Download Epub Format ↠´ Virgins PDF by Å Diana Gabaldon 3 A quick and fun novella to get Outlander fans through extreme periods of droughtlander.
Without prior book character experience I don t think it would hold much interest for newbies.
Also, Jamie apart from Claire is not as compelling as their adventures together.
Pour yourself some scotch or claret and enjoy in one sitting, but beware of Claire hangover.
Short little story featuring Jamie and Ian It gave a little bit of perspective on events that happened before Outlander.
Virginsis a short novel, about one adventure after Jamie escapes the clutches of Randall and is forbidden to return home.
This is my first Audible, and I am very proud that I finished it I didn t think I would, because I easily get distracted I bought an Audible because I am trying not very successfully to work out again I have been too lazy, too long, and I thought reading a book could motivate me to work out Another book off my endless TBR list The main reason I am unsuccessful is due to the fact that 5 o clock in the morning is not kind to me Slowly, but surely I should have a strong workout regiment again Therefore, I will be really picky about Audibles until 1 I get use to listening to novels and 2 to keep me motivated to hear at 5 am Virgins by Diana Gabaldon did keep me motivated for the most part The Audible was only three hours long, so it was light Allan Scott Douglas has a dreamy Scottish accent He did very well changing his voice for the other characters as well Granted, sometimes the voices were really deep and weird, but I can bypass that since the Scottish accent over took me Lastly, the short novel was only about Jamie and Ian I just had to get my Jamie fix Wink, Wink I thought the novel wasn t too bad I was expecting than one adventure, but I guess that would have needed a longer book The novel had a lot of penis, and sex talk, which is how I imagine some males talk to each other I get it You get to know Jamie and Ian a little bit , and that is the reason you are probably reading this book But I did laugh at the dialogue At times I thought how is talking about circumcision moving the story along But when it came to the actual story where Jamie and Ian were hired as mercenaries I thought was interesting There is really not a lot to say about it I recommend it if you want a little bit Jamie, but it is really unnecessary for the Outlander series It doesn t really give you any information about Jamie that you already don t know If I was you I would listen to the Audible if you have the chance It does make the novel a little bit better, if you have a thing for Scottish accents like I do haha OH, if anyone knows Sam Heughan please send him my way He is so dreamy Also, check out the full blog here a million Happy reading.

A tale of two Virgins.
Jamie aka Diego and Ian aka Juan are the titular Virgins The story begins in October, 1740 near Bordeaux, France Jamie has just arrived from Scotland, delivered by Murtagh, instructing him to stay and not return to Scotland To earn their way, Jamie and Ian work as mercenaries, protecting and delivering goods and people safely to destinations for payment.
Diana Gabaldon has done a great job of the characterisations of Jamie and Ian as young men Interesting to note here that Ian being slightly older 20 years to Jamie s 19 , often has the level head and common sense that we so associate with the older Jamie.
A beautiful, little bulge giving insight into Jamie as a young man, and his best friend, Ian A lovely story of deep friendship and brotherhood.
Virgins is a prequel novella in the popular Outlander series by American author, Diana Gabaldon It is October, 1740, and as a wanted man in Scotland, young Jamie Fraser goes to France to join a band of mercenaries that includes his good friend, Ian Murray Jamie s knowledge of Hebrew has them included in an assignment to take a young Jewish woman from her home in Bordeaux to her prospective husband in Paris But the trip does not go according to plan, and Jamie sees the young, innocent looking Rebekah for what she really is a dangerous woman This is an enjoyable novella that gives a bit of background to Jamie s time in France, some years before he meets Claire Beauchamp Randall There is some interesting information on the status Jews in France at that time, as well as of plenty of fighting, and some amusing banter between the two young men, Virgins still originally published in the anthology, Dangerous Women, it is also available as a Kindle stand alone and a rather expensive hardback.
Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestSo, after reading book one but before reading book two, I thought it might ease my heart to read a tale about young Jamie when he was still just a teenager nineteen, I believe Freshly escaped from his brutal fate at the flogging post and banned from his homeland of Lallybroch, Jamie and his best pal Ian wander around in France with a group of bawdy, rapacious mercenaries They end up coming into the acquaintance of a Jewish doctor named Dr Hasdi who wants them to deliver his daughter, Rebekah, a Torah, and a chest of gold to her fiance in France But of course, this being a book about Jamie, that doesn t go off as planned.
The title refers to the fact that Jamie and Ian are both Virgins, and there s a lot of blushing and dirty jokes in this book as both of them speculate in the true fashion of boys everywhere as to What Sex Must Be Like Considering that several portions of this book take place in whorehouses, there s ample room for speculation I thought that their discussions with one another were cute, and the dialogue is a lot light hearted here than it was in the books, even though some dark stuff does happen in Virgins.
I recommend reading this after book one, or you won t have context for some of the backstory Ian doesn t appear until pretty late into book one, and his character there sets the stage for what he s like here and vice versa Reading Virgins was fun, but the whole time I read it there was a cloud over me, because I knew what was going to happen to these characters later, and it made me sad Still, if you can get your hands on it on the cheap, it s not a bad way to pass the time.
3 to 3.
5 stars Full review and details on The Bent Bookworm The Virgins felt short story in length to me, though I think it s actually classified as a novella I read it in less than an hour though, so maybe I just read fast The hardcover addition available from The Book Depository is 256 pages which I don t understand since my e book version was only 86 pages HUGE difference there and I feel slightly cheated, but it doesn t seem that there s actually a difference in content HOW Feels I was so happy to be back with Jamie and Ian Seeing them before Claire came to Scotland, and seeing Jamie so soon after all the horrific events that we only see in flashback in the the full length novels, was both heartrending and exciting I also really enjoyed that this story was just straight up historical fiction, no woo woo added Not that I haven t enjoyed those aspects of the novels, but this was just the down and dirty, the nitty gritty Even for such a short story, I was totally invested back into the characters and their world Characters Jamie and Ian are SO YOUNG They distinctly remind me of my own 17 year old brother in the way they react to some things This is Jamie before he became the confident, skilled warrior we meet in Outlander This is Ian before Jenny This is both of them as complete Virgins in every sense of the word, and they are gregarious, lovable, and heartbreaking Also cringe worthy at a few points I swear I can almost smell the teen boy sweat coming off of them.
The secondary characters here are interesting and colorful, but I didn t get attached to any of them I was rather hoping someone would drive a dagger through a certain female person s heart, but alas Despite my non attachment, I was devastated after a particular scene near the end Not so much because of who died, but because of how it affected Jamie Plot The main line of the plot doesn t become apparent right away First, we re thrown into Jamie and Ian s meeting almost immediately after Jamie s escape from Black Jack Randall This, I think, is where it becomes apparent that this story is not to introduce a reader to Outlander This story is for the fans I loved it, naturally However, the actual plot starts off a bit slow Does it work Yes But I think it was secondary to showing us a young Jamie and Ian and just how they actually thought of each other Did ye not mean to go to Confession yourself Jamie asked, stopping near the church s main door There was a priest in the confessional two or three people stood a discreet distance away from the carved wooden stall, out of earshot, waiting It ll bide, Ian said, with a shrug If ye re goin to hell, I might as well go, too God knows, ye ll never manage alone Setting Description As usual, Diana s writing appears to be impeccably researched I m not a historian, but the amount of detail and care is obvious Rating Notes Overall, I m giving 4 stars I do think part of my rating is due to HOW MUCH I love these characters The writing itself doesn t seem quite as polished as in the books, but it s difficult to lay a finger on what gave me that impression Especially in the beginning, some things felt just a little bit forced Once everything got started it moved along smoothly, and as usual Gabaldon is a fabulous storyteller I would recommend reading immediately after the original Outlander, but it would be perfect for Outlander fans at any point in the series A Young Jamie Fraser Learns What It Really Means To Become A Man In This Outlander Prequel Novella Featuring All The Trademark Suspense, Adventure, And History Of Diana Gabaldon S Bestselling Novels And The Starz original Series, Virgins Is Now Available For The First Time As A Standalone Ebook Mourning The Death Of His Father And Gravely Injured At The Hands Of The English, Jamie Fraser Finds Himself Running With A Band Of Mercenaries In The French Countryside, Where He Reconnects With His Old Friend Ian Murray Both Are Nursing Wounds Both Have Good Reason To Stay Out Of Scotland And Both Are Still Virgins, Despite Several Opportunities To Remedy That Deplorable Situation With Ladies Of Easy Virtue But Jamie S Love Life Becomes Infinitely Complicated And Dangerous When Fate Brings The Young Men Into The Service Of Dr Hasdi, A Jewish Gentleman Who Hires Them To Escort Two Priceless Treasures To Paris One Is An Old Torah The Other Is The Doctor S Beautiful Daughter, Rebekah, Destined For An Arranged Marriage Both Jamie And Ian Are Instantly Drawn To The Bride To Be But They Might Be Cautious If They Had Any Idea Who They Re Truly Dealing With Note originally Published As Part Of The Dangerous Women Anthology A prequel novella to Outlander, the story opens in 1740 with Jamie joining a band of mercenaries in France with his friend Ian Murray He survived the vicious flogging by Black Jack Randall and the death of his father Warned to stay away from his homeland he is ripe for an adventure Trouble finds young Jamie without effort And as usual it comes in the form of a beautiful young woman Both Virgins, Ian and Jamie speculate and dip their toes in the pool of sexuality And not surprising, events do not go at all as planned I enjoyed this bit of background on my favorite Scot.
This is a pleasant enough novella about Jamie and Ian before the events of Outlander Jamie has recently been flogged and shipped off to France by Murtagh and told not to return to Scotland and Ian still has his leg Jamie is one of my favourite fictional characters EVER so I had to pick this up, and I love Ian too Jamie didn t quite have the same magic he does in the big books but it wasn t completely gone and I did enjoy the little insights to their beliefs and their relationships and them just being teenage boys.
There were parts that I could have sworn I d read before, I m not sure if I ve seen excepts before or if part of the story was included in one of the main books That part at the end with the gun By your right, man This line gives me so many feelings.
And of course, it wouldn t be a review without a little complaint about the stupid bloody timeline October 1740 Really Things must get moving pretty quickly after this if Young Jamie is going to appear in August 1741 Ian still has to lose his leg, be nursed back to health by Jenny and get working on making that kid I m just going to go ahead and believe that it s set in March 1740 which is when Jamie was flogged according to the official timeline I know I complain about this timeline screw ups a lot I can mostly ignore them in the big books because they re huge but it s something that REALLY BUGS ME.