[Shannon Taylor Vannatter] Þ Reuniting with the Cowboy (Texas Cowboys, #1) [young-adult-paranormal PDF] Read Online ¾ I got Sweetheart Reunion which is two books in one, Reuniting with the Cowboy by Shannon Taylor Vannatter and Rocky Mountain Cowboy by Tina Radcliffe I loved both books They were both fast paced and well written I can t wait to read from these great authors Rocky Mountain Cowboy hit it out the ballpark Rancher Joe and ex high school sweetheart are given a second chance at romance an boy do the sparks fly I give this book 5 stars The author did a great job The character came together wonderfully and their faith shown through This was a well written book that was a fasted paced read Reuniting with the Cowboy by Shannon Taylor Vannatter was a great 5 star book Ally and Cody were childhood friends who rekindle their crush and find love and a little action as they try to find the vandal that keeps targeting her veterinarian clinic The author did an outstanding job bringing the characters to life this book was fact paced and engaging.
Sweet, swoon worthy, and impossible to put down.
A wonderful story with great characters The attraction between characters is strong some twists and turns left me breathless with laughter This is a story of faith, hope, forgiveness, peace, trust and love I received a complimentary copy from the author and was under no obligation to leave a favorable review All opinions in this review are my own.
I really enjoyed this reunion story There was good tomantic tension between the main characters, yet also a solid friendship I liked the way Ally and Cody fell back into their friendship and care for each other, even as feelings were building between them I liked the setting of this story, the mystery of who was wreaking havoc at Ally s shelter, and the tension brought on by a situation that Cody was dealing with 4.
5 stars This book was part of a two book compilation titled Sweetheart Reunion Both stories were very enjoyable.
I received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions are my own.
A romance with a bit of suspense when someone keeps letting the animals loose at Ally s animal shelter Veterinarian Ally Curtis is a caring person who has secretly loved next door neighbor, Cody Warren, for years Ally and Cody are both great protagonists If you like animals and cowboys, you will like this book I received my copy of Reuniting with the Cowboy through a giveaway This is my honest opinion.
i really liked this book it was really good, especially because i love animals and these books.
It was fun to read a story set near my hometown of Dallas Shannon Taylor Vannater s novel kept me turning the pages with it s sharp plot, characters, and animals I continued to read this story and it kept me entertained, pulled at my heartstrings and caused me to smile Overall, it was a great story.
The Cowboy Next Door A Charming Cowboy Moving In Next Door Shouldn T Be Bad News But Veterinarian Ally Curtis Knows Cody Warren She D Never Forget The Boy Who Left Her When She Needed Him Most Cody Is Doing Everything He Can To Show His Beautiful Neighbor He S Not The Wild Bull Rider He Once Was, From Helping Her Find Homes For Her Beloved Strays, To Protecting Her When Her Business Is Threatened But Cody Has A Secret That Keeps Him From Fully Reaching Out Yet As They Continue To Work Together To Promote Her Shelter, He Can T Keep Himself From Hoping That Ally Might Have A Home For Him In Her Heart Ally Curtis is a vet in her hometown She also runs a pet rescue center on her property Everything is going good until she gets a new neighbor This new neighbor just happens to be someone who broke here heart many yrs ago Ally was hoping for a good neighbor so she could buy property so she could expand her rescue center Cody Warren becomes here new neighbor and him and Ally have a past history They were childhood friends until Cody decided to bail on Ally during a dark moment in her life She really needed him but he took off to ride bulls in the rodeo Now Cody has retuned from bull riding to settle in their hometown Neither one of them can forget the kiss they shared before he left town several yrs ago Both of them don t want to admit the feeling they had then or even any feelings that they may have now And Cody has returned with a secret that he is keeping from Ally When Ally s business and rescue center are threatened Cody is driven to do what it takes to protect Ally and find out who is behind it all Will Ally and Cody be able to put the past behind them and open up to each other Will they be able to admit the feelings they have for one another Do they have a future together Will Cody reveal his secret to Ally and protect her from whoever is threating her business I love this book and I was thrilled to read that is going to start a new series This is a story about two people who care very much for each other but neither of them wants to admit it Ally nor Cody want to open up their hearts to the other one Cody also has this awful secret that he hasn t told anyone and cant seem to figure when and how to tell Ally I liked how this story unfolded and I like the events that took place for her mom I think a story about her mom would be a good read I am looking forward to reading the next book from this author This was also the first book that I have read from this author Christian fiction Shannon Taylor Vannatter is known for impeccable character development and plot twists She does not disappoint in her latest book, Reuniting With a Cowboy When small town vet, Ally Curtis, finds that the owner of the tract of land she needs to expand her business is none other than her high school sweetheart, Cody Warren, she is shocked and than a little nervous Cody chose the rodeo circuit over her and has been gone for years while Ally went on to build her life without him That life includes a new and growing veterinarian business in their small town Her business is expanding so quickly she needs additional land the land Cody is leasing and will eventually purchase She needs to be kind, but keep her emotional distance Her feelings for Cody are surprisingly strong, and he appears to have other interests However, Cody has returned to his hometown because of a secretone so serious he hasn t even told his family His affection and admiration grow for Ally as he watches her dedication with her animals and her interaction with the residents of their hometown When mysterious occurrences threaten to sabotage her veterinary business and her rescue relocation program for stray animals, he steps in to try to help Emotional sparks ignite and brilliant twists are blended into one of the most satisfying reads I ve enjoyed in a long time I LOVED this book It s one of those that I allowed myself only a few pages each day The characters and plot as well as the setting were so well development, I didn t want it to end Can t wait to see what she presents us with next Ally Curtis is the local vet in small town Aubrey, Texas She also has a heart for animals and runs a local pet adoption and boarding facility She pours her heart into her business while dealing with the loss of her father in the line of duty years ago She also remembers when she lost a piece of her heart to Cody Warren, her high school friend who left Aubrey for the bull riding circuit.
Ally and Cody find their paths crossed again when Cody returns home to lease the ranch next door to Ally and her mom Cody is harboring a secret that he will share with no one that could change his life The couple finds themselves working on projects together to help Ally s adopt a pet business such as a pet picture day and concert and a float in the local parade.
Someone is causing great trouble and harm to Ally s business by letting some of her pets out of the barn among other worrisome events Cody wants to protect her and they are drawn together because of these circumstances There is a strong faith message in the book about trusting God and relying on Him and not yourself Cody is concerned over Ally s relationship with God Ally needs to examine her heart and do much soul searching She also has to deal with decisions her mom is making too This is a sweet romance that readers will enjoy.