[ Read Online The Matchmaker of Périgord ☆ indonesian-literature PDF ] by Julia Stuart Ç Looking at previous reviews this book seems to polarise opinions, I really enjoyed it, perhaps reading it on holiday in France helped However I read it again and still enjoyed it, where other readers felt bludgeoned by the prose and detailed descriptions I really enjoyed that attention to detail I felt a relaxed atmosphere of rural France was conjured up very well, yes I know it isn t actually real This was an indulgent piece of literature and I found it gently comedic, the plot didn t really go anywhere but I didn t mind I think the reviews give a reasonable flavour and it would be hard to write a spoiler filled one so take your choice, if you like this type of book then try this one.
This is a charming and quirky little book that diverts, entertains, and makes you hungry for food you never thought would tempt you Please, read this Barber Guillaume Ladoucette Has Always Enjoyed Great Success In His Tiny Village In Southwestern France, Catering To The Tonsorial Needs Of Amour Sur Belle S Thirty Three Inhabitants But Times Have Changed His Customers Have Grown Older And Balder Suddenly There Is No Longer A Call For Guillaume S Particular Services, And He Is Forced To Make A Drastic Career Change Since Love And Companionship Are Necessary Commodities At Any Age, He Becomes Amour Sur Belle S Official Matchmaker And Intends To Unite Hearts As Ably As He Once Cut Hair But Alas, Guillaume Is Not Nearly As Accomplished An Agent Of Amour, As The Disastrous Results Of His Initial Attempts Amply Prove, Especially When It Comes To Arranging His Own Romantic FutureFor Every Reader Who Adored Chocolat, Julia Stuart S The Matchmaker Of P Rigord Is A Delectable, Utterly Enchanting, And Sinfully Satisfying Delight I enjoyed this author s style I found the structured repetition of certain interactions to be humorous in a giggle sort of way I enjoyed watching the characters develop, even though it s clear from the beginning where the story will end It s a fun read.
It was pretty clear that this was a debut novel from Stuart after reading her sopho work, The Tower, The Tortoise, and The Zoo , which has all the imagination, magic, and whimsy readers see here, but with far sophisticated editing, specifically pacing and realizing that as good as your material is, most of it is better off not being included This seemed a collection of vignettes of characters readers learn to love, rather than a cohesive while that makes for a fluid novel For example, whenever milie gives tours of her ch teau, it takes several pages on account some origin story she creates for the visitor First, these stories detract from the main narrative Secondly, after the first few, it is easy to lose interest Examples of that creativity, humor and wit I now attribute to Stuart Guillaume Ladoucette and his best friend St phane Jollis, a baker, often take fishing trips, but the unspoken real goal of this trip has nothing to do with fish, but their rivaling rivaling picnic baskets Always with an innocent Bring something to eat A snack, the innocent response, although each has spent the entirety of the previous day, or even all night, preparing it When they inevitably get around to eating, they offer each other tastes Cue declination, But then I wouldn t have any room for this what follows are extremely descriptive, highly sensory descriptions some delicious dishes This, Stuart is good at Food is interwoven throughout the story as a warm, welcoming escape emotional signals for the characters, delicious fantasies for the readers I love that, unlike most other food in fiction , it is not actually a main focus Guillaume s parents meeting Her parents forced her to participate their trapeze act He saw the fear in her eyes in the audience He came to congratulate her She dotted over him for the rest of his life, the trapeze act instilling a paranoid fear of death in her for all her days The age old castle milie Fraisse, Guillaume s lifelong love interest unfulfilled up to now because, succumbing to his fears, he never responded to her letters returned to town to live in after a failed marriage Amour sur Belle s status as the least appreciated town around leads the government to choose them for a testing round for communal showers in an effort to conserve water To raise said minimal appreciation, an effort is made to fabricate population numbers by inviting all known relatives 2 and the use of a box of wigs provided by Guillame many, much running and strangely familiar looking faces Unfortunately, census representatives send for a surprise double check The historical artifacts relevant to barbering that Guillame collected over the years Guillaume s talent for procrastinating How he spends all day elsewhere, across town, another town, the same room choosing pastries, researching his many calendars that guide his gardening, locating better, newer, thicker, colorful paper, vivifying the candle store next door, having dinner, examining the contents of his desk hutch, etcetera anything, rather than write his love letter This is magical realism, yes But it is stretched a little far The physical ailments resulting from a broken heart The fact that Guillame has not yet embraced his lover because he has been afraid to respond to an innocent letter she sent him as a teenager How Lisette Robert s stunning beauty had been a lifelong burden for her attracting numerous suitors that are inevitably disappointed, as nothing could ever live up to her physical attributes To be fair, it is quite lyrical Crossing into pose poetry, utilizing multiple literary devices With her frequent switch from prose to prose poetry, readers may find it difficult to appreciate Stuart s writing, unable to switch mindsets The potential is here what she needed was a good editor and practice at her craft Evidence of this can be seen in her sopho novel.
