Download Epub Format ¼ Starstruck PDF by ß Ruby Preston Scarlett s biggest dream was to be a produce on Broadway in Manhattan, and with her very first show, there s a great chance all she has dreamed will come true If only nothing knocks her first shows rise to the billboard off, especially the Hollywood diva that was brought in to help make her show a success But really should Hollywood and broadway be trying to cross paths at all Being the producer of a Broadway hit may be the hardest thing Scarlett ever attempts to do The real story is if she has the guts it takes to pull such an awesome and frightening task off I truly loved this story, I loved the characters and the personalities that the author created, it was a fun refreshing read, with a great insight to the behind the scenes of a Broadway show and all that goes into them.
In Starstruck, Scarlett Savoy has finally earned her chance to produce a musical on Broadway For a Northern California girl that is no small feat, but with an updated version of Swan Lake, an amazing cast and crew, and a Hollywood starlet they are sure to succeed At least that s what Scarlett is hoping as it turns out their Hollywood starlet, Bliss, is trouble than she is worth Bliss blames Scarlett for her recent breakup, thinking Scarlett stole her man Scarlett is just his friend, and knew from the beginning that the relationship wasn t going to last long, but try telling Bliss that To make things worse, Bliss publicist does not understand how Broadway publicity is supposed to be, meaning Scarlett has to give him a talking to When she goes to meet him, he turns out to be her old graduate school sweetheart, Marco The two pick up their relationship between rehearsals, fielding calls, publicity ads, and their stars Everything seems to be going well, until Bliss hits one bad note and refuses to perform, fleeing to Los Angeles Scarlett finds herself in a jam, and after careful advice, decides the only thing to do, is go on without her She then finds herself in the fight of the century between Broadway and Hollywood I really enjoyed this novel I thought it was extremely refreshing to get a look at the Broadway world in a view most people don t know anything about Not only does it bring a better understanding of what a producer does, but we get to see than just the acting every other aspect that goes into putting on a show The characters were interesting and likable, and anyone who is a fan of Broadway or enjoys musicals is sure to love it The only issue I have is that Scarlett ended up with one character, when I was hoping the romance would go in another direction But that is subjective to each reader I would give it four out of five stars.
STARSTRUCK, A Novel By Actual Broadway Producer, Ruby Preston, Follows The Story Of Scarlett Savoy, A Savvy Young Producer With Her Broadway Opening Night A Few Weeks Away, Scarlett Is Finally Ready For Her Brand New Musical To Take Center Stage Only Two Major Things Standing In Her Way The Beautiful But Mercurial Hollywood Diva She S Cast In The Lead And The Tall, Dark And Handsome Familiar Face From Her Past Who Flies Back Into Her Life From High Stakes Rehearsal Rooms, To Paparazzi Fueled Scandals, To The Star Studded Red Carpet Of Opening Night, Starstruck Is A Page Turning Journey Behind The Scenes Of Broadway, All Set Against The Glittering Back Drop Of Manhattan Will Scarlett Make It To Opening Night Before The Curtain Falls On Her Dreams This review was originally posted on books and Ladders including an interview with author Ruby Preston Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I enjoyed this one I thought it had a good premise and good characters, but that it just fell short in some places I loved everything about Scarlett and her story I thought it was great that she did what she had to in order to get her show up and running I think she started off kind of timid and unsure, but it was so nice to see that she had a female mentor which is practically unheard of in fiction and that she learned how to say no and not feel guilty about it I think Scarlett was a role model someone for young girls who are chasing their dreams to look up to because she knew what she wanted, figured out how to get it, and stopped at nothing to achieve her goals The plot was a little shaky to me in some places I thought it was a little ridiculous that the story built up female friendships and then also constructively tore them down with how Scarlett and Bliss treated one another Scarlett tried to be nice and be friendly with Bliss, but in her mind she was not a fan of the girl and to everyone else she complained about her 24 7 It was a little disheartening after seeing how great everything else was there.
The writing was fun and while it wasn t the best, I thought it was written the way it needed to be for the story itself The actual story line made up for the writing, in my opinion, since it is a whirlwind of entertainment I thought the minor characters could have done with a little padding and beefing up, but otherwise it was a quite enjoyable experience Overall 3 5 stars for this one for fun reading times, but not so great writing in some places If you are looking for a good beach read or a plane read while you re on your way to NYC pick this one up Review of StarstruckI received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review I love reading about things that go on behind the scenes This book was just that a look into what it takes to make a successful Broadway show happen I really enjoyed reading from the point of view of the young, eager producer Scarlett The story immediately captured my attention with the aspect of the bright lights and drama that come along with putting together such a big production I have never seen a Broadway show, but this makes me really want to The author provided just the right amount of behind the scenes information and her drama with the lead role really reminded of the popular show Nashville Some parts of the story were a bit cheesy to me, especially her relationship with Marcus But there were so many fun parts to this story that I would definitely recommend it to a friend, especially if they enjoy theatre, Broadway, or learning about what goes on behind the curtain I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars.
