up and goes on He is nothing but a perfect gentleman to Flora and defends her when no one else can or will, even standing up to his bossy sisters, who are used to being able to push him around with little resistance Not to mention that he s pretty clever when it comes to the kind of subterfuge necessary to rescue a damsel in distress from a man who seems benevolent on the surface but is actually hiding a malicious nature.
I only wish that the climax had been a little longer The True Bride and the Shoemaker is not a long book, and the final conflict felt a little rushed after the buildup But I was quite happy with the way things resolved themselves in the end I will definitely be keeping an eye out for future books by L Palmer.
L Palmer s first book is an inventive retelling of The Elves and the Shoemaker fairy tale, set in a modern time where magic, dragon races, griffinhides, and wizards exist The setting is beautifully drawn, with great characters in the fore and background Peter Talbot himself is an astoundingly relatable character, reminiscent of the self sacrificing George Bailey and a likable fellow even in his shortcomings The symbolism and words also play a great part, both in foreshadowing and giving us a clear visualization.
I was completely engaged after the first ten pages, and with all the events of the book, it led beautifully to the conclusion Though I am not one for romance, the romance in this book is handled realistically No one instantly falls in love or does so after only knowing each for a few weeks We get relationships that not only have backgrounds, but actually involve the action driven plot as well I was certainly rooting for Peter and his friends the whole time, anxious as I hoped they got a good ending.
I look forward to future additions to Pippington in the future