Because I read this third, I was rather disappointed, because the other two books I read by Julia Stuart were 4.
5 star reads that I rounded up While there is nothing wrong with her writing, and some have loved this book, it lacks the lustre I found in The Tower, The Zoo, and The Tortoise and The Pigeon Pie Mystery.
In short, a barber finds himself losing his long time customers to a barber who cuts in the latest style which he cannot embrace, so he sets himself up as a matchmaker, despite the fact that he has never married and has loved only one woman in his life In the meantime, there is a drought and a communal shower is built bathing at home is strictly forbidden, so all 33 residents must use this one shower However, it isn t long before the hot water isn t working.
This book is humorous, naturally, and I am not giving away , and the writing is strong, but it just wasn t at the same level as her next two books SO, if you read this one and gave up on Stuart s books, you may want to try another.
When we had the book club discussion about Matchmaker, a lot of people complained about the almost bludgeoning repetitiveness of the author s description, and the intense, almost obsessive focus that was given to painfully minute details Though others complained, I felt that this endless repetition and obsessive focus on the minute was necessary as a way of showing the reader, bludgeoning them with it if need be, that these villagers lives are completely and utterly joyless, repetitive, and minute It may be the late 80s in the outside world, but in Amour sur Belle it is the 1940s, and they ve been stuck there, isolated from the outside world, without hope, without love, without beauty, in a mind numbing cycle of purposeless repetition Once we ve been flooded with all this microscopic inanity, we can fully understand the earth shaking changes that will come to the village of Amour sur Belle All the village s inhabitants have been spinning their wheels, going nowhere, for an entire lifetime how much joy there will be when they are finally allowed to move forward Oh how relieved we as readers are when something new finally starts happening and characters finally start reaching beyond their prescribed comfort zones Would we be nearly so relieved, so happy for the villagers, if we didn t have as good of an idea of the depressing repetition of their lives to begin with If I could compare this book to a type of poem, I would say that it is a very large sestina, and at regular intervals we see the same details, the same snippets of conversation or description pop up, but in different patterns, and at the end there s a cathartic tercet that ties everything neatly together and finally gives the reader closure It s like a highly sophisticated French Groundhog s Day, except with Guillaume Ladoucette and a chicken instead of Bill Murray and a groundhog.
About the chicken I think that the reason it makes him smile at the end is because finally, FINALLY, he has something bigger and better in his life to think about than that cursed chicken and her inconvenient eggs He no longer sleeps like a dead man, his hands stiffly at his sides, like a man already in his coffin, he sleeps like a man who is finally living And that damned chicken doesn t matter with the love of his life finally at his side.

I found this book to be precious The author has a great vocabulary and she seems intent on finding ways to work in every word that she has learned The plot often felt contrived I was bludgeoned with certain phrases such as the supermarket leather sandals Really The description of the shoes was listed about every five pages It was hard to believe that this book took place in modern day France Why did I keep reading it It came highly recommended so I kept thinking I was going to find out why it was so beloved by so many readers I never did I can say it makes a cozy read If you don t want anything graphic in the way of sex or violence, you can be assured that you will not encounter it in this book If the setting of a novel is important this has setting If you want an interesting plot, don t bother.
Please, someone, make a movie out of this book I kept picturing it as a Chocolat Amelie esque movie as I read it it would make such a great film.
This book was charming and funny and quirky and delightful My only complaint would be that the little details, which sometimes add to the charm, were often tedious and repetitive But I enjoyed this book so much and would definitely recommend it.
Poor Guillaume Ladoucette He has been an excellent barber for his small French town for twenty years But now he has a problem Well, two problems, really The population of the town has not changed much over the years It stands, in fact, at thirty three That includes the pharmacist who has been missing since the mini tornado of 1999 The population s hair is aging You know what happens to aging hair That s right, it falls out Some of Guillaume s customers are going bald To make matters worse, a new snazzy barber has set up shop in a neighboring town and some folks have been lured away by the fashionable haircuts that he is offering Guillaume feels that he must remain true to conventional barbering wisdom and not be swayed by popular attitudes But the fact remains, he has almost no customers left What is he to do He decides to make a clean break Start over in an entirely new profession Despite his own bachelor status and his inability to proclaim his feelings to the woman he has been in love with his entire life, he decides what the town needs most is a matchmaker And he s the man for the job He tears the sink out of his shop and, after a quick makeover, re opens his shop as Heart s Desire Unfortunately, business is a bit slow at the start Prospective clients looking for love are matched up with people that they are already VERY familiar with It is a small town, people have already formed opinions about each other, getting them to change is difficult Things aren t going so well for Guillaume Then, suddenly, he seems to have a success The postman has found someone he really likes Poor Guillaume, the woman in question turns out to be the same one he has been in love with his whole life Now it looks like he will lose her forever, to the postman Will he ever muster up the courage to admit his feelings What a fun book this is It is witty and warm, filled with eccentric, endearing characters and fantastic descriptions of French food and pastries It is a wonderful cassoulet of a novel Enjoy