Producing a play can be a big deal, but make it a play that has reached the levels of Broadway and it s a huge deal Most producers tend to love producing so that they are out of the spotlight and leave it to the cast the actors and actresses to soak up the fame but unfortunately for Scarlet, that isn t the case as now that her play has reached New York s standards of excellence and will be performing on Broadway it s her life in the spotlight and Scarlet isn t sure she can handle what the spotlight brings Starstruck is written in the format of a play with each chapter labelled Scenes and is the novel that everyone who has ever wanted to see what goes on behind the scenes of Broadway should read as Starstruck has everything from high stakes rehearsal rooms, to paparazzi fueled scandals, to the star studded red carpet of opening night, Starstruck is a page turning journey behind the scenes of Broadway, all set against the glittering back drop of Manhattan Can Scarlet make it to her play s opening night or will the pressure of being the Star of Broadway get to her and make her crumble Find out in Starstruck a fictional version of a Behind the Scenes on Broadway.
SNS Rating 4.
5 Dee s Review Bravo Bravo Well done Fascinating and an amazing story about the behind the scenes politics involved in getting a show on Broadway I had no idea all the games one has to play to make it happen The writing was so perfect I felt like I was present as a ghost observing the emotional goings on Being inside the head and heart of a promising new producer as she lives and breathes her dream to life was an awesome experience It was interesting, exciting, entertaining and I know I do not envy the dedication it takes to birth a Broadway show Thanks Ms Preston for the experience Tracy s Review I did like this story and the characters All the turmoil and challenges that were faced Wow all the steps just to make it on Broadway was just crazy I did love the progression of the story and how the characters flowed in and out of my mind even when I wasn t reading it I would recommend this book to everyone Great book and amazing writing.

If you re a fan of Broadway and everything that goes on backstage, Starstruck by Ruby Preston is the book for you This story follows Scarlett Savoy as she produces her first show, Swan Song, on Broadway Between handling a temperamental Hollywood star who has assumed the lead role, and juggling a myriad of emotions upon meeting up with a man from her past, Scarlett begins to question whether she s in over her head I enjoyed following along with Scarlett s journey Her accomplishments and the respect she commandeers is admirable, but man, sometimes, she is just a hot mess Some of her choices and the situations she finds herself in made me laugh and shake my head, all at once Full disclosure I received a copy of this book from the author publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours.
This was an interesting behind the scenes story of Broadway and what it actually takes to bring it all together kinda similar to life Friends, enemies Straight talk and back talk Some you can trustand others that you can t I had a hard time at first with this book It took me a little bit to figure out the characters and the format it was written in not that there was anything wrong with the way it was written I just wasn t expecting it A few times, I had to go back and re read some areas because I felt a little lost, but the overall story was interesting Drama, friends, enemies, work, play and everything in between.
I ve never been to a live Broadway show, but I guarantee that when I do, all these thoughts will be running through my mind now If this is really how it is, I have an even larger appreciation for the folks behind the scenes THEY are the real stars of the show Welcome back to the bright lights and lively musicals that is Broadway Author Ruby Preston weaves a fascinating trilogy that follows aspiring Broadway producer Scarlett Savoy In Showbiz, the first book of the Broadway Trilogy, the reader is introduced to Scarlett as she spreads her wings and learns the ropes as an assistant to the King of Broadway, producer Margolies In the second installment of the trilogy, Staged, Scarlett has wrangled funding for her pet project, a new musical called Swan Song With the funding secured, a talented young director hired, and a Hollywood star for the female lead, all Scarlett needs to do to get the musical in production is a Broadway theater And there lies the problem, because the theater owners aren t willing to take a chance on a novice producer, what s a tenacious girl to do Why kick up her heels and attract the attention of the eligible son and heir apparent to the Stewart theatrical empire Now in the third book, Starstuck, the financing is in place and so is the famous Hammerstein Theater, and Scarlett is leading her team to the bright lights of Broadway with the opening of their musical, Swan Song But the road to the opening is filled with backstage drama, a Hollywood leading lady diva, and an old love from Scarlett s past, will Swan Song be a hit or a bust when the curtain falls When I read Showbiz and Staged, I couldn t imagine author Ruby Preston would being able to recapture the magic and mystique that is Broadway in another story Well, I stand corrected, because she once again pulls out all the stops and sprinkles fairy dust on another fascinating tale of the inner workings of NY s famed musical theater industry Starstruck easily captivates and transports the reader back to the magical Great White Way in a seamless and entertaining style.
Written in the third person narrative, the reader follows sassy and persistent Scarlett Savoy as she tries to get her first big musical, Swan Song in the big lights and on the stage of a famed Broadway theater Even with the trials and tribulations that she endures along the way, there s no stopping this Broadway baby from getting her way And if that isn t enough, the author mixes in a delicious romance to keep our hearts fluttering With an exciting cast of characters who are realistic, have flamboyant personalities and larger than life egos humorous dialogues and interactions and a masterful style of creating a storyline with chapters that are set as scenes, and plenty of show tunes spread throughout the story to keep you humming along, Starstruck pulls out all the stops and provides excitement and entertainment that is simply Broadway Author Ruby Preston stays true to the musical theater that is part of her real life profession She provides the reader with a fascinating story rich in detail and vivid descriptions of the inner workings of the production of the musical theater industry with a touch of romance that keeps the reader engaged and wanting Bravo, Ruby The Broadway Trilogy is a sensational must read series for all fans of Broadway musicals I received a copy of the book from the author publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours.