Ä The Fearless Man ç Download by í Donald Pfarrer The Mission Is Vietnam In Microcosm A Quest To Find And Destroy A Secret Cache Of Enemy Weapons Leading This Fateful Journey Is Captain MacHugh Clare, A Draftee Who Has Become The Consummate Soldier Unconcerned With Death, Each Morning He Shifts Immediately From Unconsciousness To Action His Reward At The End Of The Mission Is The Possibility Of Seeing His WifeBeside Mac Is His Opposite Chaplain Paul Adrano, Who Knows Only Doubt And Disillusion He Has Come To Vietnam To Kill His Fear, To Find His Faith Again On The Field Of Battle, And He Will Soon Know The Forbidden Power Of Violence And The Pull Of Sexual TemptationMeanwhile, In America, Mac S Sarah Wife Fights Her Own Battle Against A Feeling Of Uselessness Struggling With Notions Of A Woman S Proper Role, Sarah Begins To See Possibilities Beyond Merely Waiting For The Man She Loves The Fearless Man Is An Epic Novel Of All The Wars We Wage To Occupy Ground, Forge A Future, And Save Our Souls